Devil’s Night: 10 Hip-Hop Halloween Stories


I remember when I was probably like 12 or 13 in Canarsie, Brooklyn and me and my boys—there was probably like eight of us—and we was runnin’ around bombin’ everybody we saw with mad eggs. We used to freeze the eggs sometimes, too.

So we walkin’ and we see a couple a cats, like five kids, and we was like, “Oh, we about to bomb them.” So we creepin’ up, right, then when they hit the corner it was about 60 people. Yo, I’m not lyin’, it was about 60 kids and they was all from Canarsie High School and we was just junior high niggas.

So we was runnin’ and ringin’ people’s doorbells tryna get in the crib. I knocked on this one lady’s door so hard. When she came to the door, she looked and said, “Uh uh,” and that’s all I remember. I turned I turned around and booooommmm! They hit me in my face with the egg, man, and that was it.

When I came down the stairs, one of the dudes was like, “Yo, chill, chill, that’s my little man, Rob. Yo, yo, chill. Y’all wildin’.” That was my cousin Gotti who’s locked up right now, he was well respected and he was like, “Yo, chill,” so it was cool, and we just went with them after that. But that was crazy. Like we thought we was slick about to creep up on them but they had 60 more niggas behind ‘em ready to bomb our ass. That shit was funny, though.

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  • Caine

    Lettin da eggs get rotten, now dats classic… Ya’ll betta be safe out der, halloween is the night a lot of hood niggas hit licks…

  • The187Worm

    I see this Mac Miller is a bitch ass muthufucka….lettin his boys get jumped and shit…i know kids younger then that…that would never let this shit go down…his music is bad anyways…pussied out in front of a club i seen too, for stealin an unknowns beats..then they confront you on camera lol…pussy ass chump

  • Money Mitch

    Nothing from an artist from Detroit?? I mean damn half the city burns down every year!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Devils Night…cuz I came back to rule this time
    Cuz I came back to take whats mine

  • Anonymous

    @the187worm –I agree with you one hundred percent. If I was one of his (boys) I would had the crew jump him.

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