Any journalist will tell you: there’s nothing better than a quote monster. What’s a quote monster, you might ask? Basically, any celebrity or interview subject prone to headline-making one-liners, reckless commentary or just downright unbelievable dialogue. Hip-hop has its share, from the always-entertaining 50 Cent to the equally captivating Kanye West.

Near the top of the QM pile is one Earl “DMX” Simmons, a guy who probably doesn’t even know that he’s earned this distinction, nor, we’re suspecting, does he care. Case in point: an interview with DMX that aired on the St. Louis radio station Hot 104.1 earlier this week, where, amongst other things, X called Plies “one of the worst rappers,” for no apparent reason other than the fact that the Ruff Ryder doesn’t give a you-know-what. That choice pull quote brought a few of X’s past “did he just say that?” moments to mind, the four most unforgettable of which can be found below.

1) 2004, in an on-camera interview with Tim Westwood:

“You only alive because of me! You fuckin’, bitch!... I let you live, by the grace of God.” (That’s just one of several quotables here, which have been labeled as subliminal shots against Ja Rule. Watch this classic example of a filter-off interview for yourselves.)