Who Did Kanye West Sample on “Runaway”? [BEAT JACKER]

Being the student of hip-hop that Kanye West is, it should come as no surprise that he digs deep. For the drums to his new single “Runaway,” ‘Ye put the 10 second intro breakbeat used on Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s 1992 album cut, “The Basement,” to good use. And with Pete’s said involvement in the creation of West’s new album, this one is a no-brainer. Let’s have a toast to the sam-ple!

BORROWER: Kanye West feat. Pusha T “Runaway”

LENDER: Pete Rock & CL Smooth “The Basement”

In honor of last’s night Jay-Z/Eminem show at Yankee Stadium in NYC, XXLMag.com pays homage to Hov’s “Public Service Announcement (Interlude).” The Just Blaze-produced banger is always a crowd pleaser. For it’s sample, Just swiped the same classic sample as the O.C. interlude.

BORROWER: Jay-Z “Public Service Announcement (Interlude)”

LENDER: O.C. “Point O Viewz”

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  • The Decatur Dictator

    The Basement is a classic!!!! Man, that still sounds good!

  • Stephon

    While I love both Pete Rock and Kanye, you do realize that other rap and downtempo-electronic music producers have used the same drumbreak right?

    Case in point (from 1995): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM_ZQZigmN0

    But I respect the crare digging from all sides. Props to all involved.

  • sean

    for the extra point can some name the reggae riddim that Pete Rock & CL Smooth “The Basement draws sample from ?

    • robmarkman

      Sister Nancy

    • UptownStef

      that’s the stalag riddim, an old school reggae riddim from the ’80′s. google it nigga!

  • bmore

    He didnt sample Pete Rock morons…xxl epic fail

  • Pops

    OMG you guys are retarded .how old is this xxlstaff.you do realize OC nor PETE created these samples right?

  • sean

    @bmore and @pops list 20 sec in song tell me thats not sample of king jammys Stalag Riddim


    • UptownStef

      yes it is… hmm u know music? very good (teacher voice)

  • that nigga

    Dont worry, XXLs’ staff dont know shit about Hip Hop. They almost ALWAYS gets shit wrong. Seriousl, not tryna be an asshole but….kids spend all the time in school studying Journalism but you cant learn or be a student of REAL HIP HOP if your not spending any time in the streets, studios, etc…and your in class missing all the important shit in Hip Hop.. Enjoy those weekly, bi-weekly checks for nothing, I guess. Just sayin’.

    • http://wix.com/brownbum/djbrownbum DJ BrownBum

      lol ! truth !!! whats funny is : maybe Kanye sampled Pete Rock instead of the original break BUT if someone’s gonna do an article on it you would think they’d mention the ORIGINAL BREAK !!
      and then they go FURTHER TO WRONGLY WRITE HISTORY by saying Just Blaze used a O.C. interlude. LMAOOOO !! horrible ! the first time i heard that record (b4 O.C.’s joint) was on the even more famous Main Source album but – although somewhat rare – NOT HARD 2 FIND nowadays WITH A LIL RESEARCH.
      you know you’re not the only ones writing the history books of tomorrow – XXL – if you love the “culture” you’re eating off of : STOP hiring people off of who they know & try WHAT THEY KNOW for a change.


    XXL really needs to step it up.The record Kanye sampled has been used countless times on other rap records especially in the 90′s.

    Also i have mix tapes of Dj Red Alert and Kid Capri running doubles of the original song on live radio.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    “kids spend all the time in school studying Journalism but you cant learn or be a student of REAL HIP HOP if your not spending any time in the streets, studios, etc”

    ^ truth.org

    But ya gotta admit, drops like this make dudes “crate dig”.

    Do more double x el.

    • oskamadison

      Syk, what the deal? Saw you over at unkut.

      It’s good to see that people actually still give a damn about cratedigging. Being that Mecca & The Soul Brother is one of my faves, I knew those drums as soon as I heard them. ‘Ye put ‘em to good use though.

  • ri067953

    So, where does that drum loop on the intro come from? I know it’s been on lots of songs but it is funky as hell

  • Tim

    I care more about where the “WE’LL GETCHA” sample is from that he used at the VMAs.

  • S2keyz

    I Have To Say XXL’s Staff Are Wack For Putting This Article ^^
    Rap Is Sampling , Pete Rock Sampled Someone Kanye Too
    Don’t Call Kanye A “Jacker” Sampling Is The Shit :)

  • IllStreet

    To everyone who called XXL out for being wrong about the drum break, i’m sorry to bust ur bubble: Pete Rock is the originator of that break. He flipped an old soul/ funk track (Expo 83) into that pattern, it doesnt even exist in that pattern before Pete hooked it up like that. Nobody had it before Pete. Kanye snatched it off “The Basement”‘s interlude like everybody else who ever used that particular break.

    XXL For The Win.

    • lynskynyrd

      Well, to be more precise, then the article should have made mention of Expo 83 (on the track “Backyard Heavies”) to give proper credit. Unless Pete Rock or someone else associated with him did the actual live drumming, etc., in the intro for “The Basement”, it’s not really “his.” Granted, the Pete Rock sample is distinct. But to put it another way, just imagine if he used “Funky Drummer” instead; even if everyone else decided to use that afterward, the true sample is really from the record it originated from.


  • Anonymous


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  • hipHOPisDEAD

    how the f* is hiphop supose to progress if artists keep repeating the same method, why not WRITE the sample, instead of steal or borrow it