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Best of XXL

  • Bawse

    Mr Zone 6 is the best mixtape all them other mixtapes garbage

  • sky

    wait so u guys have pretty boy swag in hottest songs but not love the way you lie? i hate that song but its on the radio everyday all the time.

    • R1can

      Love the way you lie was and is still on the top of the charts. Its ranked #1 in rap songs, radio songs and ring tones. Its #2 on the hot 100. How do yall ignore that. Its not even a nominee. Pretty Boy topped at 34, B.M.F.peaked at 60, Drake hit 25, Flocka hit 28 with Hard in the paint. Come on XXL. You’re acting like XS.

  • joe p

    Kush and orange juice*

  • BeerGangsta

    Jay Z is Million Dollar Man! Is soon to be a Billion Dollar Man! Kayne is a Platium Artist that do things different from other Rappers. Em make good music sometimes. 50 Cents is ugly and wack!!

  • Pierzy

    I think it’s fairly obvious that Eminem ruled the summer.

    He opened the VMA’s and performed 2 songs; in comparison, Rick Ross chauffeured the host around.

  • rae

    this summer:
    Bun B + Big Boy >>>>>>> eminem + drake + Ricky

    • Anonymous

      lol yeah right, props to bun but your ears and eyes most be decievin you.

  • M. Baby!

    I mean as far as running the summer, u gotta be specific in the category in which they ran it…shoot, a lot of people ran the radio stations (Drake, Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, Wacka Flocka, Roscoe Dash, Eminem…)As much as I don’t like Drake’s music… I gotta give it to him, he was everywhere this summer. Now as far as albums, nobody really dropped any albums to compete with each other except for Eminem, Ross, & Drake (and Ross’ album was a disappointment). It’s easy to rule a quarter or season when there isn’t any competition to challenge you. I think a quarter is too narrow, at the end of the year we need to ask who ran 2010? Til then I’ll be waiting for Kanye, Jeezy, & T.i.’s albums to drop this fall/winter and then let’s talk about who ruled that time period.

    • M. Baby!

      And you know what, I thought about it and I take that back, nobody really ran the summer…everything was even. Everybody’s on everybody’s singles and albums. No one is dropping full songs by themselves and it be hot. I see why Fabolous named his mixtape There Is No Competition, there really isn’t.

  • tommy gunz

    beiber owned the summer

  • JJpm

    Relapse lackluster?????? Please!

    Territory Certifier Certification

    Australia ARIA Platinum[126]
    Austria IFPI Gold[127]
    Belgium Ultratop Gold[128]
    France SNEP Gold[129]
    Germany IFPI Gold[130]
    Japan RIAJ Gold[131]
    New Zealand RIANZ Platinum[132]
    Russia Gold[121]
    Switzerland IFPI Platinum[133]
    United Kingdom BPI Platinum[134]
    United States RIAA 2× Platinum[86]

  • jburg

    I disagree with Relapse being lackluster as well^^^^^^^^ As far as who ran the summer, rapwise Eminem completely dominated the summer. Overall I have to agree with tommy gunz, Justin Beiber ran away with it. You can’t hop on a music website, without some type of mention of this dude.

  • mike3000

    Um…who ruled the summer?

    Let’s see:

    Em can back Huge and Sober and put out a MUCH better Album since The Em Show. Result: Near 3x Platnuim, VMA appearance and Revival of Hip Hop. Ruled the Summer? No.

    Ross had that “BMF” Monster Hit and..put out from what i heard a good album. Result: Near Gold(I think so anyway)certification and the fact that he STILL is relavant tells me hip hop heads are more on fantasy than creditability.
    Ruled summer? No.

    Drake finally drop to most people’s delight and put out a good lp(i assume not really a fan) Result: Mr. Platnium will be around for a good while. Ruled summer:

    So who Ruled this summer?….. T.I of course! This complete dumbass went from getting off EASY for possesing ALOT of guns that would have put people like us in PRISON for a long time. Then he decides to to estacy out in public with his ASS-UGLY wife for all to see! Where’s his swagger now? Result: Hip Hop looks like a complete dumb-ass again. Ruled Summer: Unfortunately yes.

  • Swordz

    Drake clearly was all over there this summer. No one denies that.

    Jay-Z went from high to higher heights considering Blueprint 3 came out last year!!

    Eminem showed us all why sometimes it better to do drugs and be creative then be sober and shitty.

    But clearly – Kanye ran this summer – everyone and they mama has been on Kanye’s nuts. Hands down. His good Friday series and the cuts off the album he has dropped have been the best traks all year.

    • Jokkey


      So it’s not just me that think white people just buy this guys albums… because he white! Recovery was a little better than Replase but still basically bullshit.

      The only people that don’t know that is white kids online and in suburbia.

      What really annoys me tho – is not that Em isn’t a godd rapper – that’s debatable – It’s that these online pussies say he is the GOAT!!


      Rest my case.

      P.S – Agreed KANYE shut down the summer.

      • BlackMilk

        You pretty fucking stupid if dont think EM is one of the best in the game.Even kanye tweeted a month ago that EM was top 5.And by the way,kanye didnt own shit in the summer,he dropped 1 single,thats it.

        • runandtellyamoms

          1 single? Where the fuck you been?

  • The187Worm

    Crooked I has better verses then all these cats…From his guest appearences to his HipHopWeeklys…this man is the greatest Mc out today…thank god Eminem signed SlaughterHouse…Crooked and Joell are beasts in this game and cant be touched….here come the arguments

  • RapMusic25

    EM shut the summer down,point blank period.Recovery dominated the charts for months,Not Afraid and Love The Way you Lie both was nr 1 for weeks.He had 4 mindblowing stadium shows with Jay Z,Performed at the VMAs and grabbed 2 awards.

  • El Tico Loco

    I don’t know about ya’ll but the high ass light bills ran the summer, so did the heat (the actual temperature), and Lebron James, Kush and Orange juice, Trap or Die II were not there for me to vote on what the bloodclot man? No B Pumper Fabo beef? That was a riot there.

  • Emperor Doom

    I kinda thought Lose my Mind should at least be mentioned in the song of the summer category. It’s much better than that bullshit Power song by Kanye.

  • vito

    where is Love The Way You Lie!!! all those songs suck


    The best lyricist ruled the summer….

  • gaddic

    Em hands down!
    I’m not some idiot stan than feels he’s the best thing since sliced bread but dude is easily one of the best ever to grace a mic
    Hottest doesn’t equate skill or which music was the actual highest of quality
    That’s why i voted for fake wack ass RRoss and Drake
    HAte or love it they are hot..and FUCKIN WACK

    Easily the best album for the year is SIR LUCious Left-foot but Recovery is the hottest
    Get the point?

  • jonny bizness

    Em had it until g.o.o.d friday’s started poppin

  • iliveonce

    First and fucking!!! foremost hiphop isnot




  • fabbylu$

    i would say a very even summer of hits and albums from the heavy weights …..

    BUN B and BIG BOI had limitedly marketed albums that i would certainly throw up with eminems hit laden album. i mean the production on each were tight and clean as if these were debuts for upcoming stars .. not to mention the guest verses and hooks were weel done …

    eminem gets props though cause his “hits” were of mamoth appeal and proportion (he is still my white boy for the rap game)

    DRAKE i would put in a “rap” category because his album is more pop related …he just does rap part time (how is he considered a rapper again?!!)

    he also needs alot of guest appearances from rap heavy weights to shine , but worldwide his album did what he wouldve considered a success, but if we talking in terms of “rule” the summer: 1. it was straight rap, 2. his album wasnt in heavy rotation amongst us “street” fellas except the straight rap tunes

    RICK ROSS ALBUM was mediocre for me …

    and collab of the summer should be POWER REMIX – production was sick kanye showed a versatility in wordplay and fow we havent heard since college dropout, and GAY-Z (just a habit , good rapper but i still say he isnt of the G.O.A.T status that you peeps claim he is)gave a good account with his lead off verse

  • caino

    Pierzy says -”I think it’s fairly obvious that Eminem ruled the summer.

    He opened the VMA’s and performed 2 songs; in comparison, Rick Ross chauffeured the host around.”


    Altho l did buy my first ever Rick Rawse album, and l actually thought it was good, if you dont take it too seriously !

  • therealjay

    it’s the king bitch !!!!!!!!!!! vote goes to my nigga tip. even though he made a mistake(who hasn’t ?). he just showed us he’s human like the rest of us. fuck a mixtape and fuck the haters.

  • caino

    fave mixtape has to go to Fashawn with his Ode to Illmatic, shit was dope.

  • pompypo

    People may not like this comment but I think if you were to ask all of these rappers which summer they would have prefered they would all of said Eminem.

    This is mainly because all of these people are motivated by money and I think Eminems been raking it in with mega album sales, mega single sales and massive stadium shows along with Jay-z.

    Just my opinion.


    Mr. Zone 6 was easily the best mixtape of the summer, and it didn’t even make your list!

  • Dub

    Waka can’t rap, but Hard in the Paint was a banger, play that in the club and its gonna jump… Power is cool, but it hasn’t even reached its peak yet in my eyes. Not till the full video comes out anyway…

  • Dub

    PS how’d Kush X Orange Juice not make the cut?? That tape would be an odds on favorite if included… xxl on young money dick this year, they gon get pregnant

  • A.K.

    Eminem and Rihanna the biggest track of the summer, track so real with substance, message to that. T.I is just a fool for that one, I don’t think anyone is anticipating his album anymore atleast. Nicki Minaj kills the Monster track she has to go hard being on a track with those guys. Im loving these G.O.O.D. Fridays, Kanye is a genius. Wacka Flocka Flame is an idiot, but he has more paper than me, so wateva. Drake is tuff, T.O. is on the map now. Lloyd Banks “any girl” track is ok, beat is tuff, but he still need that banger. I guess 50 the twitter King now. Kat Stacks smh. I dunno why rappers styl messing with her after they all know what she bout. Lil Wayne is far from best rapper alive, talking all that bullshit, “we are not the same I am Martian”, huh wat? Waiting on that Mood Muzik 4. Im out this b!tch. Holla.


    Got the next niggah bout to blow out the south…he is the realist ngga I eve seen in my whole career…google,myspace,youtube COFA BOY!