Today, Chris Brown released the official remix to “Deuces,” his No.1 R&B/hip-hop single featuring Tyga and Kevin McCall. The retooled track features Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabolous and Andre 3000—a star-studded line-up indeed.

Drake sets the song off with an endearing slow flow, while T.I. follows with his patented southern bounce. Kanye provides comical one-liners opening his 16 with, “You know what, yo, you a bitch/You should have a travel agent ’cause you a trip.” Not to be outdone, Fabolous displays some potent wordplay with lyrics like, “You think I give two shits? You ain’t gonna do shit/Meet my two fingers: intro, deuces.” Andre 3000 closes out the affair with a conversational delivery and a complex internal rhyme structure: “I did things for her, I ain’t rich, I ain’t poor/I wanted to do more, but, hell, I just ain’t know her/Well enough to know if this was all that she came for/But enough to know tonight, excited she came four—times.”

With so many heavy-hitters on one track, there is no shortage of highlights. But instead of letting us tell it, would like y'all to tell us who had the better verse.

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