WATCH NOW: Tech N9ne Live Interview on

Attention all technicians, Tech N9ne will be coming up to the XXL offices later today Wednesday, September 8, for a live interview on our weekly UStream show, Spotlight.

The real-time broadcast is set to air on both and our Channel Live UStream page at 4 p.m. 4:30 EST. Fans are encouraged to hit @XXLStaff on twitter during the Q&A session with all of their questions for the Kansas City, Missouri rapper.

Tech is currently gearing up for his Independent Grind Tour with E-40, Jay Rock, Glasses Malone and of course members of his Strange Music family, set to kick off next Wednesday on September 15 in Lincoln, Nebraska. The bill will then make stops across the country for the following seven weeks. For more information on the tour dates visit N9ne’s website here.

Be sure to tune in to XXL’s Spotlight UStream show with Tech N9ne later today at 4:30 p.m. EST NOW! —XXL Staff

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  • nosnhor

    Roses are red and violets are blue,
    And we all get purple rain when you put together the 2
    True, lets talk about this street i know
    Meta meta yo is needed when its time for me to go
    I spent my whole life on this KC street
    The PASEO where the real stay and the fake sees heat
    Gangstas lay low, get the queso and everyday breathe deep
    But when the day goes all the broads out cause the baby’s sleep
    On Paseo i reminisce if they love me then give em this
    Never know when to go cause this life is so hit and miss
    Cry for me? never just have a ball wit each other
    Cause thats what i had thanks goes out to my father and mother
    And i love you so mama
    If i ever happen to go mama
    I think theres something you should know mama
    I stayed away cause i was tryin to become somethin
    Give a house to that one woman
    The reason everyone’s bumpin…..

    Ridin Paseo, not in the day though,
    Cherish the day, but then roll out when the day go,
    Ridin away yo pain and sorrow,
    Live for today cause you might not see tomorrow

    –The P.A.S.E.O.(The Poem That Aaron Saw Extra Ordinary)

    Thanks Aaron for helping me fill out my collection in my very own sountrack for my soul, you fill a very big hole in the world of hip-hop for me…its gonna be somethin new here pretty soon cuz everyone is bout to know what they been missin out on…….tech tech n9ne n9ne….kc mo….wwwwwwwwooooooaaaahhhhh…….STAND UP BITCHES!!!STRANGE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tech Tech N9ne N9ne shit I’m lovin it

  • MARK

    I love too much I love to many to count em’
    So extras and pets it’s easy for me to go on without em
    Cuz everything goes away
    Love it eventually gets stowed away
    Why does it have to be when you’re breathin when even
    And then you’re heated wonderin why is it cold today

    Immortal is fake and impossible but everytime I look up I’m seein an obstacle
    Whats gonna happen when time is up an I gots to go
    Beautiful lands are took away from my opticle
    Its not that I’m afraid of death but afraid of the thought of my people laid to rest
    They saying there is 6 million ways of death but not even one way to fade the stress

    Its certain that a person got somebody lookin workin to close the curtain
    Or maybe something out of some dream with a devilish soul for hurtin

    Sometime i be wishin i didn’t love
    Cuz when its away i be missin love
    your mother your father your children are livin to die from the crib and the ditches dug
    From the process i get nauseous cuz i can’t see my death and its causes
    Pac he saw it around the corner but me not breathin is a pound of balogna
    I keep fightin and im tryin to get right in my mind brian
    Cuz one day im gonna see you even tho i can’t picture the N9ne dyin
    Im flyin

  • Yo

    XXL keep that tech n9ne stuff comin

  • Tony Deff

    Tech nine your talkin about bringin some shit for your fans, you should take some of that old school back

  • smooth op

    Wtf? It’s just like XXL did an incredible job interviewing a rapper who’s been here since 15 years when magz like Murderdog have put him on their cover since years… When XXL’ll put on their covers rappers who dont even have an album out…

    OK XXL, for once you did not get it f”ked up

    Those 2 journalists look like 2 morrons who have never listened to hiphop before by the way…
    Tech N9ne is really politicking with those 2

  • RamberRed

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    Big up to strange music. Aaron & chris, you 2 repped the town well. Keep it music.

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  • thatru3stofGs

    no one will ever be able to fuck with Tech N9ne Lyrically. Never in the history of Kansas City has any man been so underrated. im glad to see tech finally getting the credit he deserves, and proud to be from the same fucked up streets as him. KEEP REPPIN NINA, THE GHETTOS STILL BEHIND YOU!

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