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Aaron “Tech N9ne” Yates has consistently been one of hip-hop’s most successful artists over the last decade, yet casual rap heads wouldn’t even know it. For those who rely on radio and video outlets for their musical education, Tech N9ne and his Strange Music record label are mysteries. The Kansas City, Missouri native’s die-hard, and niche, following knows the deal, though; with lyrical dexterity and a diverse ear for beats (sounds ranging from Southern bounce to aggressive rock), Tech’s music and one-of-a-kind live performances have earned the veteran underground infamy.

This years marks the 10-year anniversary of Strange Music, the hugely successful independent label started by Tech and his business partner, and SM CEO/President, Travis O’Guin. The former acts as both the company’s flagship artist and vice president. Together, Tech and O’Guin have built the brand into a $15-million-a-year earning, 200-plus shows-for-every-12-months performing powerhouse. Its fan base, largely comprised of White kids with no qualms admitting to their minimal rap love outside of SM, is an anomaly, much like Strange Music as a whole. But that’s what make the company and its music so special.

On July 27, Tech N9ne’s third “collabos” project, The Gates Mixed Plate, will hit stores, complete with guest shots from his labelmates (Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob), as well as Glasses Malone and Jay Rock. XXL spent some time in Kansas City recently for an in-depth feature, included in the fresh-on-stands July/August 2010 issue. As we celebrate the Indie Kings throughout this week, here’s outtakes from our sitdown for that feature, where Tech discusses his place in hip-hop and why folks such as Asher Roth and Clipse want to be down.

A lot of people tend to sleep on it for so long, but it’s such good, pure, accessible hip-hop music. Why do you think that is?

Tech N9ne: That’s crazy. If you’d seen it on television constantly or heard it on the radio… if Ebro and them were playing it on Hot 97, you know, like, “Tech N9ne is dope! Oh ,shit, Tech N9ne did something with Red Café!” If I had those features… It’s a weird thing to see it happening under everybody’s nose. At first, I used to have a chip on my shoulder, like, “Muthafuckas don’t know that I’m hard!” As I’ve gotten older, though, I’m now like, “I’m building this shit up to something massive.”

When did you realize that?

Tech N9ne: I started seeing my crowds grow from seven people to 7,000, from 7,000 to 15,000, from 15,000 to 20,000, to 60,000 over in Denmark. I started seeing it, and I’m still seeing it everyday. What really fucked me up, though, was my first time in Amsterdam last year. Sold-out show, somewhere around the Red Light District. I’m sitting backstage, and I just heard the whole place going “KC-MO…OHHH!” That’s our chant. They did it for like five minutes straight. I’m like, “I can’t believe this is my muthafuckin’ job.”

Your fans are, and this is a compliment, rabid. Does it bug you out how intense Strange Music fans are?

Tech N9ne: See, the crazy thing about me, man, I feel like I’m a normal guy. But, maybe I’m a little abnormal when it comes to talent or something. But I feel l can just go to a show with a female, or I can just go to the club. It reminds me, when people are behind me singing the songs in my ear, and when I come out everybody’s waiting out there for autographs and shit. So the security has to take me up under the mall to get out. Shit like that. I’m like, “Damn, how am I Michael Jackson already and I’m not on TV?” It blows my mind, man. Once again, I just write my life. Jim Carrey, when he was The Riddler in [Batman Forever], and he got like $25 million, was doing an interview and they asked him something like, “Were you surprised when they called you and offered you all this money?” He was like, “No. I’ve been planning this all my life.” That’s how I feel.

The majority of your fans come from outside of hip-hop. Do you ever consider ways to win over the traditional hip-hop heads?

Tech N9ne: I will not change what I am for no amount of money or just kudos for my peers. I do music. It shouldn’t matter if I really love Slipknot and System of a Down, or that I sing [Lynyrd Skynyrd’s] “Freebird” because it’s one of my favorite songs that I’ll sing to a bitch. I have all this success, yes, but I really want my people back, because I feel like what they’re missing is the greatest show on Earth. I can say that being the clown. Like Geto Boys say, “We ain’t kissin’ no muthafuckin’ ass to be accepted.” But I want my people back, and they’re finding out slowly but surely. If it’s gonna take MTV to come on here, which they did when they started playing “Leave Me Alone” [last year] and everybody’s like, “I saw your video on MTV Jams!” And I’m saying, “Yeah, me too, finally.” Or, I saw you on BET being a judge on 106 & Park Freestyle Fridays; I’m like, “Yeah, they don’t know I’m gonna be sittin’ up on the couch real soon.”

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  • Bromotion


    • BIG EAZY

      I’m from K.C. and I’ve lived in the Atl., now reside in Cali, partied Chicago, Dallas, Florida, the Birmingham, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, and Denver. All that I heard bang’in in those cities were Tech. I’m just say’in…. Who’s the king? This brotha is not only nationally known, but he’s internationally known. Be mad if you want to! Stop crying and collab punk and get money too. The hate is why you ain’t on MTV or 106 and Park or the #1 independent artist in the country. Now, put that in your pipe and smoke or grab your chicken and choke it, PUNK!

    • W

      T9 is a cool artist, but he aint hit mainstream because he is so stuck on his cirlce of SM artist that sound ust like HIM. No disrespect bro bro because yall doing yalls thing, hands down you making a gang of noise, think outside the box a lil bit . Show love to ya home town, its alot of hungry humble soldiers in K.C. that could probably create a different avenue for the SM click if you allow yourself to think outside of the box, I know alot of the artist in K.C. can be hard to handle because they are not used to anything other than whats on the block but thats why you would have to choose wisely. You doing fine though, be greatful for what you got because alot of artist are facing a struggle in your city & they waiting on you to make a move. You have the fans but think about this, there is power in numbers, you could have the whole city on LOCK.

      • smittycal

        I feel ya man..but thats what the Gates Mixed Plate and the other Collabs CD were about. Listen to that album and you here a WHOLE lot of KC on there. Shoot the skits are the DJ’s on 103.3!! I want to see a lot more artists from KC shine and the midwest in general..but they cant wait for no handout from Tech or no one else. They gotta get it for themselves. Once they start making noise then Tech and everyone else will look there way man.

        Im glad he put on who he did..and my hommie for Topeka Ks, Bizzy did his thing on there two. Tech gonna be the trailblazer for the WHOLE midwest…watch and see!

  • Lisa Necessary

    KRS said it best Tech is the truth! Stop sleepin on him and get wit it!

  • grayhat

    way to go tech. screw the mainstream.

    • 187 Proof

      Yo. Don’t hate on Tech. He AIN’T goin mainstream if thats what you mean. The Mainstream is goin Tech.

      • Sikk

        Homie He Aint HAtin. Hes Sayin “Way To Go” And “screw The Industry” Not Sayin Like The Way To Go Is The Undustry

  • Scorpio

    I flew out to Chicago from the UK just to see him and other artists on the SM label in June and it was worth every penny, Imma do it again on their next tour as well, if this ain’t saying anything about the quality of music and live performances coming out of Strange Music, I don’t know what else to say. Meeting all of them as well, dude’s are mad humble and have enough love for the fans, they can only get bigger, they deserve everything they get.

  • Danish Viking

    Much love from all the technicians in Denmark !
    Had a time of my life @ Roskilde, but we’re a lot of people that hope to be seing you more in Denmark in the future!

  • KJ

    Tech N9ne A Beast On The Damn Mic, He Will Destroy. Tech N9ne All Dayy All Night.

  • chuck

    lol tech been killin shyt.. suck it eazy

  • Anonymous

    awsome. do your thing Tech. HOLDN IT DOWN FOR K.C.

  • Yeahh

    Tech n9ne for president!

  • Bones

    TECH N9999NNNEEEEEEEE. Best rapper in the game

  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah my nigga! RDV.!

  • Fredxday

    Loving it tech. god bless you and everything you do. and if you are reading this. you need to come to grand rapids again your next time back around Michigan! holler!

  • scooby

    Love that answer on the last question just awesome period…Sending my love Tech! Can’t wait to see ya at a live show!!!! <3

  • djvanilla

    Kansas City King.

    • he a weirdo

      Rich the Factor the King of Kansas City on this rap shit, period!!!! You slide thru any place where its black people you Wont Hear not one Tech song comin out no speakers, period!!! Fuck this whiteboy ass nigga, niggas aint fuckn wit a nigga with all those Whiteboys ass gimmicks, only time we see his shows is when he come with other, niggas we like. Believe me im speakn for alot of ppl in KCMO!!!! On Bloods!!!

      • kc mo vet

        rich is good but im tired of all this white boy shit everyone is talkn bout mutha fuka it aint bout race you stupid fuck … hes just rapin like he always has since way back with the nuthowse and before.. tech is on some other type shit .. not just bout grittin and grindin… ive always likd rich and say wut up to him in the club but he has been rapin bout the sam shit for ever

        • he a weirdo

          Nigga suck a dick, you ask this nigga how many niggas fuck with him. Didnt you hear the gandy say HE want his people back!!! You fuckn lolly, niggas cant even get past his packaging to hear whaat he gotta say. Its whiteboy shit plain an simple and you a stupid fuck that aint get it!!!Writin stupid shit on his head, weave and shit, Nigga you and erybody in the town know who run it on the rap shit RICH!!!! How come you suckn his dick for RAPPIN The Same way he always Rap, but hatin on Rich for do what he been doin, ole Gilligan ass nigga!!!! Niggas cant relate to him!!!! ON BLOODS!!!

        • Jason Carver

          I dont know why everybody tripping off tech, when copied the ICP instead of just drawing on his forhead. Feeds off of Juggalo crowds for his own fan base. He stole the “face” from a rapper named King $olomon in 1998-99 (Wild Child FX) I got the cd to prove it. The shit was everywhere before Anghellic came out. Totally even sings “wild child” in Psycho Bitch just like the King Solomon guy!!! And he bit his style from Twista..this dude doesn’t have an original bone in his body. All he has is big money behind him clearly anybody could be Tech N9ne with money behind them.

        • he a wierdo

          ^^^^^^^^Somebody else knows!!!!!! Tell these niggas Jason.

        • stating facts

          ur full of shit bitch.. wild child fx was released september 2000 while anghellic was released in 1999..king soloman looks more like coolio wit dat hair..n he was doin da face paint thang before he knew who juggalos were n twista have diff styles. tech is more of a percussionist twista jus jabbers. all i can say for u Jason Carver is u fail and so does dat bitch he a weirdo

      • Psycho B

        replying to “hes a weirdo” somebody shut this fag up! i guess this dude is so hot he has nothn else to do except leave some long lame ass comment about someone else…. sittn behind a computer screen huh…..shut it up u bootsy blood….im on the Q and u hear 9 all the time……ITS TO LATE HATERS… THE WORLD HAS EMBRACED THE 9…IF U AINT GOT IT BY NOW U NEVER WILL….THE STARS ARE SHINING FOR HIM!

        • like i said He A

          “im on the Q” You almost said that like its meant you survining some real shit!!! You did it for me!!!!!! Psycho B huh?

        • he a weirdo

          Plus you country boys dont count in this anyway!!!!!! Nerds

      • MiSZ N9NE

        He a werido this is for you you needa get off all that bullshit beside ever fuckin sucessful person lies a pack of haters like yourself! Tell tech something he dont know already HAHA FUCKIN HATERS THESE DAYS! FUNNY… YOU WANNA HATE TAKE THAT SHIT ELSE WHERE! REAL MOTHA FUKN TECH FANS UP IN THIS BITCH BE GONE WITH THAT SHIT ;]

        • he a weirdo

          B@#$%H get off your knees before you talk to me,cum guzzler!!!!! You must be a Pink Toe, aint nobody Fuckin with this clown in the places he from(hood niggas) ask him about it!!!!!

        • Greedy1

          Weirdo you a bitch get off the block open your mind and get right, this shit has nothing to do wit race. Tech is doing him, you wanna them follower niggas who think selling dope, going to jail, and killing your own people is whats up! It’s easy to follow but so hard to be yourself, big up Tech fuck these niggas.

  • Anonymous

    it tech n9ne and eminem thats all hip hop has left. STRANGE MUSIC!

  • Scoob

    yea my nigga tech killing this rap game Tech N9ne is the shit my nigga

  • Infamous

    Im making a name up outside your mainstream – Tech N9ne

    Yeah the best rapper alive fuck wayne kill yo self if you aint down with Tech N9ne & Strange

  • Eric

    Tech N9ne is the best to ever do it. “from the stage show, to rockin the mic”. Throw in the most versatile artist of all time Krizz Kaliko and you’ve got the recipe for the best music being made right now. Not to forget the genius that is Bloody Kutty Cal, spiderman the ripgut cannibal Brotha Lynch, the big homie from the show-me Scooby and the rest! Show nothing but love!

  • MzTamiami

    Tech N9ne is THE BEST rapper and performer that I’ve seen since the 80′s when rap groups toured together. I’m 36 – so I know hip-hop the old and new. Tech is a beast and I respect his craft, his messages, and his honesty. If you ain’t hip to tha dude and the STRANGE MUSIC family – get hip cause if this rap controlled by tv and radio is ya “thang” – your musical lust is on life support….

  • Fat Jono

    The World is yours for the taking Tech , Go Get it brother

  • Doughty

    TECH N99999999NE!! Showing some love from the UK

  • http://facebook juggallo steve

    yea tech is da shit i first saw tech 9 on the wicked wonka tour with icp bone thugs in kmk hes goes the boundries other artist wont touch in his music about his life in he got mad luv for us juggallos in down with the thnk insane clown posse for giving us tech mainstream cant handle tech mcl


    yo tech u the shit homie…stay up and keep making that killer ass sound dude…one love.

  • babygirlz

    We love you Tech! You rap like no other



  • fr2estyle of oceanz ent

    i say it all the time ill put tech n9ne against anyone in the industry he issssss the bessstttttttt cop killer album k.o.d sickoligy or anyone at strange music krizz. bigg scoob,cutt kalhoun and my boy brother lynch hung congrats from the whole OCEANZ ENT crew



  • angel

    I think Tech just scares all those other pussies in the rap game…… Why didn’t they call him? Cuz they were afraid he would take over, that’s why!!!
    Keep shining!

  • Jessica

    I fuckin’ love Tech. He never disappoints. <3

  • loveless

    The first time I heard ‘Cursed’ I had chills. The first time I heard ‘this ring’ I had chills. Pretty much everytime I hear a Tech song I get shivers up and down my spine…
    Thanks N9ne!

  • Jay

    KC is on the map!! Keep up the good work and forget about the rest. Your music is different and thats why we LOVE it!! Keep shinin Tech N9NE!!

  • Chris

    It seems I always miss you in concert like in San Diego last month I had to head home to Houston the day you came. But Im sure with your growing popularity my day will come. Your the fucking shit keep it up and never change for no one!!!

  • Chris

    It seems I always miss you in concert like in San Diego last month I had to head home to Houston the day you came. But Im sure with your growing popularity my day will come. Your the fucking shit keep it up and never change for no one!!!

  • jamieann420

    I’m super excited for July 27th!!.. already have my copy of the album preordered!! have for about a month now!! we love you, Tech!<3

  • joebabba

    Your the man tech keep on keepin on bro!!! finally someone who appeals to everybody and still keeps that underground mentality!!!

  • Thick and Juicy

    TECH N9NE!! SEXY!!!

  • paddybee

    Tech N9ne is awesome, only heard his killer album about 6 months ago, and been hunting down the rest since then!!

  • B.L.A.Z.E.

    Tech n9ne!
    The Most Influential Rapper since Tupac.

    Mainstream-In Progress.
    The World-In progress.

  • Isak

    Tech n9ne is the shitt. saw him live in a swedish festival called peace and love and it was one of the best shows i have ever seen!

  • On Time Production

    Hell yeah. I’ve been to countless tech shows here in KC. It never has and will never get old. His shows are organized and full of so much energy. Easily the best Rap concerts I’ve ever been too. Most rap shows… its just a bunch of dudes on the mic at the same time… Tech, wit Kutt and Kriz is perfection. They feed off each other and the crowd. The energy in his shows remind me of metal shows like Drowning Pool, System, and others. Tech’s easily the greatest rapper alive. Keep it up man.. Mainstream has no choice but to jump on ship or get left behind.

    • Jeff

      couldnt have said it better myself

  • udm

    yo tech n9ne is awesome, also:

    tech n9ne: What really fucked me up, though, was my first time in Amsterdam last year. Sold-out show, somewhere around the Red Light District.

    !!!!! it was so awesome

  • McG

    Well deserved and so overdue. Much respect XXL for having the balls to give credit where its deserved. Straaaaange!

  • Jimmy_Fatass

    Man It’s crazy how tech started out somewhat small and just expanded into the superpower that he is now. I remember the calm before the storm and the worst when they first dropped thinking man he’s better than anything on the radio now look at tech 10 years later he’s got bank, started his own label and is finally getting noticed by the industry. More power to you tech and hope to see you in texas some day.

  • gmrgrl420

    tech… we love you!!!! we don’t give a shit what the rest of the world thinks!!! TECHNICIANS!!

  • MiSZ N9NE


  • B.A

    tech n9ne is the shit. no doubt about it. no other rapper can compare to his music. hes different and doesnt rap about the same old shit every other fucking rapper raps about. tech n9nes music will be listened to in long log times from now. generations after generations. tech n9ne forever baby!!


    Florida needs u Tech!!!!!

  • Jeff

    Techn9ne could very well be the best artist to ever live. From his stage show to his lyrical talent. I dont think there is anybody with a more diverse fanbase either. You go to a techn9ne show and u gonna see juggalos, metal heads, gangsters, moms, i mean, where else are u gonna get all those people in one room? Tech, keep doin what u do, and u know we got your back %100. TECHN9NE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • W. J. Rice

    Finally getting his shine. I’ve been listening to Tech since the Gang Related Soundtrack.

  • Fasciotti

    im want the 27th here now O.G. is bad ass i no the entire album will be im goin to independence mo tech u gotta c my motorcycle i got the stange music logo on it its the shit!

  • dre

    tech your music is keeping hip hop alive.,,u better be out tourin wit a cane my nigga!! TECH N9NE!!!

  • 2muchanime305

    It’s another one!

    Tech, this is long overdue. You truly deserve this.

    Keep Postin PPL

    Tech…Come Back 2 Florida!!!!

  • King JC

    The Realest One Out There.. Midwest Stand UP!!!

  • nycole b

    ive loved tech and the whole SM crew for 8yrs since i was 14!! I used to go to every show in the kcmo or Ltown… i think in all 8 yrs ive missed 6shows, true die hard fan… its amazing to see how hes grown, people used to think i was wierd or would call me “white girl” cuz i would listen to his music and im black. Its crazy to see how hes grown and hearing them same people bumpin his music and walkin around say a. yates, wen nobody used to kno who even tech was… his shows used to be so small and personal maybe 200 tops at the Granasty (Granada) and he would invite all the ladies on the stage to dance wit, that was always my favorite part, and now hes got security gaurds so hard u can barely get a handshake!!! I love to see a man that is sooo true to himself gets appreciated for doin him!! Tech keep doin u, and ill keep watchin u do u!!! Tell Kutty i love his sexy ass and Raw and unkutt goes so fuckin hard!!! =) & dont stop till u make the *planet rock*!!! much love from the 785

  • Anonymous

    Hey whats wrong with white kids? haha. But seriously Tech appeals to everyone that is why. He’s the best of the best, Stranged out till I die in dis bitch.

  • Anonymous

    its about time people start recongnizing that tech is a world wide phenom from kc… and i give mad props to stayin true and not changin for shit… if you catch him and his crew kikn it at djs he’ll slap hands with you and be respectful

    • kc mo vet

      thats my comment just forgot to put the name.. tech is the kc king … you dont see rich doin it like tech!!!!!techs legit not rapin bout grittin grindin shit .. thats for street level cats that dont grow up

      • Square as a Box Chevy

        You must be a one of them half & half niggas, you never stop needn money out here, if your Grown Up ass is working or hustlin you fuckn nerd!!!! But what you dont need is a goofball as nigga like your mans NINA style biting ass!!! Just tell the truth you a stay on the porch ass nigga, that scared to get money!!!! Gettin money is a Grown Man sport, But you a Vet, get the fuck outta here KCMO SQUARE!!!

  • JoHo

    I can say that Tech N9ne is the only artist that I will actually purchase his CD’s. Why? because I can listen to the whole shit, every day & love it more. The talent is raw, the beats are sick. There isn’t a bunch of bullshit ego in his words. Tech N9ne may not be mainstream on MTV, but that is why we all love it!

  • technician9

    Tech is the shit. O.G. is coming out soon so hopefully some more buzz will come from that for some of the other amazing artists at strange- that new kutt was great and krizz kaliko needs to be up there in the hip-hop ranks. Get everyone at strange paid. I really wanna see a kabosh album happen though…….

  • nycole b

    same here, i only buy sm cds! =)

  • MuckSpace

    Tech , you are the sickest ever brother . Much Love . 9 .

  • Anonymous

    There’s no comparison, Tech’s the best thing out. Strange doing big things.

  • ck

    tech n9ne is the man, mad props to you and what you do. i’m Strange Music for life

  • Eric

    Do what u do tech.. cauz thats what u good at.. keep it up and never look back.. much love and respect to the strange crew!!

  • MiCKEYz

    WE LOVE U !!

  • Mr. Trammel

    Strrrrrrrrange Music Bitch!

  • Martina

    Much Love and Respect to all the Strange artist..

    Strange Music is the shit. No others can compare!

  • rech’id


  • shanefromwisconsin

    I love Tech so much that when I have my babygirl someday her name is gonna be Aya Nina Mc Cullick, STRANGE MUSIC 4 LIFE

  • craigg


  • craigg

    hell fuckin yeah! its a beautiful thing when you see tech and strange music in XXL. ive been bangin his music sense the calm before the storm! tech is the only rapper that gets better with every ryme he drops. he is the deffinition of rap to me. no one can beat tech n9ne. hes the illest MC out right now! cant wait for you next two CDs teck. we got that 6699946993 CD and your next album “all 6′s and 7′s”> KEEP THAT SHIT COMIN. always remember home boi im with you 110% TECH TECH N9NE N9NE SHIT! IM LOVIN IT. STTTTRRRRRAAAAAANNNNGGGGGEEEEE

  • Pat

    TECH NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN !! Best Rapper Ever !! The Realest and The Illest Out there !! MUCH LOVE FROM GERMANY

  • Anonymous

    Strange music all day!!

  • JeremyZakrajsek

    Not only is tech one of the best in the game, he is THE best on stage. no questions

  • chris

    I wanna make a tech n9ne VIDEO GAME

  • reyna garza

    Tech is the best rapper DEAD OR ALIVE !!
    I feel sorry for anyone who isnt listening,there missing out !!! STRANGE MUSIC ALL DAY !!!

  • nword chris

    tech n9ne: BEST RAPPER ALIVE



  • stuckfresh

    I love you but fuck you is his best song hands down!

  • http://myspace Guido

    Tech your the shit been listenin since the calm before the storm im glad these motherfuckers finally get it

  • Ben

    Tech is the realist ever strange music represent and KCMO ROLLLLLL!!!! All day evry day baby ;)

  • Nick

    Best rapper alive, you have a song i can listen to for every mood im in. Idk how anyone could not like that.

  • tucan

    tech is tha shit keep doin what u doin b.

  • HeathenHavoc

    They need to by this man his own network (like Oprah is gonna get)…

    Strange TV… Covering music, news, events, interaction and give the fans a chance to put some shows together for your late night spots..

    that way: you can still do you, but the rest of the industry will have to come to your doorstep and ask for air time!!!

    Tech, Tech, N9ne, N9ne, Shit…. Im loving it!!!

  • Stina

    Tech, you’ve always been a riotmaker and always will be. It’s about time mainstream is starting to realize that. There’s nothing wrong with being a little “dysfunctional” :)

  • Ralf

    yo, tech is right, if hot 97 would be putting his music on blast, then all these so called hip hop heads would know him when I talk about him to them. I honestly think Tech N9ne has more talent in his pinky then most of the rappers hot 97 try to put on blast.

  • Sondre Frantzen

    I started listening to his music about a year ago.
    The first song I heard was ”Too much” and I just knew from that day that Tech N9ne was the illest MC ever!
    My biggest dream is to actually experience Tech live!
    I am a fan of Tech N9ne and strange music for life!


    When people ask me about Drake or Jeezy or whoever, whatever’s “popular” and so on, I dont know what they’re talking about or what to say, AND I’M GLAD!! All these years Tech hasnt been “mainstream” or “popular”, but if being popular means doing wahtever these wack ass rappers are going on TV and the radio now, I’m glad. KEEP IT STRANGE!!

    Tech, Kaliko, and Kutt put on the best live show I’ve ever been to. I’ve been back over and over and over again. Every time he comes to CO, I’m there. Love it.

  • Reddie

    Tecca Nina is the truth! People need to wake the fuck up and stop sleeping!

  • Relyk


  • Rusty

    Hell yah, glad to see Tech gettin some much love from XXL mag. Keep it up Tech

  • Andrew

    I am one of the white guys. I gots milk in my veins!

  • JJ

    XXL keep showin Tech and Strange Tech says “its spreading like a forrest fire”..Tech N9ne best muthafuckin rapper Strange Music best muthafuckin music label with some of the most talented rappers. Strange Music all day all night..


    TECH N9NE and the whole STRANGE CREW are the newest big deal in hip hop today. Not only have they taken over the indepentant underground game, but are now crossing over and are getting more props then all other indusrty rappers. watch them live, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Elizabeth

    Man Tech I know you miss your people but in my eyes (the fans eyes) We’ve loved you for a long time. I don’t think those mainstreet fags deseve you or your talent. I mean,what they wont get”you” till you become someone THEY can see. When we’ve been seein you all this time. We appriciate all the blood, sweat, and tears that it has taken to become The Real TechN9ne, without seein you on t.v. or hearing you on the radio. Please believe me when I say you got your people. The Real People.


  • Ambie

    caint wait to get my hands on the new album!! Tech never fails to deliver when he makes music. He truely is the BEST rapper alive! I wasnt into rap too much untill I started listenin to Tech and now thats pretty much all I bump anymore. I went to see the Strange Days Tour this year and took my boyfriend (he never got to see Tech live) I warned him that Tech was gonna rock his brain and that it was the most amazing stage show he would ever see… needless to say he is STILL talking bout how much that show ROCKED!!!! Tech N9ne has the most diehard fans around no one can deny it when you can hear the entire building singing along to all of his songs. WE LOVE YOU TECH!!!! keep up the hard work, it most deff pays off.

    The Real TECHN9NE Fans <3

  • the real Sykosis

    greatest rapper alive!


    Tech’s tracks keep me on that level, when I was on probation droppin’ yellow every week and couldn’t smoke it kept me on point to hear anything Strange. Still does. I got mad love for Strange, when I met Tech I was so nervous, but he snatched me up for a photo like he knew me his whole life. Sleep on what? Please, dedication like that can’t be slept on.

  • hackonthis420

    Tech is fuckin bad ass. I first saw him live 2 yrs ago at Pops in STL with KMK. He fuckin rocked balls. Glad he is finally gettin the respect he deserves. Keep it STRANGE man

  • Matt B

    Strange all day everyday!
    Article is sickwitit, you ARE the truth Tech…as KRS said.
    Keep doin the right things, long enough, consistenly…you got it.

    ~Juggalo & Tech9ician.

  • Pixiepoop420

    By far the best out there, and one of the coolest people you will ever mean. The whole crew is fucking amazing. From crosseyed to lil e to kutt and kali all the way to the beast himself, awesome people. Can’t wait for the next tour, have a blast overseas! Takin ovvaaahhh!

  • Thomas Smith

    i aint switchin up to mainstream only wut ur watchin is the mainstream go me

  • sandi-baby

    Come back to reno real soon tech cant wait to see u again baby! TECH N999NE

  • jonna

    Tech.. Loved you since 2002!! Keep it commin daddy!

  • woenow

    That go to show you dont need big labels behide you to get that money Tech9 aint all on tv like this other clowns and he still ballin(IN 2PACS VOCIE) hes a smart dude

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  • Fallen

    Keep on Keeping on, Tech!!!!!
    U my favorite Rappa, Chyeah…..

    • Fallen

      Tech, Midwest luvs U.
      Chicago luvs U.
      Just do whut U luv, & you’ll B alright!
      As long as U continue 2 spit ur flava, Immma keep on listening.
      Been down wit U since 2000.
      I never miss a Tech show in Chicago, Strange is always holding it down and keepin it treal wit da fans.
      See U @ da GOTJ Tech!
      Keep it Strange..
      Much luv

  • Anonymous

    I have all his albums and also follow Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Big Scoob and everyone on the Strange Music roster. Have gone to two shows and always come out with more than what I expected, he always puts on a good show.

  • Techology

    DWAMN!!!! illest rapper alive…Techs coming up in the world its up to his fans to get his name out there LETS GO!!!

  • kyeleigh

    I fuckin love TECH i cant believe its gottewn this big its beautiful im hella proud of ma nigga <3

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  • PzYcHoPaThJaY

    As hard as the come as real as the come TeCh n9Ne!!!

  • DMAK


  • Lane-Lu

    Tech N9ne is the best! He reigns supreme, will continue to be & has been the pinnacle in my eyes ever since my brother was made aware of him back in 2002, by a white boy, down in North Carolina! This random guy put him up on Tech. He heard him playing some of his home town, Detroit,Mi artist: Esham, Natas & I.C.P. He just knew my brother George would go Krazy once he got a ear full of *TECCA NINA!* He was right… *Instant Drug Needle To The Vain, lol** He made sure he called me to let me know I had to get up on me a, “Tech N9ne C.D.” I ended up with Anghellic & Absolute Power, which also came w/ a DVD… This combo started my eternal addiction for, the N9ne & The Strange Music Conglomerate! I always tell people, “From my 1st cds to the ones I have New, I Bang em‘ all like a never ending album.” Including: Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Brotha lynch Hung, Big Scoob, Cognito, Irv Da Phenom, They got D.J. Chill… & yeah, last but not least.. Michigan Love for, “Prozak” Not to mention Tech got songs in with D-12, Bizzare & KING GORDY, from Tha-D! {She Devil, Believer, Psycho & Horns.

    With songs like “This Ring“ capturing my heart, on top of that Tech spit real gangsta’ shit like:{“Real niggas that a kill you, listenin‘ ta Slip Knot! Got us bustin’ out of a red Impala, Niggas better call Africa Bambaataa, or Ja Yahweh Jesus then Allah, cause niggas gon whoop ya like a human piñata, Holla.. Im’ma give a nigga Necrosis I’m hopeless when I’m in you focus just know this my psychosis is the dopess and I‘m about to get my niggas back into rap, with they straps in they lap, 57 with the gat, hit me back.”}I could give tons of examples but bottom line… It’s like Tech say, Play his music, ‘Like he died.” People don’t ever appreciate what they have until it’s gone. I hope people wake-up before it’s all said and done it’s already been 10yrs. WTF..!!!!!!!!! How much time people need?

    I went to the Strange Days Tour, on 6-17-10… at Blondies… This was the 1st time I was able to see Tech N9ne live in all these years. I almost went to the Rock the Bells tour & he had a show here at Harpo’s I missed in 2009, I was taking care of my mom who had been diagnosed w/ severe Ovarian Cancer & had undergone a horrific surgery so the concerts were not at all an option for me. {This is partly why K.O.D. & My autographed copy of The Lost Scripts, mean so much to me!}

    I was honored when I saw Michael Jackson perform live, when I was 8 yrs old. As well as when I was invited on stage by Biggie Smalls, at 15 yrs old to watch him, Junior Maia & Lil Kim, do their thing! {R.I.P. Mike & Big.} But, I have never in my adult life seen a group of such talent, fun & perfection, as what I witnessed at the S.D. Tour! And I WAS V.I.P. :} I still rock one of my Tech chains everyday.. either the dog tag or My Tech n9ne piece, lol. & I just love my Tech N9ne shoe laces!


  • Rico

    Tech N9ne has a unique style, and his talent is unequaled. Can it be equaled ?
    Incredible rhyming pace, powerful sound, powerful message.
    The industry doesn’t like Tech N9ne because they can’t control him !
    Keep it up bro, we got your back, we always will.

  • Reign

    This is to “he a wierdo”.. Tech said it best.. “And the ones that try to hold us back aint been outside they culdesac”.. Tech N9ne.

    STRAND MUSIC represent all day, all night.

  • SKRIBBLA Tha Reaper

    459 Rekordz fully supports Tech N9ne and Strange Music TILL DEATH OR SURRENDER!! U R THA FUKN INDIE KINNNNNNNG!!!

  • MWC


    Coming from a born and raised Kansas Citian, you do us proud, ever since day one you have done the rap “game” justice without gettin into the politics or corporate bullshit.

    The sickest raps coming out of a lyrical genius! Glad to finally see you get recognition where recognition has been way over due.

    Shows are insane and your stage presence is demanding as it should be. Everyone that listens to your music feels it. When it hits you, its real, it makes you think, you makes you examine.

    Tech, you will forever keep it real, this we know. You have single handedly put KC on the map with your drive and determination.

    KC-MO OHHH!!!

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  • mongar9

    thats right tech go ahead and do you dont change for nothin or no one

  • Kali Baby

    I love Strange Music they know how to hold it down showing mad love to there fans. I never heard of any other artist that do what strange does for their fan, Keep in it strange.

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    a lot of the ‘mainstream’ rappers that hate him are the type of people who used to make me hate rap.

    you listen to all sorts of other musical genres, a higher amount of the fans are more diverse. I’m not saying there aren’t hip-hoppers who branch out to other musical forms and aren’t narrow minded. And there are plenty of metal fans who hate on rap.

    But on the average, mainstream/top 40 rap fans are some of the most narrow minded fans of any musical genres. They’ll try to act like they’re hard, and a number of the black mainstream rap fans talk shit about the ‘whiteboy shit’ music-wise, and then they get off on having all this nice whiteguy preppy ass namebrand clothing that your average ‘white’ metalhead would call sissy shit. the spiked collars look a lot more ‘thug’ than some high dollar Gucci garbage you buy to impress your bitch. lol. it’s just fuckin funny.

    metal is a different fucking attitude. a lot of mainstream rap fans won’t ever get it, because they’re too stuck on status quo image bullshit, while metal is about rebellion against that overrated shit.

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  • Anonymous

    one luv to all the KC rappers also please check out join the site and join the Kansas City Movement!

  • Anonymous

    Keep reppin the town tech, KCMO all day

  • faitol fai

    mane tech been killin it but his homeboys got fire for u for years big up to brotha lynch get that big scoob monsterifik
    “u be hanging with that snitching dude bet i dont”

  • Anghellicfaith4life

    Tech is the reallist not only for his raps but the man is down to earth and humble….you can never ask for a better idol then him. He does his own thing he keeps it real and he treats every fan like gold. Not to mention he built an empire that keeps growning, so i say May STRANGE MUSIC RAIN DOWN UPON EVERY ONE AND SHOWER THE EARTH WITH REAL MC JUICE SO THAT ALL THE SUCKA ARTESTS OUT THERE MAIGHT CATCH HIS FLOW!!!

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  • I Am KC

    Imma let all u hatin muthafuckaz know right now Tech N9ne is the undisputed King of Kansas City hands down. Only a sucka ass nigga would disagree. I’m from tha hood 4real in KC (Eastside 64127) I aint got a fake bone in my body. The only niggas that dont fuck with Tech in tha town is them square ass wanna be hood, wanna be tha best rapper on they block cuz they think they hard, pussy niggas who hide behind that “Rich is better than Tech” line cuz they think that’ll give em street cred, U niggas is lames. Everybody in that town fuck wit Tech, includin Rich the Factor. The only niggas that dont fuck wit Tech wanna BE Rich the Factor. Plain and Simple.

    • KcMo21

      i am kc is on point.. weirdo sayin black ppl dont wanna fuck with tech???? niggga u wack as fuck.. rich fell the fuck off like 8 years ago.. if black ppl/hood niggas dont fuck wit tech then tell me why ron ron, riv locc, the popper, cash image, d locc da chop, fat tone (r.i.p.) fuck wit him.. and those are just the kc niggas.. dont forget bout messy marv, brotha lynch, yukmout, c bo, krayzie bone, glasses malone, scarface, ice cube.. and ye nigga im from kc too.. and i hear hella ppl bangin tech’s shit.. from dime block to duece block to tra side the 40′s 51block the 60′s all the way down to 139th nigga.. prospect to paseo.. shut the fuck up wit that whiteboy shit u ignorant piece of shit.. if a white dude said i dont listen to rap thats black guy shit ud say he’s racist. so why do u get the right to say that bout white ppl?

  • zach

    kickin ass tech much love! im in kc right now caught u in lincoln ne your out this way next weekend wish i was still here I got my mixed plate!

  • whoopwhoop


    • RECK

      “Bet I Don’t” by Big Scoob from the album Monsterifik

  • fanatic black fan

    tech is the shit -i am a 49 year old black fan and i buy every thing tech puts out-tech comes from the heart-that stupid gangsta rap shit is dead-you got whie people walking around the hoods now gentrifing-the stories of rich the factor and other gangsta rappers are based on memories not what is actually taking place in their lives-tech raps about his life -you can sense that he is authentic.

  • RECK

    GREAT article.

    Much Respect to XXL for finally recognizing the GREATEST rapper Alive.

  • strange music is here

    Tech N9ne he has a following behind him. As long as he keeps doing it! Everyone will love it, if the y don’t they’ll have to! Yeah Tech N0ne

  • Kadoda