6 Rappers That Should Remake These 5 Movie

Keith Murray as “Tommy” in Goodfellas
Let’s be clear with this one: we’d be perfectly content without a Goodfellas remake. What’s perfect should remain untouched, and Martin Scorcese’s truly gangsta gangster flick is an expert’s class in filmmaking from scene one to end credits. But after seeing Keith Murray’s recent on-camera spaz-out that surfaced online, we couldn’t get past visions of Joe Pesci’s combustible character in the 1990 masterwork. In said Internet clip, Murray, looking quite loose of screws, goes off on how he once fought Tupac Shakur and how he smashed a bottle over Dame Dash’s head. Maybe Dash questioned Murray about an unpaid tab…

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  • http://www.twitter.com/decapitatah Decapitatah

    WOW…No Comment

  • CarpeDiem

    as a serious film fan and maker over the years, I will forgive XXl for this pathetic piece.

  • Sha

    I’m feeling this one (sans Samuel Jackson)…..

    If you can act, then get it on nigga. But if your obvious motivation is to say that you did a movie (Dr. Dre) or you simply wanted to make a quick buck (Master P), then you need to audition and get that rejection letter just like everyone else.

    Some MCs have obvious skills (Mos Def, Will Smith, T.I.) and they are seriously earning their keep. But for the others? I’m like Samuel Jackson on that one.

    “Rappers, eat a dick!”

  • Quills Jones

    Yo real talk they should remake Juice and let Lil Wayne play Bishop!!!

    • swype-matic

      And they should have Mos Def play Q and drop his ass off a building again

  • Quills Jones

    Yo real talk they should remake Juice and let Lil Wayne play Bishop

  • Q461

    most rappers can’t legimately act…only a few real talents come to mind

    ice cube
    will smith
    queen latifah
    mos def
    common (decent)
    rza (decent)

    alot of cats are good for a quick cameo, but not all rappers can act.

    lol I would put Curren$y and Wiz in a Cheech and Chong joint or somethin… How High part 2 lol

    • jay

      the game is awsome in waist deep with tyrece gibson? and i think he ios in street kings aswell ?

  • Dub

    Alot of ppl sleep on Mos, he was incredible in Something the Lord Made and 16 Blocks… He’s gonna win an Oscar one day bet that. TI’s cool at acting, but he need to calm down a little. He puts his rap swag in his roles and sometimes all that ain’t called for.

  • Anonymous

    Y’all forgot Andre 3000