• vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    her body is the truth everything else is *kanye shrug*

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  • Vegeta

    No ass pics = No bueno.

  • Sha

    I see girls that work for the POST OFFICE that are hotter than this chick.

  • A.K.

    What kind of wack ass pics are these? Her body is nice tho, but these pics are wack.

  • Jayshun

    She fine as hell, not like those others that got they ass all up in the air. she look classy but sexy same time.

    • Dula

      i agree very conservative

  • Dro


  • FG

    That’s wifey right there

  • Kaysle

    That’s XXL… no “ghettoness” here

  • B

    I want this one…

  • dat nig

    Hell yea

  • Moving Sideways

    Her face looks she’s got either a bunch of bee stings, or the mumps.

  • At dem

    She looks better than the rest

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    She look like a chick I’d date back in high school. Got a nice body, but the face is buttery.

    Ever since I seen that Allain Victoria chick, I ain’t seen nothing better yet (well, other than Tahiry anyway).

    • qp

      I thank whoever casted Allain in that Shutterbug video.

  • What

    This dumb bitch aint even naked this a waste of my time bitch ass niggas

    • More

      Why she gotta be naked? So rats like you can make love to their hand? Wrong website idiat!!!!!! You right about the ”Bitch ass nigga” part…lol yes you are


        this fuck nigga “More” is all da way homo if he like his bitches wearin clothes. nigga what part of da game is that? why u got emotions fagget? u supose to treat em like hoes that what they is fuck nigga

        • TAN


  • LP

    She cute… Bangin’ body

  • LatinaG

    She hot… Saying this as a straight girl

  • Mart3

    Feeling this one… holla

  • ???

    Ain’t always bout ass… she got a cute face

  • P

    Dang!!!!!!! those hips

  • 55

    Ohhok she keeping her clothes on? Im feeling that shit

  • Devi Gargon

    Thats wifey material right there. Face is cute a hell. But xxl your killing me. 43 around the bottom and I cant see it!!!! The pic in the black one piece, just makes you wonder!

  • northern touch

    nice, definetly wifey type and cute face

  • jeeziss

    this whore is dumb as hell what a cunt

  • god damn


  • DaJournalist

    Super BOOOOOOO. On this one. She got some big ass knees and jowls to match. This is NOT XXL feature worthy. how you gonna follow up Tahiry with THIS? No way. It looks like she’s got hips, no ass. I agree with the other poster, I’ve seen beezos at the post office hotter than this.

    • lol

      dis hoe ugly as shit but yo that skank tahiry wuz ugly as shit to. quit fakin like she anythign otha than hideus.

  • Coupe

    she’s beautiful, just need a better photographer

  • What cuz!

    She nothing to go crazy about & her photo guy was wack!
    Not cup of cognac!

  • Gotta Wonder

    I disagree with the Trey Songz idea. But she’s beautiful, got them goodies. Fuck trey Songz gay ass nigga, how he gon diss R.Kelly, Piped piper of R&B. Shit R.Kelly was making His Mama get wet. If it wasn’t R.Kelly nigga wouldn’t be here. Literally, cause I’m sure that’s what pops was playing when he nutted his gay ass out. Peace!

  • Face Phoenix

    Nothing Special Here – M.

  • D.White

    You couldn’t design or imagine a better body, soft curves, hips, small waist, nice ta’s. The way a woman should be built, BUT her face is not easy to look at. No disrespect Miss, just opinion.

  • http://www.candidbackshots.com Candid BACKshotS

    this doesnt really do it for me….and thats coming from a guy who wuld pretty much hump anything with a warm hole. guttaman

    candidBACKshots . com

  • Uncle B

    A little too heavy for me.

  • http://www.myspace.com/makameal Koolboi Slim

    Ah! well check out http://www.myspace.com/makameal and get it started with my Space funk bring the ol’ school back track with the bus stop! And all my latest material on this page. Beauitful you are BabyGirl! Stay Kool!

  • cee


  • pepee

    I seen her at a party.. she got body but her face.. not easy on the eyes… either was them teeth.


    shes gorgeous, id scoop her in a heartbeat

  • kay

    i just had to big up the Canadian women!! Go Girl!! XXL are you ready for the next best thing from t.dot? MOI :)

  • joseph

    Tu es vraiment tres belle, je savais pas qu’il y avait des beautés pareille à montreal

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