WATCH NOW: Charles Hamilton Gives Live UStream Interview

XXL’s new weekly Ustream series, Channel Live, will be returning to the magazine offices today at 4 p.m. EST with former Interscope signee Charles Hamilton.

Sonic the Hamilton will be following Shyne’s eventful broadcast last week, where the departed rap star took over XXL’s UStream account, live from Belize, to connect with DJs and industry insiders during a conference call [watch here]. As previously reported, Shyne’s rival, 50 Cent phoned in and tried to disrupt the conversation. [Watch here]

Stay tuned as Hamilton’s interview will air simultaneously on both and our UStream page on in 30 minutes NOW! —XXL Staff

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  • Devante’

    My nig C Ham, im definitely tuning in for that. Dude done been through alot and now things seems to be turning for hin just a lil bit. #StarChaser

  • $yk

    Yo Anslem, Matt, Rob, SOMEBODY….FIX THIS CSS SH^T YO…

    • Anslem

      Yo Syk,

      If you’re on Safari just reset Safari and you SHOULD be straight in viewing right. If not, we still working on it for a universal fix…

  • Storm

    Can’t wait!!! That new album he dropped today is dope!!!

  • toni

    safari, firefox… doesnt work.

  • Fireforreal

    Charle will murder most rappers who have dropped in the last 5 or 6 years. He’s nice with the lyrics but being on interscope I guess Jimmy Ivoine didn’t think him maybe reaching gold would be worth the time. Interscope only runs off of that Black eyed peas/Eminem money.

  • c ham is gay

    yo this weal minded ass cry baby homo of a fag.i cant stand this dude.he checks into a insane asylum cus he so much of a girl he cant handle the stress of the rap game,fag.then uses it to try and get a buzz.

    he seems like a weird ass dude the type of cat that gets knocked out at house partys.

    or beat up at school.whuts good wit all this pink shit ontop off that. then he gets the piss pinched out of him by a girl.

    he had balls to go at serious jones i respect that.

    but come on i could even let the fact that a girl slaped the shit out of you cuz you was being a bitch,i could let that slide

    but yo you check yourself in a crazy bin cuz you cant be a man and handle the stress of the rap game,gAY

  • gkid12345

    Can’t wait for this live stream, Charles Hamilton is the God of music and I have a strong feeling I know what his announcements will be. Anyone who doesn’t like him then why are you rushing to click on an article about him? Any rapper that calls in to harass him will be dealt with accordingly.

    • gkid1234569 is a super fag

      yeah we real scared of you and the pink homo.whut youl going to do try hit us wit boxes of girl scout cookies

      c ham is going to anounce that he is the gay rapper

  • gkid12345

    Ok itscorpy aka HOMO.

  • Bellamy

    damn he really going through it, health comes first i never liked you that much but the shit he going thru aint no joke

  • mrsplattv

    charles had potential to be another mainstream artist with talent but his topic selection was very spotty….check my site out on asap people