DMX was released from an L.A. jail yesterday [Aug. 12], after serving merely 18 days of a three-month sentence for a 2002 reckless driving charge. Meanwhile, troubled starlet Lindsay "LiLo" Lohan, who was recently sentenced to three months as well, was also released early. At first glance, these two characters may appear to be polar opposites, but if you look more closely, it seems that their lives mirror one another’s and not just because they both have floundering careers and an affinity for that white stuff.

DMX: Connection to a reckless driving conviction in 2002; In 2004, DMX was arrested at New York’s JFK airport after using illegal sirens to pull over a car, falsely identifying himself as an FBI agent and attempting to drag the man after the car.
LiLo: Violating probation in her DUI case; In 2007, Lohan was arrested outside of a Santa Monica police station for suspicion of drunken driving and cocaine possession. Lohan was apparently chasing down a woman through the streets of Santa Monica, California in her SUV.

DMX: 18 days
LiLo: 13 days


DMX: Five months after Scott Storch’s Palm Island mansion was foreclosed on, DMX, who’d been using the residence as a hideout, was arrested there in 2008.
LiLo: It was at this same Palm Island mansion that Storch surprised Lohan with a million dollars in jewelry as a New Year’s gift the year prior.


DMX: In his debut role in 1998's Belly, X plays drug lord Tommy “Buns” Brown, at the height of his game. The film follows Buns as he gets caught up in the ways of the world but ends with him having a spiritual reawakening.
LiLo: In 2004's Mean Girls, Lohan plays Cady Heron, a teenager who infiltrates the most popular clique at her high school to exact revenge on it’s leader and take over the role of Queen Bee. After getting caught up in the glamor of being her school’s "It Girl," she ultimately realizes that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and denounces her thrown.


DMX: In 2005, DMX plead not guilty to a series of traffic violations, including driving over 104 mph on a suspended license.

LiLo: That same year, a drunken Lohan lost control of her Mercedes SL-65 convertible and crashed into the curb on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. She faced a misdemeanor charge of hit and run for the incident.


DMX: X’s wife, Tashera Simmons, is coming out with a tell-all book in which she addressed all the criticism she received for staying with him as long as she did.
Lilo: Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father, is standing by his daughter even though they don’t speak to one another. Michael was present on her last court date where she was sentenced to jail and could be heard calling out to her, “I love you, Lindsay,” as she was taken into custody.


DMX: Darkman co-starred with action expert Seagal in 2001's Exit Wounds. X played a big-time drug dealer firmly set in Seagal's police officer character's sights.

LiLo: Lohan and Seagal both appear in Robert Rodriguez's exploitation throwback Machete, in theaters September 3. While she plays against type as a gun-toting nun, Seagal does what he does best,  which is, of course, kick ass (though with a samurai sword for a change of pace).