Shyne: Making of the Shyne LP [10-Year Anniversary]

10. “Everyday” (Interlude) produced by Shyne and Harve “Joe Hooker” Pierre

Shyne: My homegirl Chelsea and Nia, that was the cool chicks who were in the studio wilding out. One thing about me, if you looking for honesty you gonna get more than what you bargain for. That’s how girls talk, if you ain’t piping ’em right they gonna go tell their friends. If you blowin’ ‘em down , they gonna tell their friends. That’s how it is in the streets.

11. “Bonnie & Shyne” (Feat. Barrington Levy) produced by Chucky Thompson

Shyne: I wanted Usher on that record. I had a whole different hook idea for that record. But what happen was when Harve got Barrington Levy to sing on the “Bad Boyz” shit I guess he freestyled and threw him on that and muthafuckas loved it. And when muthafuckas get into something it’s hard to be like, “But hold on…” It wasn’t a matter of taking [Barrington] off [of the record], it was a matter of, Yo, everybody saying this shit is crazy, I’m on my coconut shit anyway, so whatever we can ‘G’ with it.

Harve Pierre: [Using Usher] was just really a thought. Barrington Levy was all the way in Jamaica and he was knocking out different stuff for us. So basically once he did it, it was a done deal. There were probably several thoughts for that song, but Barrington Levy, he just fit it perfect.

12. “The Hit” produced by EZ Elpee, co-produced by P. Diddy & Mario “Yellow Man” Winans

Shyne: That was crazy. I’m more of a community activist, my life of crime is behind me. Back then that was the shit that I was really on. We were really on it like that. I don’t know what the statute of limitations is so, that might have really happened. That’s how we was really putting it in. That really happened. I don’t make records that graphic anymore because when I started making those records in the studio I might’ve just came from shooting somebody. I might’ve just came from doing what “The Hit” said. “The Hit” was [recorded] after the arrest… That did become an issue at trial they tried to use my lyrics and say how violent they were, but this is the United States of America.

EZ Elpee: That record, I wasn’t around the whole damn session and I walked in on it like, “Wow, he picked this beat.” And he just told a story on it. It was crazy. That was more my favorite on a hard level. I made that for him. I basically made something that I’d want Big to rhyme over.

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    Commission is the ish and That’s Gangsta is my ish.

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  • Ledge

    thats the shyne we want back!

  • tha TRUTH

    classic album, no dought..but he fell off…Damn Shyne Po…get back to ur winning formula and make ur peace with DIDDY

  • Q461

    That album was hot…The songs with Barrington Levy and Thats Gangsta are my shit. Niggaz said Shyne sounds like Big, but I always thought slightly but not as much as that nigga Guerilla Black. Shyne’s new material has been weak, but I’m feelin that Roller Song joint. I got faith that dude can get his flow back and bless us with sme more dope shit.

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  • A.K.

    I might have to go trade in my Diplomatic Immunity 2 to get Shyne 1st album to add to my collection.

  • Harra$$dadon

    That gansta was my block album back then nigga!


    got the next niggah bout to blow out the south…he is the realist nigga I ever seen in my whole career…google,myspace,youtube COFA BOY!..thats right COFA BOY!

  • Fireforreal

    I thought Shyne was pretty dope back in 2000 but to have the making of this album is a little extreme compared to the classics XXL has covered before such as….2pac all eyes on me,Notorious B.I.G Ready to die and Life after Death,Jay-z resonable doubt and the Blueprint,Dmx it’s dark and hell is hot,Big pun capital punishment, Ice Cube amerikkas most wanted etc… I think the album was for sure a hot album but to be a classic I have to hear people still playing it and still talking about how it helped hip hop from the artist’s and the fans. I’m ready forthe hate but hey it’s just my opinion right ? I feel the hate coming in 5,4,3,2,1 GO

    • Trin

      I was thinking the same thing. Shyne was ok but in way no better than Black Rob. These magazines acting like Shyne was the man when he got knocked like he was tupac or something. Fuck outta here in 2000 no one really gave a dam about shyne it was just a few singles thats bout it. SMH. Stop blowing this mid card ass rapper up its annoying.

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  • the brown

    Yo! Shyne, I been supportn your shit for a bit, but that “Dear America” shit is fucked up. America don’t owe you shit. Our government got us black folk in a pretty bad position but it aint up to them to get us out. It’s up to us. That mentality you have is gonna be the death of you, and you will not be remembered as one of the greats, just another mad muhfucka. Take advantage of your position to help uplift and educate the youth, don’t glamorize your “crazy” lifestyle.

  • Anonymous

    sHyNe 1st album is a Classic.. He just cldnt ovr shadow the B.i.G. Comparison! That Nigga Spoke some sHyt.. Def a Different sounding album 4its Time.. But Hard!

  • eva

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  • http://xxlmag jayruckNYC

    They actually covered this shit in detail like it’s a classic! LMFAO!!! Wow. I’m still waiting for them to do this with The Chronic or 36 Chambers. Hell i’ll even settle for We Can’t Be Stopped (Geto Boys) or Ironman (Ghostface 1st joint)

  • Anonymous

    shyne was aight but be real…
    he just like evry other rapper

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