WATCH NOW: Lloyd Banks Live Interview on

G-Unit soldier Lloyd Banks will be coming up to the XXL offices this afternoon (September 29) to appear as a guest on Spotlight, XXL’s live video series on UStream.

The interview is scheduled to broadcast in real-time simultaneously on both and Channel Live at 4 p.m. EST. Fans are encouraged to hit @XXLStaff on Twitter with their questions for the Queens native.

Having not released a solo studio album since 2006’s Rotten Apple, Banks is currently gearing up for The Hunger for More 2, a sequel to his 2004 debut.

Be sure to tune in to Spotlight with Lloyd Banks later today NOW. —XXL Staff

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  • JacQuan Pittman

    Yo banks hit me up… money over here. its just new talent waitin to be heard man so get back at me as soon as you can. my number is 1(763)442-4331

  • Reese

    Thats that original New York shit that the game is missing right now. I am so sick of all this inferior Southern garbage dominating our air waves right now. The South killed hip hop. How does hip hop go from Biggie being the best to Officer Ricky. The quality of hip hop has gone down because of Southern artists’ wack lyricism and flow. N.Y niggaz the nicest on the mic and everybody knows that. That’s why Jay-Z is still on top, cause he from N.Y. The South will never produce such a successful artist ever. Ever ever, ever ever!!

    • XxX

      CO-SIGN. I hope Bank$ dont sell out to the mainstream southern sound. I always find myself listening to his older material, his new shit just dosent sound raw or as grimey. I still can’t believe hes still biggin up Soulja Boy, that niggaz’ fuckkin trash, the downfall of hip-hop. N why the fuck does Bank$ wanna work wit OJ Da Juiceman??!! LoL. Kanye was alot better back in the days, ‘Through The Wire’, etc. Their is no such thing as ‘Hate’, its just your own opinion. That joint ‘Till The End’ is still one of the best tracks i’ve heard from Bank$, i wish he made more songs wit that vibe,..the only other one i heard was ‘Only Human’ off V5.

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    The lady is talking a tad bit too much…ask the question and let him answer…you talkin when u should be listening!!!!

    • Shut up lady

      wow.. i’m trying to enjoy this interview, but this chick won’t shut up for 10 seconds.. at least put a bag over her ugly face. seriously though, you ruined the joe budden interview for me as well, learn how to do an interview and maybe i’ll consider buying your outdated reading material.

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  • Creasy

    Get that woman off the camera. She is extremely annoying.

  • Creasy

    Then she tries saying no one wants to be on the last verse?… The last verse is usually the best one…

  • Joe Budden

    Lloyd Banks makes an appearence on Mood Muzik 4. Coming October 26. Preorder an Autographed copy at

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