9/11 Tribute: 26-Track Salute to New York

It’s crazy to think that it’s already been nine years. For those who were in New York City on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, and even those who weren’t, the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers will forever register in their minds with distinct clarity. The initial emotions of fear, confusion, and overwhelming sadness didn’t bring New Yorkers completely down, however; incredibly, all of the world, not just America, rallied behind Manhattan’s population, and feelings of hope pushed into the city’s conscience. And nine years after the fact, 9/11 has become a day to both revitalize and flaunt our nation’s pride.

In remembrance of 9/11, XXL wanted to pay tribute in a way that’d be in inspirational taste yet still remain hip-hop to the core. One of the many things that rap music does is provide rallying cries for folks in need of pick-me-ups, which reminded us that many of NYC’s own talent have delivered pure-bred Big Apple anthems. The kinds of records that’ll give the city that never sleeps multiple shots of uplift on this ninth anniversary of one of this country’s darkest days. So, kick back, grab your “I (Heart) New York” T-shirts and enjoy these 26 NYC hip-hop anthems.

Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind”

Ja Rule feat. Fat Joe & Jadakiss “New York”

Busta Rhymes “New York Shit”

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  • http://twitter.com/jza JZA

    Bush knocked down the towers… tell the truth.. it was you Niggah


  • Wedge

    The Diplomats – Ground Zero

  • Q461

    All these joints are crack. Also, check out the new Game record featuring Jadakiss and Jim Jones- Gangs in New York.

    NY the home of hip-hop.

  • LondonBoy

    Wat bout French Montana ft Jadakiss – NY minute….dats a hit..

  • hits

    this should be made in to a album and sold, all money for a charity. id def buy!

  • jesterdxxl

    Alot of you people need to get off Jigga’s dick I’m sticking with Rule, Joe & Kiss!!!

  • jesterdxxl

    You people need to get off Jigga’s dick I’m sticking with Rule, Joe & Kiss!

  • tater

    dang ny sux

    • rexthedog

      fuck you an that southern gay ass waka flocka and soulja boy shit. NY go hard nigga

  • Anonymous

    New New York the only good song that sorry ass lame Pac wanna be ever made. Sorry ass dude glad he is out the game, next rick ross needs to go, hopefully him and ja make a record together about how to act like some one else and steal their swag.

  • Simple like ABC, 123


  • zasman

    the best track is not on here!
    Papoose – new york feat james brown
    prodigy – dirty new yorker

  • Chris

    Did Anybody Notice Ja In The Onyx Video?!

  • Zasman

    and DPG – NEW YORK NEW YORK???