Young Jeezy vs. Rick Ross [AIM & Fire]

Yesterday [August 12] was a big day for Young Jeezy, as he released his new mixtape, 1,000 Grams, Vol. 1. But that wasn’t the only reason the Atlanta trapper’s name was hot in the streets. Many rap fans were speculating that Rick Ross’s “The Summas Mine,” which coincidentally leaked yesterday, was a diss record response to Jeezy’s recent “Death Before Dishonor” freestyle over the Boss’s “B.M.F.” instrumental. On the eve of Jizzle’s fourth solo studio album, Thug Motivation 103, gathered a handful of industry insiders—including hip-hop journalist and frequent XXL contributor Maurice Garland,’s Carl Chery,’s Janee Bolden, gossip blogger Gyant of, and the founder of the Rap Coalition, Wendy Day—for a heated discussion on Jeezy’s career over AIM. Let’s get it. —Jesse Gissen

Jesse Gissen: ok folks, welcome to AIM & Fire, XXL‘s new digital roundtable on hip-hop’s latest trending topics. So as you all know we’re discussing Young Jeezy today and it couldn’t be better timing as it seems that Ross just let loose a diss track aimed at the man

Jesse: So what do you guys think about the song — he doesn’t mention Jeezy by name– but it seems pretty clear.

Wendy Day: Exactly Jeezy is NOT from Cleveland, and I question if he even has a credit card to rent vehicles (LOL).

Jesse: Well, why would he put out the song today if he wasn’t talking about Jeezy?

Carl Chery: Yea

Jesse: Jeezy just dropped the “BMF” freestyle that many questioned was a Ross diss

Gyant: Well he could argue “The Summas Mine” is for everybody

Janee Bolden: If you ask either one of them, I doubt either of them will admit talking about each other

Carl: Ross is gonna deny it being a Jeezy diss.

Maurice Garland: it’s all gay

Wendy: dunno, we’re not with Ross to know why he put it out today–we only see a sliver of his life

Janee: super gay

Maurice: What happened to saying the name of the person you talking to

Janee: and the song sucks

Maurice: everybody just be talking loud and saying nothing

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  • smokey berra

    its all for hype but someone forgot to tell ross’ weed carrier that it was.coke head went all out on twitter.

  • Lorant Mena

    jeezy was born in south carolina & there is a Cleveland, South Carolina

    • blklotto

      i like jeezy point blank thats that!!!

    • lil fr4nkie

      yea but he’s from columbus, sc which isn’t close to cleveland,sc

    • http://XXL Miracle901haters

      jeezy always go hard to me but i don’t like what i am hearing about him n ross now.
      in the game of hip hop now of days every rapper being they thing.
      but it seems like sooner or later someone is gonna beef with the next rapper.
      or just hated n showed each other mean mugs disrespect.
      come on rappers get real life is to short 4 all dat bull live yall lives.

  • Jerod

    XXL… stop having fairy tale conversations with each other. If we wanted you to market Young Jeezy and Rick Ross to us we would’ve asked.

    • trigga

      shut up over there u don’t know what u are saying.dis is a very good news cos we all love it.fuck off

  • W. J. Rice

    Jeezy and Ross are bonafide lame ass rappers for not calling names. At least 50 Cent will let you know he’s talking directly to you.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I read somewhere on Youtube someone else said the exact same shit about the song off of Recovery called Seductive, where people speculated he ( Eminem ) was addressing Haystak finally. I wanna know why is it bad if they dont say their name directly? If it is what you think it is being said then so be it. Remember Big addressed Pac several times and NEVER NAME DROPPED. Does Who Shot Ya ring a bell?

  • kedordu


  • RORO

    Yall Dont even know what the fuck yall talking bout yall all should be fired from what ever the fuck yall do..Has everybody done forgot bout reccesion? My president is black was played on repeat worldwide for over a year and every alblum jeezy dropped has gone plat he hasn’t went gold yet so how is he not relevent no more and im sure u not from the streets bc everybody was riding with trap or die 2 and now 1000 grams. So jeezy aint went no where yall just stay the fuck up north bc u know nothing about southern music ALL WHITE EVERYTHING

  • getbizzy

    smh this “beef” originated over a MAN….Big Meeh! these nigga are beefin over a MAN! only bitches argue over who knew who 1st!

  • Anonymous

    i dont know where yall @ but jeezy is who the real street cats listen to!! we dont listen to gucci! and ross is making good music but he’s corny! and he really dont even be saying anything if you listen to him… trap or die 2 certified street banger!!! “i cant belive niggas belive niggas”

  • roc nigga


  • yporince

    this site has become painful to visit in the past week. just in case the interns or somebody over there wants to do something about it.

  • yogi22

    Im from memphis and GUCCI been the hottest nigga in these street for bout 2 years now matter of fact the hottest in the south but i like ross and jeezy i was waitin on a colab and these niggas slick beefn. WTF!

  • flyphilly

    Um……None of these people in this conversation must not know what’s poppin. In Philly you hear Jeezy all the time(some Gucci and Ross also) but Jeezy is far more popular. In Ny I hear Jeezy also. During Memorial Day Weekend in Miami, all you heard was “Lose My Mind”, so where the hell do these people be?

  • OG_912

    Who the fuck are the panelists? they should state dey location and what hood they be in gettin they info. Im from Savannah, GA, and TRAP OR DIE 2 is still gettin played in my city. Yeah sum of the younger crowd fuckin wit Gucci but seriously if u grown why listen to that when you got hard ass rappers like Bun B, Scarface, Jeezy, and Ball & G who still make dat beautiful music niggas really can ride & smoke 2 or trap 2.

    • Port Lyfe

      Yea we still riding to Jeezy in the Port real niggas dont support fake niggas like Ross

  • Jhon da Analyst

    DUMB SHIT………..

  • robparks

    jeezy is a real trap rapper the thing he talk and his word play let u know that he was in the streets for real and the BMF when he name come up? Ross is a great rapper bout i think he in a la la land when he talk about dope he may have push a little bit of work and got money but jeezy hands down tha best trap rapper then Yo Gotti…..

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  • jondoe

    man this post mad me mad! jeezy been platinum since 06 & runnin, gucci aint even went gold yet…gucci last album sold 90,000 1st week, do u kno how much Jeezy albums debut with???
    u gotta be kidding me man gucci trash real street cats aint jammin that boyi kno old school dudes that young niggas look at to that jam jeezy, see jeezy been off scene until recently now he about 2 make noise…GUCCI????
    GTF outta here…& rick ross be jammin but he’s a cartoon everybody knows that & he never went platinum either…dont disrespect the man like that, jeezy in the same lane as wayne, jay-z, & kanye they all platinum..smh


    fuck these east coast ass panels hating on the south….. mad cuz we runnin shit fuck outta here, ross n jeezy could be historic!!!

  • matty21

    like jeezy said: he’s just kicking that fly shit and telling it like it is…like he said, he dunno what the big deal is, aint that what we’re supposed 2 do? get on da record n kick dat real fly shit n speak your mind, n tell it like it is? he just stating facts pretty much from what i heard… jeezy REALLY get down with all that, so hes speaking on it like NO ONE else can, n like he SHOULD, dats what we want him 2 do man…n he also said “if da dude take it as a diss, then he’s just insecure about himself n whats going on” n once again: da truth…dunno what too much debate about, its all in fun THO, its all in real…. jeezy get on record n talk that shit, shit dat only he can talk, dats a part of this game n what we want from our artists in dis game…KICK DAT FLY SHIT SNOWMAN, shout out all dem real dudes u REALLY KNOW!… “How u Blowing Money Fast? u dont know the crew..O, u part of da fam? shit i never knew”…. n da best: ” I THINK I’M JEEZY HOE! ” …. jeezy flipped it, and ‘SHOUTED OUT’ all those real niggaz, but he thinks he’s ‘HIMSELF’ and wants to be ‘himself’ not saying he’s some other man or trying to be something he’s not, hes being jeezy n shoutin all his homiez out…. SPIT DAT SHIT HOW U LIVE IT! NOT TOO MANY ARE DOING IT, JIZZLE DA SNOWMAN then Ross think he into da white?: “talkin that magic powder, yea my whole city had it!” and ross think he gettin it in n ballin out(ricky rosae)? “ordered a 150 bottles like OOOKKKKKK, we gonna have 2 change dis bitch to CLUB ROSAE” haa all in fun jeezy can do dat too, he could be called ‘jeezy rosae’ haa good shit…. spit dat shit how u live it, wats da problem?

    • Anonymous

      I feel ya matty21 on dat i think dat everybody should speak they mind n tell it like it is dats real talk tho.

  • eazy

    how can you say Jeezy never recovered from Gucci beef and he destroyed Gucci on Stay Strap rapping over T.I.’s ASAP

  • ceezy4sheezy

    are y’all serious jeezy killed gucci on stay strapped and he got em on 24 23 they beef was real and jeezy even said it wasn’t a diss also all of jeezy records went platinum and gucci never went gold also are y’all forgetting the trappin ain’t dead mixtape was crazy. another thing gucci is trash and neither ross or gucci is on jeezy level before you discuss something know the hell y’all talking about thank you bye

  • purp617

    yo gotti & gucci the best.

  • http://XXL Miracle901haters

    I feel ya matty21 on dat everybody should speak they mind n tell it like it is 2.
    dats real talk right there 2 but rappers need to stay in they lanes n try not to beef aim at each other.

    • matty21

      i hear u, no one wants to get into it… its good AND bad for da game…. it can be bad, and can turn out bad 4real n we could lose some one 4real, as we’ve seen in history…but we love a little competition and going at it in this game… we know we love it deep down lol, and like xxL said something the other day in a post about the good ol’ days when jay n nas went at it and how epic it was…so its good and bad… but i agree with you, for the overall greater good of the game, its best every1 stay in their own lane and do their own thing and make good music…dats definatly better for the game…. but remember: hip hop/rap isnt like any other genre of music in that regard; u dont ever hear rock groups, or r&b singers going at it like that within their music, its kinda stupid, its music/art/entertainment…but hip hop is the most REAL LIFE thing there is…. as long as its competition on record, which it usually is(thats all jeezy was doing and saying), and as long as it doesnt become REAL BEEF, then its ok i think…we gotta maintain da integrity of DA GAME, SO WE CAN STAY ON TOP!!! but 4sure like u said, dey gotta keep it real n tell it like it is to maintain integrity too, n check these dudes that are eating off some1 elses plate n who are fraudaulent…. check these dudes when they need checked or it aint hip hop…

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  • analysis

    Jeezy has no good lyrics for real like just tell me a few bars that he went hard in also he’s never was good makin anything with metaphors or similies just sum average ass shit he use to have sum ok or beyond average production but now its just average production that has a lot of bass be honest to urself thats the most he’s givin his fans mediocre lyrics while rappin slow about dealin weight on a beat that has a lot of bass and he has never improved lyrically more or so to say the height of his career was the initial point when he first started and popped off now that he kind of slowed down a bit his whole street or commercial buzz just stopped I have no idea how you could dislike ross when he has sum of the finest production on his mixtape more than major label rappers have on their album and better production than jeezy has ever had so ross has jeezy on that production when it comes to songs jeezy has mediocre hooks with the worst word play I have heard ross though has sum clever rhymes now and then better albums than jeezy for sure I’ll bet 103 won’t be better than Teflon Don be honest that album has had sum of the most praises than most of the albums that have been realesed this year for its lyrics features and production a good album all around if you had to say wat is going to be a better album 103 or Teflon Don which one would u say is better also wat was a better mixtape Albert Anastasia or 100 grams also Jeezy couldn’t take out the most unlyrical rapper in the game even when he had the upper hand and the most popularity on his hand and had the “streets” on his side he still couldn’t take out that weak ass rapper instead gucci took his spot and is having more success then him RIGHT NOW DON’T GET THAT CONFUSED GUCCI WASN’T POPULAR THEN JEEZY BEFORE BUT NOW HE IS while ross exposed as a CO the whole industry looking down on him and having public and personal problems with his baby’s momma and his life having been put in the worst circumstances managed to hold his own and win a beef against 50 and even have one of the best rap albums that year g-unit stans always bring up album sales and now ross is sellin more than 50 right now so to me I’m putting my money on ross jeezy though is more authentic then ross thats sumthing we all can give him but who’s putting out hotter music though for the streets and charts ross is jeezy has only had lose my mind with the fag plies a rapper that has often collaborated with gucci and that was mainly a club hit jeezy isn’t goin to have a song hotter than bmf a song for the streets and if he did then we would of already heard it the niggas jealous of ross pretty much cuz he’s on top and dropped a hot album and a song that payed respect to the real bmf and the real bmf liked the song to create sum buzz nigga really fell off

  • Anonymous

    200,000 people can’t be wrong. Listen for yourself and state your opinion.

  • Datboi

    @Analyist – Are u serious??? You must have no life to type all that foolishness



    • matty21

      yea he said it wasnt a diss, he was just telling it like it is, and if Ross takes it as a diss, then he’s insecure about himself n his situation…its blatant on both records, but jeezy talking about real things…thats all, dats what he’s suppposed to do!! whats da problem? you know

    • http://XXL Miracle901haters

      Dats Whats up they don’t need to be beefing.
      as long as everybody is eatting and getting money.dat is all dat count to me in the game and respect.but some don’t want dat they be wanted some attention n is foolish n a waste of time to me. but d real ones know the truth in the south.n doing what they have to do to get by life is not easy.

  • Damn the industry is shady

    Jeezy stole my mixtape name

  • matty21

    and P.S. you can tell XXL and other venues are trying to stir up controversy sooo bad…. they wanna see a competition on wax between good rappers sooo bad lol u can see that real easy, and dats all good, i wanna see it too…… i just dont want no1 to get hurt, but u know every1 wants to see the shit, a couple others i would like to see too…but the ones doing big things 4real aint got time for that beef on record shit, they focused on talking about their real life n making that fire/timeless music, soooo… they aint worried about what ANY other rapper is doing




  • harmen

    k the inspiration sold like 350 k first week recession hit 260
    ross deeper than rap hit 160 k first week and teflon don hit 180k
    gucci’s last two welcome too the traphouse: 12 k first week
    the state vs radric davis did like 90 k
    jeezy’s still relevant that trap or die 2 was ON FIRE and still is
    u can even look at mixtape quality
    trap or die 2 is better than mr zone 6 and albert anastasia ep
    i haven’t gotten down with the 1000 grams but i bet its better than the new gucci who’s tryna rap like he’s twista all of a sudeen

  • musicconnoisseur

    The panel is so confused… yall keep saying jeezy hasnt evolved… but then yall say he needs to beef/battle Gucci again and he should have dropped the album while gucci was locked up… That wouldn’t be evolving people. Jeezy’s problem is he’s STILL worried about being the hottest street rapper — where as his main concern should be evolving his sound, growing as an artist and making music that isn’t at its best inside 285. Last time I checked Jeezy has sold MORE records than Rick Ross and Gucci COMBINED! Fuck yall mean he lost his spot. See this is why rap music suffers in the longevity column… fair weather fans, fair weather journalist, and fair weather labels are the ones KILLING the genre. Rick Ross is a fraud and Gucci is a babbling idiot (though I admit I like some of his music lol, cause I saw him stick with it and kept at it, that’s commendable) – - but lets be honest here. All Jeezy has to do is make a hit record and put it out and ALL you fair weather bandwagon hopping fans, journalist, and labels will be right back on his jock. And oh yeah, him getting a hit record is easier than Ross somehow miraculously becoming REAL or Gucci somehow getting some intelligence (both of those are damn near IMPOSSIBLE). So with that said… I’d bet on Young. And by the way, of course Ross is talking bout Jeezy in the weak song, the cleveland line was threw in there to throw you idiots off… and it worked. Smh

  • keng

    youny jezzy don’t have lyrice like rick ross..
    jezzy just talk on his rap song..just listin to rick ross..rap song…ross got lyricezz

  • analysis

    man just do me a favor name some of jeezy’s hottest bars cuz that nigga has no good lyrics “my president is black my lambo’s blue and I’ll damn if my rims ain’t too” thats fuckin retarded as hell if you think about it cuz he gets completely off subject yall niggas talkin about wat jeezy has sold in the past when he had a buzz but he doesn’t have any now prime example he’s tryin to stir controversy and get some attention to say ross isn’t having sucess right now would be a lie and you know it and to say sumbody that is goin to have a beef with sumbody on top top of their game and not recieve sum attention is a lie jeezy right now is experiencing how it feels to fall off example gucci’s trap house album sold 12k during the begining of the beef with jeezy alright after the beef cooled down his next album sold 90k a far better improvement from his last album I hate gucci’s music it’s a fuckin slap to the face of hip hop to label him a rapper when he doesn’t even care about lyrics but still he sold more and has become as seen by the numbers more popular but yet yall niggas want to claim that this nigga lost the beef to jeezy when in fact he is becoming more popular more of his dumb music is getting played on the radio wat has jeezy done recently like yes he may be street but even the bmf one’s who claims he has assiociated with make fun of him I liked jeezy when he first came to the mainstream but after his 2nd album his flow just got stale to me by noticing that he only raps slow to a echoing flow and him say sum shit in the background he isn’t at all lyrical and since day one has been all talk and I haven’t even seen him do anything impressive in the game yet name sumthing impressive that he’s done he’s just a average rapper when it comes to lyrics but he is authentic not like he’s real all the time when he spits but he has sold a few more drugs then the average person but yet yall act if jeezy adds sumthing to the track on every track that he’s featured on he just gives u a ok verse nuthing that incredible yet ross you can’t say that he didn’t body the angel’s track or the window seat remix he’s gettin better each album and yall niggas are trippin albert anastasia ep was way better than 100 grams its just the fuckin truth I swear yall just love jeezy’s dick sumtimes ross though may be fake but come on this is entertainment and he’s putting out good music and gave us a great album has jeezy done that this year no so I guess the summer isn’t his but idk who really wins I hope that they both lose and TI’s not as populae any more and those are the 3 top rappers from the south when they’re gone the east and west can get back on their grind and we’ll have another golden age in hip hop granted ludacris might still be around but wat ever

    • matty21

      once again, with jeezy, its that street shit, its that REAL shit, really aint too too much bout da hottest bars or coolest lyrics, its real, its about keepin it real as a man and relating with the streets and the people…and i think he has some hot lyrics anyway, but dats my opinion… and he had some shit 4 u for ‘recession’ some lyrics and good shit on there…and he being saying some sickk shit man, on his new shit too, slick fly shit man i love, so i disagree a little..but i hear u tho, it is very different, n dats y it changed da game when he hit, dat different flow, he did something different with it, HIS OWN THING

      …and it was dominos after that, a lot of cats feell in line after jeezy n he gave a lot of cats confidence dey can do it too and they kinda ran with jeezy’s style..jeezy changed da game, u cant deny that and “change the game, dont the let the game change u” like maybe u could say in ross’s situation…..n like u said we’ll see what he bring with this TM103 but i love jeezy and love what hes put out so far…but i agree with u: i dont like jeezy on features very much, i usually dont like the amount he bring to the verse, the verses are always mediocre, although it is always huge for da song…but he dont do features like t.i. and jay do, for sure, them 2 be fuckin KILLING it when they get on a song and do just 1 verse, thats some of their BEST work ever, some of the sickest and realest verses they’ve ever done when they hop on features… and t.i. has expanded and grown out of just the south, yea he still rep da south 4sure, but hes worldwide 4sure

      n i hear u on that golden age, i sure hope so..

      and ross: i really liked him when he came out, and was feelin ‘hustlin’ hard and he really seemed like a stand up cat in rap…i aint feeling him at all right now, i dont care how HOT the music is, and it is really good and its ill, but i dont care…i aint bumping that shit and and supporting it

  • BeerGangsta

    Dum rap fuckers!! Jeezy said he did won’t to beef with fake Ross. Ross doing this shit for Record Sells. This shit won’t last long. Some more brain wash shit.

  • RicksDaRuler

    And Fif is still the only one to name names. No subliminal, call em out!!!!!!!

  • http://comcast d.

    This what it’s come to, a bunch of men bickering, he said she said?? G’s don’t do that, come on man!!


    YO. jeezy is from columbia,sc. i agree with maurice. this is gay. rick ross is hott but dude is no jeezy. jeezy has fans and been doing it for a few years now. BMF is fo real and jeezy is reppin for them bros. it doesn’t seem like he wants to BUT its like one of those soilder things. ETHER is not the BEST rap diss. its not the bar. neither one of these songs are diss songs, they are more like lyrical stare downs.

  • b-dog

    Ok Let’s talk some real shit! YOUNG JEEZY is a real street nigga,that dude fucked with Big Meech and BMF. Birds of a feather flock together!!! Where’s GUCCI’s proof????? That he Sold anything? Yeah that shit sound good he be spittin… Rick Ross was a C.O.!!! We know he aint no street NIGGA! He aint sold a DAM THING!!! When it comes to RAPPIN… can’t NO NIGGA IN THE MUSIC GAME FUCK WITH YOUNG JEEZY!!!!!! What’s understood really aint gotta be said! STOP PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shizzo

    Jeezy all day! ya ol hav bin hired 2 hold jizzle dwn or sumthn? getcha a3ess of th keyboard n visit the streets n get ur facts right

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