Nas’s “Lost Tapes 2″ Should Sound Like This

Though Nas has released nine solo (studio) LPs over his 16-year career, the Queensbridge legend’s non-album resume is nearly as celebrated within hip-hop’s inner circle as his retail output. Just ask diehard God’s Son fans about The Lost Tapes, his 2002 collection of unreleased tracks, all mastered and finally available crisp in sound and legitimate in presentation. Several XXL staffers, in fact, believe that The Lost Tapes is one of Nas’s best albums to date.

That’s why the news that surfaced last night has us chomping at the collective bit. Nas announced, via Twitter, that he’s looking to drop The Lost Tapes 2 on December 14. What he didn’t reveal, however, is the set’s track listing. It’s not as if there’s a scarcity of unreleased Nas material that’s hit the Internet since The Lost Tapes impacted eight years ago. He’s put out several mixtapes since then, on top of loose mp3s that have shown up on various blogs or right here in the Bangers section.

Here, XXL compiles what we’d love to hear on The Lost Tapes 2, fully mastered and without the DJ tags and, at times, less-than-desirable sound quality. First, revisit these 11 rare Nas cuts, and then take the comments section to let us know what other songs of his you’d like to hear in all their official glory come mid-December.

“Good Morning”

“Election Night”

“The N”

“Film” [Produced by C-Sick, the winner of Redbull’s Beat Contest]

“Esco (Let’s Go)” [included on 2008’s Green Lantern-hosted The Ni**er Tape]

“The World” [Produced by Kanye West]

“Street Riders” [feat. Game & Akon; included on Game & DJ Skee's 2010 mixtape Brake Lights]

“Talk of New York”

“Cops Keep Firing” [included on 2008’s Green Lantern-hosted The Ni**er Tape]

“Hope (Original Version)”

“If I Ruled the World ’09” [feat. Marsha Ambrosius]

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  • Pierzy

    I’d go with “The N.”

    Don’t forget lost verses like the original verse from “John Blaze” and the alternate verse to “Street Dreams” and “Da Bridge 2001.”

    • Anonymous

      RISE and FALL

  • SirCatalyst

    Have to go with “Esco (Let’s Go)” aka “What It Is”. That Khalil beat needs to be heard by the world.

    • nVz

      DJ Khalil goes hard!! definitely Esco Let’s gohas to be on The Lost tapes vol. 2.

  • that nigga

    FILM, seen him write that in an hour. Shit is crazy.

    • Chris

      Are you serious? If thats they case, then that should be on the album.

  • Anonymous

    Good Morning- with Az. White Mans Paper- with Damian Marley. Sades lovers rock rmx nas has a crazy long catalog also the joint he did with

  • hiphopdoc

    Be a Nigger Too should be up there, the original not the one that was on the mixtape! That beat should also be heard around the world!

  • M. Baby!

    I gotta roll with “Hope..”

  • Prince Caesar

    Film is simply amazing. Hope is a great song, too. I’m coping this album out of the store when it drops. I’m not a Stan, but this guy is the greatest rapper of all time (in my opinion). The rap game is in a pathetic state right now. I’m a fan of real lyricists. Big-ups to all the “real” hip-hop heads, everywhere.

    • ventley

      thank you

  • john cochran

    lost tapes is one of my favorite nas joints. only his true fans is up on that. im def coppin when the new one drop. he’s one of the last true lyricist.

  • iamlegend100

    Nas is that dude he got 2 be in the top 3 of all time his music always got substance and lyrically he is amazing and gifted, i always supported him and will continue 2 as long as he put out music.

  • Joel

    The Rise and Fall, mastered would make my decade.

    • TONES

      I was reading this, waiting for somebody to say it. RISE AND FALL.

  • WalkerBlack

    Personally I think Silent Murder is his best Unreleased Track. “ They say the arms of nicki barnes would be enough to blast, a lot rich niggas fell and started pumpin gas, was it the mind of CIA that bumped off malik shabazz uck what they teach in class, I’m a reach the mass”

  • c/gaddic

    the beat, the chorus, the verses raw dopeness
    all parralled in high quality
    can’t say the same for other Nas tracks
    Always great lyrically but the production or hook is kinda mediocre or shitty half-the time
    still the G.O.A.T.

  • Q461

    Wasn’t Silent Murder a Bonus track off It was Written? In any case I’m souped up for a Lost Tapes 2! The first one was hot with No Ideas Original, Purple, and Poppa was a Playa. For Lost Tapes 2 I’d suggest

    Be a Nigger too
    It Wasn’t you featuring Lauryn Hill
    Star Wars
    Don’t Body Yourself (50 diss)
    If I ruled The World 09
    Talk of New York
    The World

    I’m waitin on this record. Nas is my fav MC and I know this shit won’t disappoint.

    • TONES

      Star Wars (illmatic platinum disc 2) and Dont Body Yaself were bonus tracks already (HHID bonus disc)

  • Anonymous

    what about where y’all at and imagine with john lennon

  • Redder

    Esco Lets Go and Film a Close 2nd

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    The World (Prod. Kanye West)

    but how about:
    Across The Track (Nas & Papoose) [2006]

    That’s Hard (NoH)

  • Georgia Boi

    Out of the songs that have leaked to the net, I’d love to hear these on Lost Tapes 2:

    Esco Let’s Go


    My Will (the Alchemist produced track that’s only a snippet)

    The Scientist (the Just Blaze produced track that’s only a snippet)

    Colours (the DJ Khalil track that’s only a snippet)

    Rise & Fall

  • ace

    terrible list…. sorry

    Nas has at least 100 unreleased songs of which i have and not only did u guys not choose some of the best but why add ones that already had official releases? N*gger Tape is an official release mixtape or not

    Election Day is a minute lol.. if anything “Nigger Hatred” and thats still a minute

    hes bound to have some great tracks we havent heard cuz his last 3 track lists have had songs that never appear that he confirms

  • Hannibal Cannibal

    1- Esco Let’s Go produced by Dj Khalil
    2- Rise & Fall
    3- Everything is Real ft Shapelle
    4- Stay Chisel (all three verses) produced by Large Professor
    5- Life Is Like a Dice Game
    6- A Few Good Niggas ft Made Men
    7 – La Familia ft. The Firm
    8- Talk Of New York
    9 – It Wasn’t You ft Lauryn Hill
    10 – Self Conscience REMIX ft Prodigy (produced by Marley Marl or Pete Rock)

  • DV8

    suprised nobody mentioned “War Is Necessary” and yes it would be nice to have “Silent Murder” on there. Especially since it was only on the tape version of “It Was Written”. Im just glad we are getting some new (old) Nas music. I havent bought a CD in quite a while but i will definately get this.

  • I plead the 5th

    He got so much unreleased material that i would like to hear some that i haven’t heard but if they as jiggy as these songs its all good

    1. Life gone low
    2. Like Me
    3. The World
    4. Living it
    5. Something Foul (incredible)
    6. Film
    7. Fear of a Mandingo

  • JustASquirrel

    Thank all yall for putting in your 2 cents on this. There’s a handful of songs recommended on here i never heard of and i love nas, so yeah good lookin’.

  • http://n/a Ash

    “Rough around the edges” with Busta Rhymes

  • Ash

    “The N” was on the UK version of Hip Hop Is Dead.

  • oskamadison

    Where Y’all At smashed everything that made it onto Hip Hop Is Dead. That definitely should be on there. Also, there were joints that he did with Premier that never got released. I know this is an oldie (’94 probably) but they should throw Understanding on there for all the real live, day one, Live At The BBQ heads out there.

  • Anonymous

    Nas’s “Lost Tapes 2″ Should (NOT)Sound Like This

    ^ word 2 downloadhelper


  • Dick B.

    I agree, most of these tracks don’t match the feel of the original Lost Tapes. I voted for “The World” and think “Good Morning” is a good track for it. I heard Nas say in a interview that he had an unreleased DJ Premier track for the Lost Tapes 2

  • Muru

    Deja Vu! The greatest unreleased Nas track ever. Illmatic quality. If Nas can convince Chris Winston to release the digital quality version that would be worth the admission cost alone.

    Also ‘Life is like a dice name’

  • Swordz

    The WORLD

    Are the only songs on this list that should be included.

    NAS has too many great hits

    Nas’ catolgue>>>>>> ANY RAPPER’S MUSIC

  • Simdog

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see these:

    Proclamation (Nigger Hatred)
    The Fear
    Be A Nigger Too (without the hook)
    What it is
    America’s Top Brothel
    White Man’s Paper

  • Rufus

    The track that were picked are great but not lost. I wanna hear some never heard NaS tracks. The tracks that were picked are on mixtapes

  • Screwball

    Your list is not on p

    Election night is too short

    The N is an intro and have been released on HHID UK version

    If I ruled the world is a disgrace compared to the original one

    Cops keep firing and esco let’s go are “official” track and they are in pretty good quality

    I would like to see

    Scientist (full)
    The curse (full)
    Deja vu (cdq)
    Death anniversary (full, nas said in your mag that one verse was missing)
    High (full)
    Life is like a dice game (cdq)
    Take in blood pt 2 (cdq)
    The rise and fall (cdq)
    Good morning
    Anybody test
    Amongst king
    Wanna play rough
    Your mouth got you into it (cdq)
    Desperados pt 2 (cdq)
    Sosa vs The State (cdq)

    And eventually some unheard before, like preemo joints

    • Smallz

      The Curse! I thought nobody would mention that. It was a snippet on the I am promo when it was supposed to be released as a double album. That song was fire!

  • streets

    i like thz this a fan album,,we gona putit together our selves hah..ok jus been stupid..ok how we do that tho arrange the tracks maybe nas puts all of them like this and we make a pick,,thy can always do the mastering later


    rise and fall
    stay chizzled
    Something Foul
    Take in blood pt 2

    not mentioned in thread

    my own worst enemy
    time feat nature and AZ (dr.dre)
    tales from the hood
    it aint hard to tell (original)
    original fetus.
    original project windows.

    im sure most of it will have never been heard
    Lookin forward to this..

  • Kromed

    Well, considering the first Lost Tapes had Nas songs with no featured artists, I’m assuming he’ll stick with the format. I wouldn’t mind having one or two Nas songs like War is Necessary, Film, or Death Anniversary on it, but I want to hear songs I’ve NEVER heard from Nas like with the first Lost Tapes. I want it to be refreshing.. The internet has made it hard to hear music when its supposed to be heard (on release dates).

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  • Crazed Afrykan

    White Man’s Paper!!

  • gun de liro

    I’m surprised no one mentioned “Where Y’all At?” that came out just before the Untitled album. He totally ripped that joint!! I wouldn’t mind if that made it. Plus, Large Professor has said he’s done about a dozen tracks for Nas that are just collecting dust. Really, Nas should be on Lost Tapes 4 right now. Lets just hope most of the songs are ones we haven’t heard and NOTHING leaks on the net. That wasn’t as much of a problem when the first Lost Tapes dropped. It’s gotta have that new feel to it like the first one.

  • Anonymous

    We need a better quality version of “Deja Vu” which might be one of his nicest. But you can’t get a great quality version though I think some DJ’s have it on vinyl. Also “Life is like a dice game” is the shit.

  • MobiusX

    The song Film is not on any of his albums and those few mixtapes that have this song, don’t have the original one, the DJs always end up adding something to it and that ruins the whole song, so this song BETTER be on Lost Tapes 2. You can’t even buy this song on itunes or amazon.

  • http://none Pille

    Color should be dope on there!

  • chris

    Guarantee none of the tracks anyone listed will be on lost tapes 2. Why in the hell would he want to put out tracks that people have already heard? Im sure he has tracks for days that are not on youtube and the masses has not yet listened to.

  • christian p

    “where yall at” MUST be on that shit!

    Also the N and good morning is sick!

  • Leff

    What about Find ya wealth???? Was that ever released on a album??

    Find Ya Wealth and Silent Murder MUST BE ON LOST TAPES 2

  • Anonymous

    The World
    Something foul

    both amazing tracks, love to hear something foul without the dj sit on it

  • Cody

    All these songs should just come together and be The Lost Tapes 3…fucking classic all together. Nas greatest rapper alive.

  • Anonymous

    i want an all new Lost Tape,jst like the 1st one…..songs i wuld rily love 2 hear on Lost tapes 2,are the dj primo produced tracks.

  • caliLuv

    yes finally real hip hop im buying it when it drops

  • jdeebz

    rise and fall for sure

  • Peekum

    Check out: 1) Amongst Kings, 2) I Already Know & 3) Sometimes I Wonder featuring Nature. Can somebody say G.O.A.T.?

  • Mainy Maine

    When ever The Lost Tapes drop it will be something dope as far as a tracklisting or should i say wish listing something like this would be ill IMO

    The Lost Tapes 2
    1.The Scientist(Full Version & Mastered)
    2. I Have To(Mastered)
    3.Da Don(Full Version & Mastered)
    4.Unreleased DJ Premier Track
    5.New Unreleased Track
    6.White Man’s Paper ft Damien Marley
    8.I Already Know(Mastered)
    9.Something Foul(Mastered)
    10.You Don’t Know Me(Mastered)
    11.Deja’Vu(New 1st Verse & Mastered)
    12.Livin It(New 1st Verse,Added 3rd Verse & Mastered)
    13.The World(Mastered)
    14.Rise And Fall(Mastered)

  • Lenwood


  • J Williams

    Naw this is too weak….What about Where Ya’ll at, Be Right, Association, the unfinished joint with Just Blaze, Body Urself, and the counteless other classics that you have to search youtube endlessly for?

  • Peekum

    Check out A Few Good Niggas, a track he did with Made Men. This could possibly be his hottest verse! He is no doubt, the greatest rapper of all time!

  • Marcus Bey

    Complete me… If I took a verse from every song, I should here the message; or perhaps see the vision of the man and where he is going and has been. From past to present times AND THE ALL IS MIND. Ill-Metric was indeed a GREAT work; for the flow was over the beat… It had flow. Like Flow from Sade Lover’s Rock. The beat was not over the flow. I AM the last word from the I, BUT ALL I HEAR IS ME. Where is the CAUSE FOR WHAT WE ARE PRODUCING. Where is the strong meat for men. Future is in the prediction and it seems that someone has stood still or stepped off the path. We are waiting… We are waiting mental BUILDERS. We are waiting for the words to become a mental picture. 9NINE9

  • Ibe

    STARWARS… baby!
    NaS was off the damn hook up in there!

  • stuart miller

    THA OG version of it aint hard to tell that was DOPE!!!!!!!!1

  • i want to hear in full cdq

    The Curse

  • unknown

    might have been said already but what about “the understanding” w/biz markie & az

  • Karan Murugavel

    In order of priority:

    1. Deja Vu (It Was Written reject 1995, Illmatic quality song)
    2. Life is like a Dice Game (Unfinished 1994)
    2. Nas & Pete Rock unreleased track (see Pete’s twitter)
    3. Talk of New York (Street Disciple reject)
    4. The Rise and Fall (I AM reject)
    5. Streets of New York (minus Alicia keys verses)
    6. Good Morning (Street Disciple reject)
    7. Serious (Street Disciple reject)
    8. My Will (God Son/Street Disciple reject)
    9. The Scientist (unreleased Just Blaze track)
    10. One on One (1994 Street Fighter soundtrack)
    11. Amongst Kings (I AM reject)
    12. Don’t Body Yourself (2005 50 Cent diss track)

  • poetryselite

    Lets say Nas releases 15 tracks. Personally, I’d like to see:

    1. Deja Vu
    2. Sinful Living
    3. Life Is Like A Dice Game
    4. True Dialect
    5. Silent Murder
    6. Sometimes I Wonder (Feat. Nature)
    7. Rise And Fall
    8. My Own Worst Enemy
    9. Pu__y Killz
    10. Darkness
    11. Stay Chisel (Full 4-minute version with just Nas’ 3 verses)
    12. Good Morning
    13. Film
    14. Association (Feat. Stic Man from Dead Prez)
    15. Who Are You