10 Rapper I.O.U.’s – A History of Hip-Hop’s IRS Woes

For all of the money-focused bragging and boasting that hip-hoppers spit in song or speak in interviews, cash continues to rule everything around many. The latest artist to see his suspect financial dealings become public record is Young Buck, whose home in Hendersonville, Tennessee, was raided Tuesday (August 3) by armed Internal Revenue Service agents. With shotguns in hands, the IRS representatives entered Buck’s crib and seized jewelry, furniture, platinum plaques and recording equipment due to the former G-Unit member’s delinquent $300,000 tax bill. He was, however, able to keep the house and a car.

Though it’ll provide little comfort, Buck should realize that he’s in good company when it comes to hip-hop heads who’ve tested the mighty arm of the IRS and, unsurprisingly, lost. XXL takes a trip down memory lane to show Buck just to whom he can now relate.

Amount Owed: $2.5 million
Reason: Unpaid federal taxes from 2006 and 2007
Result: There are yet to be reports that Nas has settled his debt with the IRS. And with the monthly child support that he was ordered to pay to Kelis shortly before the IRS came calling in late 2009, the Queensbridge MC’s wallet has been on constant attack.


Amount Owed: Over $2.5 million
Reason: Federal taxes
Result: In 2002, the IRS seized his belonging including furniture and cars. Money Is a thang, apparently.

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  • M. Baby!

    I went with MC Hammer. Come on, the price he had to pay back then was crucial. Plus times have changed. Hammer was selling out world wide and didn’t have anything to show for it. These other artist on here are good, but they weren’t on a level like Hammer was.

  • Name Not Necessary.

    Who really gives a fuck, like
    all XXL does everyday is drop a new poll, credibility at this mag and site is dropping dramatically.

  • El Tico Loco

    Guess Method Man didn’t make the cut huh?

  • beaver

    nasss is fucked man..

  • Q461

    Dame Dash….Method Man….

  • http://xxl yeah

    honestly all i gotta say is
    one day if it were to happen to yu,
    n it goes all over the net,
    how yu gon be thinkin?

    each is own, we dont need to get in each of these individuals personnal/financial situations,
    all we/us need to do is comment on the product which is the muzik,


  • that nigga

    Yeah, this is gay….but that “Young Buck: Straight Outta Cash”(ville)…shit was kinda funny.

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  • http://4channelamplifier.com 4 channel amplifier

    I totally agree with you on that one….

  • guy

    the IRS has armed agents? the fucking IRS? the gov. is organized crime