Betsy V, Your Peruvian Connect [WEB CANDY x Gallery]

REPS: Long Island, NY

STATS: 34C-23-36

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Being in Latina Magazine and being able to be a part of the Puerto Rican Day Parade.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “J. Cole! [He’s] a breath of fresh air, and listening to him definitely inspires me to go for my dreams regardless of the obstacles and different routes one might have to take to get there.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Craig Mack’s ‘Flava In Ya Ear’. I love the simplicity of the [black and white] concept as well as the vibe between the artists.”

DREAM JOB: “Have you seen the video Puma did for Esso’s ‘Don’t Stop’? Enough said… Working with] J. Cole without a doubt. Working with someone who is playing a part in changing the declining rap game would be an honor.”

SEX APPEAL: “Beauty can catch anyone’s attention, but if there’s nothing more to it as in having a great personality, being educated and having a job, then what is it that you really have?”

TURN-ON: “I’m an aggressive individual and enjoy being spontaneous, so I love men who are on that level with me. If you can’t take control in handling me or can’t be impulsive at times, then we are just not compatible.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: BetsyV or @PeruvianConnect

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Photography courtesy of Jose Martell

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  • Q461

    My girls peruvian too…. i been down there, the girls in Lima are fly….this shorty can get it though.

  • Speaks Truth

    i wanna know what happen to the days when xxl models had big ol booties although this girl has a sexy face though but what happen to the good ol days lol i guess king magazine has picked up the girls yall use to get to first

  • PHD

    its sad the show magazine has ruined print models for me…I expect small waists, thick lips, phat azz and ample chest every time or else have a fine un-photoshopped face.

  • What cuz!

    She pretty cute.
    J cole you got another one she is on your UH KNOW!

  • Noa

    she has an exotic beauty thats all. Not every female has to look thick in the nose or ears to look fuckable.

  • Llim

    body like baywatch Face like crimewatch……..smash her from behind.

  • BeerGangsta

    Super fine with a nice skin tone. Dam i got to get my money more up. So I can have a nice Heffer like this!!

  • Anonymous

    sheeeeesh! she got that give it to me face on… Only one thing left to do…

  • jhood

    this chick look mexican, not a good look.

  • KP4short

    Great pics…I’m glad a friend of a friend is getting it in : D

  • Anonymouse

    She definitely has it going on!

  • NVSicc

    well damn..! Look at this badd liddo specimen..! :) she makes the back seat look like that’s where it’s at..! Supa sexy.. I can definitely digg this..! Way to swagg on um mama..! #dopetastic!..

  • Mike

    She flyyyy

  • Wayne Royale

    My homie Peruvian Connect is definitely doing her thing. She’s been on the model grind, making cameos in the music videos, & doing the tv hosting thing real heavy. I’ve had the privilege of socializing w/ this cutie on Twitter & she’s def down to earth too. She deserves this feature & many more.

  • IfyouDontNoOwellz

    She is definitely bad, keep up the good work shawty!

  • antonio

    Agree on the from behind!
    wack photos again – don’t help the model

  • Southcidal

    Average. Nothing special about her. Would I hit? Yes. Would I wife? Nah.

  • Fury The Don aka Q

    I know Betsy, These shots dont do her justice. SHE’s alot hotter in person ;-)

  • fresh

    Her face can use some help, looks like a dude.

  • jerimiah

    shes not cute & looks to photoshop’d 4 me

  • tellin u

    dis bitch got a dick i swear that on allah’s broke ass

  • Nicole

    Go Betsy!!!!

  • AZ

    SEXXXYYY Hot pics girl … & she looks even better in person :)


    Her pics are hot Go on with your bad self girl.

  • Mary

    Looking good Girl !!!:)

  • Anonymous

    this is one fineeeeee bitch

  • coop

    dope pics…coo chic

  • fly2def

    This girl is HOT! There’s not too many Peruvians doing it like that. Sexy with brains. You can’t go wrong with that.

  • Da Illest

    Peruvian girs are usually very pretty, exotic, nice bust but no ass. I dont think I have ever met a Peruvian girl with an ass in my life, lol. Im Dominican so Im used to big asses everywhere. She’s a cutie though.

  • not really

    mafukkas must be desperate these days. better than the last 2 rats tho. .

  • Anonymous

    She ugly as hell IMFAO

  • jesus

    good work.

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  • Emmitt Fickert

    Amaze! Photograph hunting yahoo and google all night with this and i finally think it is right here!

  • Ptah

    wow your good looking

  • conceive a boy

    This is a great article. Thanks for sharing this.

  • the flyest

    She looks like a rat in her face. Ugly girl!