Lil Wayne’s Lost Leak, A Soundtrack to His 28th Birthday

Has Father Time been kicking your you-know-what lately? Well, folks, try this time-flies fact on for size: Lil Wayne turns 28 years old today. That’s right, the Cash Money superstar, who entered the rap game at the tender age of 11, is officially knocking on life’s door marked “30.” Considering all that Weezy has accomplished in the years since then, it’s easy to understand why his turning 28 has us at XXL feeling quite old today.

What we’re sure won’t change along with his age, though, is Wayne’s tireless musical output—the guy records verses not like it’s his job (because, well, it is, after all), but as if his life depends on every line tracked in a studio booth. Which explains I’m Not a Human Being, his new EP-turned-LP set for release tomorrow, while Wayne is nearing the end of his jail bid.

Prison bars can’t stop his hustle, nor should the hoopla that’ll no doubt surround his coming home party this November. If he and his Cash Money brethren (we see you, Birdman) are wise, they’ll take a cue from Nas’s playbook and drop Wayne’s own The Lost Tapes. A possible title: The Lost Leak. Ever since we conceptualized Nasir’s possible Lost Tapes 2 a couple weeks back, we’ve been plotting something similar for Wayne. Here’s what we’ve come up with, “Lil Wayne’s Lost Leak if XXL could call the shots.” These are tracks that never made it onto official albums and have been difficult to hear minus any DJ tags. We’re sure y’all have your own versions in mind—let us know in the comments section. Now, it’s time to let the beats build.

1) “Did It Before” [Produced by Kanye West]

2) “Georgia Bush”

3) “Scarface”

4) “La La La” (Original Version)

5) “One Night Only”

6) “Outstanding”

7) “Fix My Hat”

8) “My Darlin’ Baby” (feat. Drake)

9) “I Know the Future”

10) “Something You Forgot”

11) “Eat You Alive” (feat. Ludacris)

12) “Different Girls” [Produced by Nu Jerzey Devil]

13) “Red Magic” (feat. Game)

14) “I Feel Like Dying”

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  • AJB4

    check my remix to “Red Magic”

  • d

    its like a tie 4real between something you forgot and i feel like dying weezyaveli or whatever its called is his best mixtape 2 me

  • Anonymous

    maybe they got lost for a reason
    i’m just saying

  • young money wesy

    maybe they where lost for reason

  • Teddy

    love these classic wayne songs all of them but man that i am not a human is a peace of shit downloaded it last night like 2 -3 listenable tracks the rest of it is like scratching nails on a blackboard 1 listen limit anymore will damage your lobes they r smart for tossin that shit out as a “LP” (mixtape) straight garbage even on the songs the lines are good the flows r so lazy and the same through out the whole song beats do nothing at all take bill gates for example most boring beat its barely a beat mack maine was probably playing some triangles in the booth and thats it then wayne came in with that spit riddles flow which works on like i am not a human but he uses that shit on every fuckin song zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rebirth & I am not a human = lil waynes Encore & Relapse = hot garbage


    Prostitute flange aint on the list?

    personally my favorite is
    Self Destruction totally a rock star on the mic, not just a mc, not a rapper, a pure artist

  • John Cochran

    When Nas’ lost tapes came out, alot of the songs were unheard and hard to find, which made it more of an exclusive project. But in Wayne’s case, even the casual Wayne fan has heard most of these before. You wanna make a Wayne ” Lost Tapes”, you’dm probably hve to go back to the Hot Boys, Mannie Fresh era. Most of these were on those Drought is over mixtapes.

  • Anonymous

    Can You Give Us The Links To Download These Songs Or The Whole Thing As A Zip.

  • Q461

    Something you forgot, I feel like Dying, Georgia Bush are all dope. What about Prostitute Flange and Gossip? Dope Weezy joints…

  • jlabella11

    La La La is my favorite Wayne song of all time.

    “Born in new orleans
    raised in new orleans
    i will forever remain faithful new orleans”

    • yep

      yes sir the best weezy song of all time

  • arice

    hate this guys rap voice

  • detroit by way of 6mile

    best weezy song ever is bm jr

  • ToMeK

    “Outstanding”. Easily my favourite out of all these…

  • kedordu


  • Rich-Porter

    What about Trouble and Bonafide Hustler feat. Juelz Santana,

  • Anonymous


    • D

      nigga u gay

  • Saint

    sum of u r out ya fukn head! ‘fix my hat’ iz tha best out of dese. but i could also understand la la la, outstanding, and scarface

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