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Hip-hop and Hollywood aren’t strangers. Dating back to seminal rap-centric films such as Wild Style (1983) and Krush Groove (1985), the culture has long been using the cinematic medium in memorable ways. There’s also the long-running list of rappers turned actors, as well as album titles named after movies and several flick-derived MC names, all further blurring the line between the two art forms.

While A-listers in the film industry haven’t always acknowledged the hip-hop culture, one iconic filmmaker who’s never been shy about his rap Jones is Spike Lee. Just look at what he’s doing tomorrow: the Brooklyn-bred, big screen giant is set to direct a live webcast of The Roots & John Legend’s concert inside New York City’s Terminal 5. The show is in honor of the artists’ new collaborative LP, Wake Up! (which also happens to be a popular quote from Lee’s 1988 film School Daze).

What other legendary filmmaker would do such a dope thing? As much as we’d love to see Quentin Tarantino direct a Wu-Tang Clan performance film, we’re not holding our breath for that. Tomorrow’s webcast just proves how hip-hop Spike Lee is, in addition to adding another chapter to his history of contributions to the rap world. Here are 10 of his past moves.

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  • lolomgrotf

    finally i get to say FIRST !!!!!!!!!

  • Q461

    Spike’s made alot of dope films. Also a lot of shitty ones ( like most directors). I gotta say Clockers is my fav Spike film no doubt. Love the 2 crooklyn dodger joints too, you didn’t list the return which had OC, Chubb Rock and Jeru the Damaja. That shit was crack back then.

  • Kam

    Ayo! dat boy ross loose with the fat spliff on the yacht with debra lee n spike lee n white folk lol ricky be tokin everywhere he at n aint no one be trippin lol

  • Worley

    What about Spike’s cameo in “Scenario?” That’s my favorite Spike Lee hip-hop moment.

  • BeerGangsta

    This was the shit!! Love this song. Young school jack azz don’t know nothing about this. Take notes wack fuckers!!

  • Shakespeare

    Spike has only made two good films, Do the Right Thing and Malcom X. Everything else has been garbage!

  • Glock Mane

    Spike nigger you dope, Ricky you aint bad, but SHIT! I’m fucking awsome!!!