What Should Kanye Title His New Album? You Decide

It’s only a matter of time. Now that Kanye West has established permanent residence on Twitter (@kanyewest), it’s safe to assume that his 411,000-plus followers are waiting with baited breath for the heavily-retweeted rapper/producer to announce the official title for his much-awaited fifth album. We here at XXL sure are, at least.

It wasn’t too long ago that we anticipated Good Ass Job, the expected fourth entry into his school-inspired album series, kicked off by his 2004 debut, College Dropout. But, back on July 28, West took to Twitter to reveal that he’s replacing the Good Ass Job title with an as-yet-disclosed one. As he put it, “I’m bouncing a couple of titles around now.”

With another high-profile album title, that of Nicki Minaj’s forthcoming debut, set to be revealed tonight at 6pm, we’ve racked our brains to come up with three album title pitches for Yeezy. Peep the possibilities and then vote for which of the three you’re feeling the most.

1. Suicide King:

Based off Kanye’s Twitter avatar (seen above), with the sword going through the king’s head (that looks conspicuously like West himself).

2. Master’s Degree:

Kanye may have scrapped the Good Ass Job title because the unemployment rate is so high. So instead of testing the waters in this murky job market, the Louis Vuitton Don decided to get his masters.

3. The Love That Hate Produced:

In 1959, Malcolm X caught national attention when he took part in The Hate That Hate Produced, a television documentary about the Nation of Islam. This album title would be a play on the reference to Spike Lee’s 1992 film Malcolm X heard on “Power” [“No man should have all that power”], as well as ’Ye’s love/hate relationship with the media, especially in the wake of last year’s Taylor Swift fiasco.

4. Good Ass Job:

You’d prefer it if Kanye stuck to his original script, right?

5. None of the above:

You may not dig any of the above three suggestions, which is fine by us. Let us know with your votes and then hit us with your own ideas in the comments section.

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    • Federal Ranga

      The College Sellout. Or Revenge of the Mascot


  • j

    “Don’t Make Fun Of Me” or “Hurt Feelings”

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk



    ‘Night Class’

    • BIGNAT

      This Can’t Be Life
      Mr. Over Achiever with his ego he should pick that one

  • vyubvsbhfa

    King Kan

  • Repeat Offender

    Professor West

  • Repeat Offender

    Professor West

  • Anonymous

    Mr. West

  • ri067953

    “My Last Album”

    • schamsed


      Nah, thats fucked up…
      Funny but fucked up

      Good ass job is a great album title

  • Sincere

    I was thinking about this too. I was thinking maybe “I Get The Job Done” (a nod to Big Daddy Kane), or “Job Well Done”. “Night Class” and “Professor West” is interesting. “Back In Class” or “Supreme Enterprise” are a couple more.

  • romil

    illuminat king

  • romil

    god please dont kill me!!!

  • DaTroll

    “THE GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME… OF ALL TIME” or “I’mma let you finish..”

  • jesta

    Grade K or Grade W
    Hi-Story (Jacko had His-Tory)
    Lunch Time
    Psychics on Lyrics

  • Sha

    The title should be whatever Kanye decides. Enjoy the music and stop getting caught up in this “EPIC RELEASE” bullshit. That shit is only for the marketing numbers and it devalues the artist’s product. Let the music speak.

  • Sha

    The title should be whatever Kanye decides. Enjoy the music and stop getting caught up in this “EPIC RELEASE” bullshit. That shit is only for the marketing numbers and it devalues the artist’s product. Let the music speak..

  • jesta

    Report Card
    Schools Out
    Teachers Pet

  • whinealot

    it should be called i may cry when i dont when another award..

  • Anonymous

    probably ” College Reunion” to follow the Graduation album

  • El Tico Loco

    The Classifieds

  • Adamsville Mafia

    “501′s and Kickdrums”
    “Pyramid Scheme”
    “AP Course” or “Its All G.O.O.D”

    • Slim901

      501′s and Kickdrums…nice. i think he should follow the school themes though…

  • Saladin

    “I’ll Die For Attention”

  • adfgmb

    The Basement

  • Q461

    I actually like the title good ass job….college reunion is cool

  • http://petersbloggin.tumblr.com/ Pete


  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    soon to be the greatest

  • BAunique

    Dean’s List

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    I’m actually feeling ‘Master’s Degree’ a lil bit; I’d go with either that or ‘Good Ass Job’

  • jk

    “Suck My D”

  • Anonymous


  • Rev

    “Sorry Taylor”

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    C/S ‘Master’s Degree’

  • Anonymous


  • mirra1

    people are so lost these days they dont understand the power of a real imagination or real artistry stop hating start loving west gon’ show you niggas the ‘power’ of anticipation

  • Anonymous

    Fishsticks in this bitch



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  • http://petertran.tumblr.com PETERTRAN

    Kanye definitely isn’t going to be doing anything with the title that has to do with the TRILOGY of his first three albums. Like a couple have said, stop worrying about what the title is going to be, it’s just for marketing. What really matters are the actual songs, so calm down, guys, LOL.

    • Lord Maximus

      Only problem though- it’s a TETRALOGY. That’s 4 albums man.

  • kedordu

    the trilogy is finished i think if he did vol 4 then that would be awesome . whatever .

  • keptitreal

    “I’ma let you finish…”

  • Yayo

    SITA – Shit In The Ass!

    C’mon Mr. West, don’t be such a dumbass! Bring dat ol’ shit back!

  • Yayo

    BTW – the cover (unless it’s the final version) is very, very waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

  • Lord Maximus

    “Bar Exam”
    “Worthless Portfolio”
    “Federal AIDS”



  • 831

    clockin’ in

  • Anonymous

    cornball cronicles

  • Kush

    I Think its called Dark twisted fantasy!!!!!!

  • http://radioriverside.co.za sampie da dogg

    the results

  • jamyl

    i would prefer he used “SENSOR” . it sounds better as he has migrated from just been A STAR to aMEGA STAR and he need applaud cos he is changing hip hop with a SENSOR

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