REPS: Long Island, NY

STATS: 34C-23-36

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Being in Latina Magazine and being able to be a part of the Puerto Rican Day Parade.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “J. Cole! [He’s] a breath of fresh air, and listening to him definitely inspires me to go for my dreams regardless of the obstacles and different routes one might have to take to get there.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Craig Mack’s ‘Flava In Ya Ear’. I love the simplicity of the [black and white] concept as well as the vibe between the artists.”

DREAM JOB: “Have you seen the video [video director] Puma did for Esso’s ‘Don’t Stop’? Enough said... Working with] J. Cole without a doubt. Working with someone who is playing a part in changing the declining rap game would be an honor.”

SEX APPEAL: “Beauty can catch anyone’s attention, but if there’s nothing more to it as in having a great personality, being educated and having a job, then what is it that you really have?”

TURN-ON: “I’m an aggressive individual and enjoy being spontaneous, so I love men who are on that level with me. If you can’t take control in handling me or can’t be impulsive at times, then we are just not compatible.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: BetsyV or @PeruvianConnect

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Photography courtesy of Jose Martell