Wyclef Jean for President! [AIM & Fire]

Sam Jean: I believe that the CEP was aware that if Clef ran he had the best chance of winning. He was leading in all the polls.

Aqua: how legit are these polls?

Kris Ex: I think that’s an important point re: the polls. Not sure how accurate they are.

Sam Jean: It is Haiti. And these are not polls conducted by foreign news services.

Erik Parker: Is this a diaspora vs. Citizens? Or is it just usual power groups want to stay in power? Or both?

Aqua: I just can’t see how even if Wyclef did get on the ticket that the numbers weren’t going to get rigged, if he indeed would have won the popular vote.

Jesse: How old is the youngest member of the CEP. Is it an age thing? Young vs. old?

Sam Jean: We could debate the reliability of the numbers, but what is clear is that he was considered the frontrunner.

Kris Ex: Clef would have mobilized people to vote much in the way Obama did.

Erik Parker: Yes. He would have won.

Kris Ex: So the fact that he was ahead in the polls (reliable or not) speaks to his chances

Sam Jean: He was the clear favorite.

Kris Ex: He was the favorite by default because, really who was gonna vote for Sweet Micky not named Pras?

Aqua: Clef did say that he was drafted to run by the youth of Haiti and old guard regimes will fight the youth tooth and nail.

Sam Jean: Over 60% of the population is under the age of 26.

Kris Ex: And the other guys are grandfathered in crooks.

Sam Jean: Clef would have mobilized them to come out and vote.

Erik Parker: What does this say about the possibilities to fight corruption, what with all that money flowing now? Does this foreshadow what is to come?

Sam Jean: I think that since there is going to be some oversight in terms of how the money gets doled out corruption has a chance to be reduced.

Kris Ex: I think a BIG part of the reason the money isn’t flowing in is a no confidence gesture towards the current administration.

Sam Jean: But that doesn’t mean it will be eliminated.

Erik Parker: Good point Kris.

Kris Ex: I wouldn’t give 5.2 billion to some guys on their way out, who were basically absent in the immediate aftermath.

Vanessa Satten: Yo yo yo.

Kris Ex: Hey V.

Andreas: So if this is the standard for rejection, what are we really arguing about here?

Kris Ex: We don’t know if that’s the reason for rejection

Aqua: The loose and suspect application of said standards.

Sam Jean: I don’t think they have actually given a real reason for Clef’s rejection. They are letting the media say it’s because of residency. But we have reports that Clef was initially on the list of approved candidates and when his lawyers argued his case in front of the CEP they didn’t mention residency.

Jesse: That’s a good point Sam that has gotten overlooked

Sam Jean: If they have rejected people like Raymond Joseph because of residency that’s bizarre seeing that he is an ambassador to the US he couldn’t possibly be reasonably expected to live in Haiti.

Erik Parker: I agree. Residency seems suspect.

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  • sparkcity911


  • tha truth

    wyclef just want to be called PRESIDENT..thats pimping for him..

  • cracker

    How in the fuck is he going to lead a country whose language he DOES NOT SPEAK!!! Thats like if Obama didn’t fucking speak english. Could you amagine that shit. Yes people on the streets of Haiti speak creole but French is the official language and all official government agencies function in FRENCH!!! Furthermore he hasn’t lived in Haiti since he was a small child WTF does he know what the people of Haiti need? Wyclef is fucking insane if he thinks his dumb ass will save Haiti.

  • gosamjean

    Sam, you’re doing a great job of supporting your brother. Your points are right on.

  • dome shot

    “I find it very arbitrary that Haiti is being “constitutional” at this point.”-Kris Ex…um really, when should they be constitutional. Isn’t Wyclef’s agenda about presenting an alternative rule of law that functions within the constitution? Is Haiti meant to flout constitutional convention because a rapper is running? Or because some Haitian Presidents and candidates have ignored the constitution before?
    That statement is completely immature and of no real value to the topic. The USA had to wean itself of bad governing habits too and still does. Imagine if it was said that Lincoln’s slavery abolishment was ‘ very arbitrary’ because at that point Kris Ex felt that way. Nxh!

    • exo

      if you know anything about Haitian politics and law, you’d know that following the legal letter of the Haitian Constitution is an incredibly arbitrary (and random) occurrence. i went on to mention two separate occasions in which the US orchestrated gross violations of the the Haitian constitution in recent years. (those comments were cut from the final discussion for space–no big deal, it happens.) when those violations went down, the international community for the most part, remained silent. for instance, after Aristide was removed from power in 2004, Gerard Latortue (who had been basically living in Florida for 40 years) was put in as Prime Minister by the US. the US, UN, Canada and European Union recognized that administration as legal; Jamaica, Cuba, the African Union, St. Kitts and Venezuela did not. moreover, whatever opposition there was on the ground to this move was silenced by force.

      Haiti is a place where political assassinations go down with disturbing regularity, where murderers are set free from jail by government officials, where millions of dollars that flow into the government disappear or are handed out to ghost endeavors every year. so, yes, this is all very arbitrary. and if you’ve observed the CEP in action, knew who they were, or simply followed their movements, i seriously doubt you’d champion them as paragons of justice and constitutional defenders.

  • kzamats

    Good point dome shot. Kris Ex confused me with that statement. I just found it preposterous!

    • exo

      you can see my reply to dome shot above.

  • BeerGangsta

    Wyclef would have been the best President ever!! That Rap Shit don’t mix with President. Honkeys look a Rappers for negative message. Thats why they don’t won’t him to be President.

  • c billy

    good point exo! everytime you got a 3rd world leader who tries to do a little something for his poor people, he gets killed or exiled. Look what happened in Honduras under obama!!! Aristide tried to helped the poor in haiti and tried to raise the minimum waige to 3 fuckin $ A DAY, u.s. media will accused him of being a dictator, the banks cut off the aid, and the us government fund oppsition parties with millions of us tax $$$. and then we wonder why haiti is so messed up. wyclef dont work for haiti. he works for bill clinton and every other corporation in the u.s. or elsewhere who wants to squeeze the living life of poor sweatshop workers.

  • the G.OD.

    kudos all around. Funny when someone says Wyclef does not speak Creole I laugh, the truth is he speaks English the same way and cadence he speaks Creole; for each time he opens his mouth he shows how limited he is. Another point in terms of French, I recently mentioned the Rosetta Stone program and I see someone has enough sense to see that he is not trying. Forget that 10% comment, I have lived here for ten years, most of that 10% do not speak French, really, I have gone head to head with a few.
    Maybe he should have been more visble way before the Earthquake and right after.