What Pop Star Will Raekwon Work With Next?

By now, everyone who’s a citizen of the World Wide Web knows that Raekwon will be on the remix to Justin Bieber’s “Runaway Love” with Kanye West, an unexpected pairing brought forth by the powers of Twitter.

Question is, what surprising pop sensation will be joining The Chef in the kitchen next? Well, we recently chopped it up with the Wu-Tang rhyme slayer and it seems as if he’s got the right utensils [II] to jump in the booth with just about anyone.

“Let’s be straight up. Number one, you know I love all kinds of music,” says Raekwon. “When you think of the Chef, you think of somebody that knows how to cook and cook various dishes, so I couldn’t really sit here and say that I wouldn’t be up to do anything because I know at the end of the day it’s gonna be hot. Anything I touch is gonna be hot. I don’t care if I go through a record with a Mexican man from wherever, you know what I mean?”

Excluding the random Mexican, Rae gave XXL a long list of artists, both alive and dead, that he would love to work with. Take a peep at Shallah’s menu, and vote for which dish you wanna taste the most below. But keep this quote from Rae in mind when ordering: “When you look at the Chef, you can put me in any sauce and I have my ingredients and it’s gonna taste like what it’s supposed to taste like.”

Cast your vote below. Let’s hope the magic hands of the Internet can put these two artists together as well.—Jesse Gissen

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  • 613

    how the hell is eminem not on that list they have already publicly said they wana work together. get your shit together

  • http://www.twitter.com/noles506 Noles506

    ^ exactly , they have already said it…So why would something already done/in the works be on his wish list? I take this list more as people outside Hip Hop. Kind of some weird pairings , I really can’t say it would sound good ….lol, who knows tho?

  • Mr, Mike

    I can’t believe anybody would even care. This dude was washed up years ago and without Wu tang he really ain’t shyt.

  • Q461

    would love to hear Sade collaborate with dudes… Drake wanted her for his album…but she says shes more comfortable working solo…but she’d be dope on some hip-hop shit,,,,.Michael Jackson too but he passed…. Justin sounds good on rap records…Rage against the machine is practically hip-hop to me anyways… Zack is an MC no doubt….

  • Frankie 2 Fast

    @ Mr, Mike

    Really? Washed up, come on that’s not correct. Purple Tape 2 was very tight and he had nice verses on Wu-Tang Chamber Music and others…choose a more appropriate description of the Chef please…

  • Suvio Blue

    its obvious Mr Mike dont know shit, Chef had aoty last year, along w mean mixtape at the end of May…Shaolin vs WuTang next month…

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine


    hands down

  • WuIrishBoy

    I cant believe a hardcore rapper like raekwon from a true rap band like wu tang would turn his back on the genre to go and make a song with justin bieber….well i can officially say hes a sell out and i have lost respect for him, its a damn shame

    • the honest truth

      Raekwon of all artists i thought would have stood for the respect that hip hop is about.

      This is embarassing, wtf?… over the last 15 years hip hop has been sold out in every which way possible. but for a respected true mc to make that descision to collaborate on a pop record. Hip hop just died.


  • Suvio Blue

    fuck are yall talkin bout, just for the reason of bein such a hardcore, street mc makes it ok for him to do…shit he could do it reguardless it dont matter, this is music and dudes aint gone do this shit they whole life…what we have aint hip hop anyway, our genre been fucked up…all these ppl ridin Drakes nuts and he sing more than a singer…and how he turn his back on the genre cause he did 1 song? Shaolin vs WuTang still droppin next month

  • the honest truth


    calling out drake as any example is bullshit.. as its the crap he comes out with thats ruining hip hop as a culture (okay so some may argue its evolving or branching out) but in which case this is no longer hip hop.

    Just cause some artists come out and sell out with pop music doesnt mean the legends that hip hop has massed over the years should sell their souls and water down the culture they strived to create.

  • Suvio Blue

    but this song aint got nuttin to do w hip hop? i could see is Rae asked JB to get on one of his tracks, id be like damn Rae…but Rae doin the youngin and Ye a solid…this aint gone change the way Rae get busy on the mic…i just think ppl is od’n, its just 1 song and ppl think he turnin in his hip hop card…reguardless of what ppl think, as of 09 Rae one of the hottest in the game right now…how is he sellin his? i got more of a prob w Rae doin a song w Rick Ross than this…how does this take any cred away from him? im sure he asked himself, “do i really wanna do this?” and he did, ppl need to juust get over it…funny cause half the ppl wasent on Rae to begin w now they got somethin to say…artist are artist, all barriers to who works w who was deaded back in the Run DMC/Aerosmith days

  • Kingroy

    I think people fear different things. Lol seriously has Rae let anyone down? Please inform me.

  • the honest truth

    some fair points there Suvio,

    and im all for the evolution of hip hop, utilising the creativity and cross genre influences is all good, indeed hip hop came from a mass of various music to create what it is (blues/jazz/funk/motown/soul/rock… etc)

    my question is tho.. what is justin bieber offering musically that will advance or progress the genre crossover to rap/hip hop.

    = nothing.

    Rae is after that cheque. possibly collecting a few pre teens to his music along the way.

    a very lame move in my opinion, and my respect for him as an intelligent and real mc has gone.

    on another note: how are biebers managment justifying rap guest apearances to a teen crowd that have built careers about rapping drug dealing, pimping and drug taking?


  • slick vic

    Was that Mexican comment really necessary? lol!! Rae stupid as hell (i mean stupid as funny) always with some weird examples and comments that leave niggas scratching their heads…. Wu-Tang is FOREVER!!!

  • Anonymous

    Whoever wrote this article, thank you for making me feel better about my writing ability. Did you ever consider reading something after you write it?

    No? I didn’t think so…

    “He’s love to work with” really?

    Step up your spellcheck game

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  • LEEK

    With the exception of ICP and Rage everyone on his list a soul artist, Cuban Linx 1 was a soul LP wrapped up in coke and gun talk.

    Can It Be So Simple 2
    Rainy Dayz
    Heaven or Hell

    Let’s not foget the his major contributions on 36 Chambers which are the blueprint to Cuban Linx 1

    Can It Be So Simple

  • dance³

    Heard he might chop up a few tracks with Man 2 Man

  • http://sportsnewsla.info/ Eduardo Munning

    Do you know of the content reminds me of another comparable 1 Someone said the gym?

  • Puppyz

    I’m guessing Raekwon is gonna work with Miley Cyrus or fucking Spongebob next… anything for the money, right Rae?