Yesterday [August 12] was a big day for Young Jeezy, as he released his new mixtape, 1,000 Grams, Vol. 1. But that wasn't the only reason the Atlanta trapper's name was hot in the streets. Many rap fans were speculating that Rick Ross's “The Summas Mine,” which coincidentally leaked yesterday, was a diss record response to Jeezy’s recent "Death Before Dishonor" freestyle over the Boss’s “B.M.F.” instrumental. On the eve of Jizzle’s fourth solo studio album, Thug Motivation 103, gathered a handful of industry insiders—including hip-hop journalist and frequent XXL contributor Maurice Garland,’s Carl Chery,’s Janee Bolden, gossip blogger Gyant of, and the founder of the Rap Coalition, Wendy Day—for a heated discussion on Jeezy's career over AIM. Let’s get it. —Jesse Gissen

Jesse Gissen: ok folks, welcome to AIM & Fire, XXL's new digital roundtable on hip-hop's latest trending topics. So as you all know we're discussing Young Jeezy today and it couldn't be better timing as it seems that Ross just let loose a diss track aimed at the man

Jesse: So what do you guys think about the song -- he doesn't mention Jeezy by name-- but it seems pretty clear.

Wendy Day: Exactly Jeezy is NOT from Cleveland, and I question if he even has a credit card to rent vehicles (LOL).

Jesse: Well, why would he put out the song today if he wasn't talking about Jeezy?

Carl Chery: Yea

Jesse: Jeezy just dropped the "BMF" freestyle that many questioned was a Ross diss

Gyant: Well he could argue "The Summas Mine" is for everybody

Janee Bolden: If you ask either one of them, I doubt either of them will admit talking about each other

Carl: Ross is gonna deny it being a Jeezy diss.

Maurice Garland: it’s all gay

Wendy: dunno, we're not with Ross to know why he put it out today--we only see a sliver of his life

Janee: super gay

Maurice: What happened to saying the name of the person you talking to

Janee: and the song sucks

Maurice: everybody just be talking loud and saying nothing