8 Killer Plays From the Hip-Hop Playbook – If Rap Was a Sport…

Play: 46 Maniac
Formation: 46 Defense
Goal: Defense brings the heat to the offense.
The defensive strategy made popular by former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan is designed to bring pressure to the opposing offense. Lately Beanie Sigel has been doing all he can to ruffle the feathers of New York giant, Jay-Z. Aimed at confusing the offense, the 46 D uses the unorthodox approach of overloading players on the left side of the offense making it hard for the offensive line to pick up their blocking assignments. That might be equivalent to the Broad Street Bully bombarding the market with scathing diss records towards his former boss. Most times the pressure of the 46 gets to the QB like this…

Play: Delta
Formation: Singleback-Big
Goal: Protect the quarterback long enough for him to toss a long pass to a deep receiver.

If anyone is going to be cool under pressure it’s Jay-Z. Borrowing a page from the dynasty that is the New England Patriots, Hov is fully protected in this formation with two tight ends in for blocking. Because Bean’s 46 defense is aggressive against the run, Jay has the option of running a play-action pass out of this format that is favorable to the run, then tossing a long pass to an open receiver. Sort of like this…

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  • W. J. Rice

    First off: This isn’t a diss to the writer by any stretch

    The premise behind this article is interesting

    The layout was prepared flawlessly

    But the final product is trite and stale. If anyone would have wrote this, I would say the same thing. There was no way anyone could have made this a interesting product passed the idea stage.

    It just comes off so damn corny.

    I apologize if I offended the writer because I’m not. It’s well written. I just think this was an idea better left on the cutting room.

  • El Tico Loco

    This looks like the premise for a conversation that woulda had to involve Madden, music, and weed.

    • tysonmike

      check, check and.. check.

    • DV8


  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Bawse!!! Ricky Ross!!!

  • gary

    lol rick ross fake punt

  • This is bs

    Why do you guys do the weakest articles on the most boring part of the week? Now there’s really nothing to do.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Play: Fake FG/Punt
    Formation: Punt
    Goal: Fool everyone


  • DV8

    didnt officer rick play college ball? i think i heard that somewhere.

  • R2j

    I like Jay-Z and Beanie’s play but…

    Goal: Fool Everyone.


  • http://dylearnnewthings.info/ Stuart Aybar

    Excellent report, well written I have to admit.