Kat Stacks, Hate Me Now [Magazine Feature]

Story appears in the September 2010 issue of XXL. On stands now.

Celebrities’ sexual exploits have always fueled the rumor mill. In hip-hop, sometimes those who have had some steamy one-on-one interactions with rappers become minor celebs themselves. Most notable has been Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, a former model turned hip-hop ubergroupie who proudly boasted of her trysts with some of hip-hop’s biggest stars (Ja Rule, DMX, Diddy, Dr. Dre) in her 2005 New York Times best seller, Confessions of a Video Vixen. Another well-known lady friend to hip-hop’s elite, Carmen Bryan, the mother of Nas’s daughter, released her memoir, It’s No Secret, in 2006, which chronicled her relationships with the Queensbridge MC and his onetime rap rival Jay-Z (and Allen Iverson). Several popular Eye Candies have also come and gone over the years (Vida Guerra, Tahiry José and Esther Baxter).

Enter Kat Stacks, groupie du jour. This past spring, the half- Venezuelan/half-Trinidadian ex-stripper began writing scandalous blogs and making a series of homemade confessional videos, which she posted on her personal website. In them she bragged about rappers she had allegedly slept with (Lil Wayne and members of the Young Money crew, plus Nelly, Fabolous, Bow Wow, etc.), dissed some of their skills in the sack and gave out a few cell-phone numbers. Leveraging the power of the Web with her low-budget videos, plus her Twitter account (@ihatekatstacks)—which, at press time, had almost 70,000 followers—Kat has become an Internet hip-hop star.

Born in Venezuela in 1989, as Andrea Herrera, Stacks moved to Miami with her mom when she was 10, but was raised mostly by her uncles. At 14, Kat fled to Brooklyn with her boyfriend and eventual father of her son. Stacks soon began dancing in underground strip clubs, and over the years worked at spots in both New York and Miami. But her recent celebrity isn’t attributed to her pole skills. It’s Kat’s confrontational videos and nearly constant tweeting—through which she gets into many of her battles with former bedmates and haters—that have garnered her 15 minutes of fame.

In late May, things soured for Stacks, when a Web clip surfaced showing Kat getting physically attacked at a bar. After one man slapped her in the face and pulled her off a stool by her hair, the cameraman demanded Kat “say sorry to Fab” and “say sorry to Bow Wow” (both rappers have denied having any connection to the incident).

Another video emerged in June, in which Kat is physically attacked by a group led by on-again, off-again bodyguard Yung Mazi. In it, three women, including one who is allegedly the aunt of Lil Twist (of Young Money), smacked Stacks in the head, pulled her around by her hair, then instructed her to “tell all them niggas you sorry you fucked with them. Name them, hoe, name them. Who all you done fucked with, name ’em. Apologize to all ’em niggas… Tell the folks how you lied…” A disheveled Kat conceded and agreed she lied. Video over. Up went another clip of a busted-up Stacks denying she lied and dropping a few more phone numbers.

Since her emergence, the controversial Stacks has proven to be, at least for the moment, an inescapable figure in rap. XXL caught up with the vixen to find out exactly who she is and how she got so popular. It’s Kat Stacks, bitch!

Your relationships with men are at the root of your popularity. So what’s the relationship with your father?

My daddy died when I was, like, 10 months old. I was actually raised by my uncles… I never had a father figure, because my mom was running around with a lot of muthafuckas. And my uncles weren’t father figures, either. They used to be physically abused by their father, so that’s how I was raised. I got tired of it. I left. I ain’t never had a father figure. I never had that mother figure. Ain’t none of them were ever there.

So you were abused growing up?

I was not sexually abused. I was just physically abused. I was raised with punches. All I know is violence.

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  • http://www.lol.com Noelia

    She’s my idol ! i fucking love kat st

    • Tash


  • http://MYSPACE.COM Jasmine

    Yoo i Got Mad Respect For Kat Stacks! Love Dont Pay the Bills & it was about time that we have a strong beautiful female step up to this RAPERS. They Think they the shit and that they cant treat everyone how ever They Want and its Not Like that.. Kat Stacks is Teaching these Nikkahz on the industry to not understimate a bitch who is 2 steps ahead of you ! Muchh Respect to kat Stacks #TEAMKATSTACKS BiTCH

    • eesco

      pls pls pls for the children go kill yourself and take this heffa with u. Kamikaze style

      • dyce

        how is she strong. she mad broke trying to be famous. melyssa ford is a stong woman

  • Detroit Dave

    Why are yall giving this hoe an ariticle, when you have all these artists struggiling to catch a break. People are dropping good music with no radio play and you put a hood rat on your website that brags about being a groupie. Your whoever made this call should be fired.

    • King Joffy Joe

      @ Detriot Dave, co-sign.

      • http://www.reverbnation.com/tobiaswebsite Tobias

        I taxi this comment, as I’m Artist who left TX and been grinding from overseas like crazy! All these years of my hard work, and she drops her panties and gets a article on XXL? WOW Thats so motivational…!

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  • M. Baby!

    This is sad, this is teaching our young sisters in the world that they can work in an underground strip club, “hopefully” meet a famous rapper, act like they’re in love with them, be abused, bounce around, exploit them for money by telling it all, and you want the world to be sorry for you??? Get the f*ck outt here. I’m sorry but this is prostitution on another level.

  • Naenae

    I’m a big fan of XXL but after seeing this article it makes me rethink. Its a shame that you put a person like this in your magazine, she’s trash and a disgrace to females everywhere. She gets whatever she deserves. Hopefully she won’t influence the younger generation and disappear soon.

  • Sha

    Like it or not, I understand why she’s in XXL and several other magazines. She is “Literally” connected to a lot of rappers.

    With that being said…..

    It’s very sad. She clearly has a man issue because of what’s happened to her as a child. A lot of women are in that same position. But unless she makes a change for herself I think this will end badly. I never knew a woman to get that type of abuse to move on and have a normal, married with 2 kids and white picked fence, type life. It goes down in flames.

  • bridgette


  • http://www.twitter.com gianni

    damn i fucked a rapper 2 and if i wanted 2 be on that type of note i could to because of how he got down behind closed doors would shock some people and embaress his azz but i can’t even put it out like that..im a lady

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/simmyscorpio Simmy Wilson

    That is what is wrong with this world, The likes of this women who has no values no morals goes around seeling her body for more twitter followers how sad! and multi million pound companies like yourself buy into this. No one saw Soulja boy taking coke but because she may of put her own coke there, she has made a story she is seeking FAME off other peoples fortune but doing it in a way she has no self respect.
    All i say people who print this Crap making this low self esteem person more popular well you are to blame its sad what LIFE has become so shallow and people like my self with real talent who can produce songwrite and design clothes and would never sell my body for nothing does not get a feature in XXL well it just goes to show the world LOVE SHIT

  • D-money

    Kat Stacks is doing the damn thing. She takes all the yang yang rappers talk about in their music and unleashes it back on them full force. What they say: Cars, money, women actually equals to prostitute solicitors with small dicks, broke ass punk roommates on bunk beds, and impotent drug addicts – that’s the true face of the young rap game today. So don’t hate on this girl – respect her honesty and her courage to go up against men who have no respect for women or qualms about about violence against women as you can see in one of her videos. More video girls and groupies should come out. Be proud and make that money girls! The men are doing it! More women should be honest about what goes on behind closed doors with these self-proclaimed hot boys. If these rap bitches don’t like it, don’t smash on Kat Stacks bitch!

    • swype-matic

      Walmart sells dictionaries, so go get one and look up the real definition of courage and honesty.

  • BeerGangsta

    What a Honkey Bitch!! This is how a scrub get known. You just have sex with famous people. And diss them behind there back. Bitch aint front no Rapper to his face. Rappers are dum for Fucking Scrubs Bitches. That let me know that Rappers don’t get a lot of Pussy. I would rather have a Famous Heffer!!

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  • Malik

    Everyone knows how she is already. It’s nothing new or surprising. Stopped messing with her if you don’t want your business out. There are PLENTY of better looking and more “experienced” women for the jump off that will not run their mouth. Go after them.

    Shit it’s at the point where it feels like the rappers are wanting the attention far more than Kat Stacks.

  • K. El Vin

    I LOVE this Stacks bitch! She’s the reason why I keep up with this Hip Hop shit. I love seeing someone or some thing in the game whether it’s a 50 cent or a Kat Stacks keepin these niggas on they toes and seperatin the weak from the strong,
    be it intenionally like 50, or by default in Stacks’ case. I fuckin love it. Oh and the fact that 50 looks like a rat (especially with his original teeth) and Stacks literally looks just like a opossum is just genius on so many levels. Damn God is a funny mutha fucka.

  • DV8

    hope Rob got some head because this interview was of XXL’s budget and time.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    Moderation Anslem?

    S’ok. Leave it in limbo.

    Anyone wanna know what I said, click the name.


  • El Tico Loco

    Getting with her is like sticking your thing in a bear trap.

    you better off putting it in a shark’s mouth.
    you better off masturbating with hair relaxer.
    you better off letting Gabby Sidibe get on top.
    you better off having anal sex with a porcupine.

    That chick’s nasty yo. I feel sorry for that child of hers, that barely comes up whenever they talk about these hoes. That kid is gonna get in a lot of fights over her if he grows up to have any dignity.

  • Jay

    I can’t believe ya even giving this broad a interview! She can’t even speak properly. SMH!

  • Q

    kat is one of da only girls i will never have respect for…..her child gone grow up fucked up like her wondering wdf happened to ha moms

  • D

    Well if every whore that spreads her legs for a rapper would start running their mouths about it then Kat Stacks wouldn’t get any more shine. She is getting attention for something that anyone could do. Years from now these rappers will still have their careers and she will probably just have herpes. I hope she is saving up her money.

  • http://sparkcity911@yahoo.com Anonymous




  • C

    She’s a major contribution to the low self-esteem, self-hatred that young girls have in this world. Where are the real role models? I cannot fathom raising a child in this society with all of the sick promotion of irresponsible sex and lack of values all encompassing the entertainment industry. We have to do better. Her parents were non-existent, true, but there was obviously no mentor who offered guidance. She doesn’t know what it means to be a lady, she has no self-worth. F’ing rappers has been her shortcut in life. With that said, God can only judge her and she’ll have to deal with that on judgement day. I can’t believe she was paid to be in a magazine to talk about exploitation and sexing entertainers for money. XXL has just proved to be a trashy magazine. One that promotes filth and prostitution. One that I will NEVER, EVER read again. God HELP “Kat Stacks.”

  • GIFT

    i gotta go in now. You dumb motherfuckers givin this hoe light and life should be ashamed of your shitty selves. this bitch has no self-respect, she’s making it seem like it’s cool to be a hoe, and her 15 minutes of fame should have been up a long time ago. how brave is it to suck dick and then twitter about it. the hoes advocating that shit probably suck more dick than kat stacks and superhead put together. (yall know who I’m talkin to jasmine and d-money). If yall had or have daughters, kat stacks is who they should be like right? The fact that XXL wasted broadband space and energy typing anything this scandalous hoe is talkin let’s me know the current state of our culture. kat stacks doing her thing? the only thing she is doing is contributing to more of our young ladies becoming hoes like her and montanna fishburn. this is fuckin sad!!!SMDH!!!!

  • http://jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    XXL, I tried to warn yall…

  • Face Phoenix

    Why would you bother putting this woman in your magazine? She admits to being a whore and clearly could care less for herself or her child. She isn’t what we need to be putting a focus on in a time where women are more confused than ever. I would say I feel sorry for her but I don’t. Every woman has one these “SAD AZZ STORIES” but real women don’t use them as an excuse for their behavior. I personally get sick and tired of women toting these “Lifetime Movie of the Week SAD AZZ STORIES”. All I can say it XXL you need to step it up because this was clearly a BS article just to sell magazine. It’s one thing to post an update but a whole other thing to interview her for a story. This week XXL lost the Double X and got just a L.

  • Anonymous

    I dont respect that soldier boy bullshit she pulled. somebody is behind that. peep game .

  • Anonymous

    She used that coke probly. how u busters trust her

  • ollie

    No matter what ya’ll say. She has all these men mad at her all day, getting emotional on twitter lmao. She has them all where she wants them.

    To me..all the Men involved are all fucking stupid.

  • Jessica

    Alright kudos to XXL for putting a hoe on your magazine. You have officially lost a reader as i will never ever purchase your magazine again. I think it’s a shame that this HOE is being glorified in such a publication. Especially cause this TRICK is a mother.. wait let me rephrase that shes an INCUBATOR cause real MOTHERS dont be out there FUCKING and SUCKING just to pay the bills…. I wonder what this piece of trash is gonna do with her life once her 15 Minutes are up……. It’s sad that AMERICA has come to this point where being an INDUSTRY HOE is someone to look up too shame on ya XXL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISGUSTED

  • DV8

    SMH…just when I thought XXL couldnt stoop any lower as far as content they do this. Why would you give this “person” the light of day? Thats whats up now? Groupies getting love in mags now? Yall really fuckin up!!!! Didnt you create “Juicy” magazine for bullshit like this?

  • swype-matic

    XXL, quit promoting this dumb stank ass

  • Jencendiary

    I’m a little disappointed at the comments. Clearly this is a mentally ill woman acting out over past abuse & neglect, and all you hear is “whore” this and “bitch” that. I’m sorry for her – she’s putting herself in danger to act out on her compulsions, and her son’s clearly not getting the quality raising he deserves either.

    I hope both of them can get the help they need.

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  • GetOnMyLevelHoe

    Sucks. Anyways, everyone does dumb shit when they’re 21, the internet just puts it on a bigger scale. Shit, I’d smash Stacks too, why the fuck not. haha.

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  • Mr. M.I.C.

    Damn! Some of you idolize this hoe! Thats how far society has gone down the damn hole. Don’t idolize positive leaders…Just idolize dumb bitches. That’s why the young black women of today don’t give a shit about themselves and keep having kids at 14 and shit. Kepp going donw dumb ass Kat Stacks path and see what you amount to.

    • Mr. M.I.C

      Damn! Some of you idolize this hoe! Thats how far society has gone down the damn hole. Don’t idolize positive leaders…Just idolize dumb bitches. That’s why the young black women of today don’t give a shit about themselves and keep having kids at 14 and shit. Keep going down dumb ass Kat Stacks path and see what you amount to.

  • Mr MIC

    Sorry about the word errors XXL, but I was rushing to get this off my chest. I agree with some of the people on here…Give articles to up and coming artist and not stupid ass influences like Kat…She’s not worth the air we breathe. That’s all.

  • Anonymous

    you[xxl mag] need your ass whipped for even wasting print on this toxic hoe… wtf

  • MarcelDWilson703

    Why would Kat Stacks be anyones idol? She’s a whore……. I don’t understand

  • haha

    I just lost all respect for xxl magazine and website and everything xxl..been reading your magazines since the 90′s ..now its just crap!

  • Me

    Guess what, magazines aren’t selling like they used to. Because of a little thing called DA INNANETS! So magazines are pulling out their sleeziest stories and making them front page, just to get your dollas. And guess what, that shit WORKS! And they stay in print for another month. What hoe are they going to use to sell magazines next month?
    Stop acting like XXL has some sort of social responsibility. If a girl reads this and decides to be a prostitute it’s because her parents fucked up, not because XXL interviewed Kat Stacks. Kids shouldn’t be reading this shit ANYWAY!

  • 21married

    kat stacks needs to change her image, she can make some money now if she cleans her act up, she needs to stop drinking, stop hanging out.

    why she never answers if she HIV

  • PissPop

    Bish looks like a TRANNY straight UP!
    But hey, niggas is Fags nowadays anyways..

  • Lanya

    won’t be reading XXL anymore, this is PURE SMUT. MUCK. TRASH. BS :-(

  • Dia

    1. If rappers decide to get down wit her and they know how she is then that’s on them.

    2. No respect goes to her because of who she is and no one should look up to her (not even her own son).

    3. If everyone wants her to go away then stop posting on her accounts and giving her the time of day.

    4. If anyone respects her or “idolizes” her then you don’t respect yourself nor the well-being of your child(ren).

    It’s as simple as that!

  • Polo

    its kat stacks bitch…

  • eyebet

    cant beleive they keep fuckin that infected ass hood chicken

  • AlexandriaMichelle

    I don’t understand why Kat Stacks want to expose everybody, when really she exposes herself. Talking about all these dudes she fucked and stuff, where that’s getting her? She got the whole world looking at her. Even if she did fuck them dude, a real woman would’ve kept her ‘affairs’ to herself, not show them to the world, that’s straight up fake…And that shows that because you don’t have any talent you decide to have sex with rappers to get talent. What comes around goes around…stuff might be cool for her right now, but soon one of these rappers going to do something and she going to regret it all what she did…It’s going to land her in something bigger than she’s already in. AND whatever rappers do it’s there damn business, it has NOTHING to do with her…It don’t matter who does what…It’s them…Men have sex every day, so what’s the point of trying to expose? She making herself look stupid…

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