Through the years hip-hop has seen many of its favorite artists locked up behind bars. Slick Rick’s five-year prison sentence was one of the earliest examples, while 2Pac’s sexual assault conviction was the most famous. But even from behind the wall, imprisoned rappers have been able to release music to their fans using creative promotion measures.

This week saw both Lil Wayne and Lil Boosie drop albums while incarcerated. Wayne, who's serving time in New York’s Rikers Island after pleading guilty to felony gun possession charges, dropped his I Am Not A Human Being album on iTunes on Monday, September 27 (Weezy’s birthday). Boosie is locked and currently awaiting trail on federal first-degree murder charges, but that didn’t stop his label Asylum from releasing his third album, Incarcerated, yesterday (September 27).

It’s too early to tell if Wayne and Boosie’s albums will be successful or even critically acclaimed. But with the verdict still out on this week’s releases, takes a look back at 10 past albums released from imprisoned rappers. Turn to the net page to see who truly got the game on lock.

Compiled by Adam Fleischer & Rob Markman