Strange Music, Most Known Unknown [Feature Story Excerpt]

Images by Ari Michelson

On a rather hot April afternoon in Lawrence, Kansas, Mother Nature’s heat is no match for the small army of eager fans waiting in line to shake hands with their favorite underground MC, Tech N9ne. The iconoclastic, Kansas City, Missouri–born vice president of Strange Music, a hugely successful independent Midwest rap label currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, soon struts in sporting an outfit of his traditional colors of black, red and white, with pitch-black wraparound sunglasses.

Five hours before showtime, the predominantly White group of about 30 Strange Music aficionados, all gripping V.I.P. passes, crowds into the lobby of Lawrence’s Liberty Hall, which doubles as a two-screen independent movie theater and a 1,050-capacity concert venue. Tech, the man of the hour, gets ready to pose for a picture with an excited fan. She’s just gotten her second Tech tat—it’s his name, and it’s inked on the back of her neck. Tech strikes a pose, pretending to lick the new art, as her male friend snaps a photo.

If she ever e-mails her new photo to Strange Music’s headquarters, in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, the pic will join the label’s ever-growing collection of over 3,600 snapshots of Strange Music–related body art (SM and Tech logos, Tech’s portrait, etc.) sent in by diehard fans.

Tech N9ne and his Strange Music cohorts aren’t exactly household names—hell, they aren’t even big hip-hop names. But the Kansas City–based company has carved one hell of a niche for itself out of the independent-music market. Rigorous touring (204 shows in 2009, 202 in 2008, 196 in 2007), a steady stream of album releases, incessant self-promotion and merchandising, plus close interaction with SM’s dedicated fans have set it apart from other indie outfits.

Onstage, Tecca Nina provides a theatrical balance of showmanship and lyrical wizardry, wearing his signature white face paint during every show, while roaring through 100-plus minutes of high-octane performance alongside his hype men, and fellow Strange Music artists, Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun. True friends to their fans, Tech and crew hold hour-long V.I.P. meet-and-greets before every show, for 30 to 300 fans, during which, for $99, prepurchased-pass wearers can take pictures, get autographs and talk with all of the Strange artists, as well as walk away with $200 worth of merchandise (posters, T-shirts, dog tags, CD samplers).

“I’m trying to be the hip-hop president,” says Tech (a.k.a. Aaron Yates), 38. “I’m gathering fans up under everybody’s nose… [We] understand that it’s a campaign. During a campaign, you have to get out there and touch the people. We’re not on TV and radio, so we have to find a way to touch these people, let them know that we’re real.”

As real as it gets, frankly. While the music industry as a whole continues to sweat bullets over shrinking profits, Strange Music has watched its finances steadily increase. Touring has generated large dividends. When ticket and merchandise sales are added up, SM’s concert intake ranges from $25,000 to $125,000 a night. Last year alone, the label pulled in just under $15 million, showing growth from the $11 million it earned in 2008. “We’re doing all this during the decline of the music business, along with catastrophic financial devastation of the markets and everything else,” says Strange Music CEO/President Travis O’Guin, 38. “And we’re having a ball. Somehow we’re recession-proof, and it freaks me out a little bit sometimes. But I’m confident that we have it figured out.”

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  • 2muchanime305


    Tech N9ne!!!! Congrats homie….you deserve this one.

    • fan

      ya much deserved respect for tha hardest working label. much love for salina , ks finaly getting your paper great too see. ill picc up da new shit. 2s

    • claude lolar

      tech is taking over the industry period blank and simple…..just move outthe way!

    • laurie castro

      Informative article. I think that the way the economy is, and all that has been happening in the U.S., we all needed someone like Tech, and Strange Music to show that with hard work, diligence and some hope, that a person can still go after the “American Dream”. His lyrics are so real they touch the hearts of his fans and by meeting us, and giving us the merchandise, it shows the appreciation that he has towards his fans. Everyone should have the “Tech N9ne Experience”. When you’re Strange…people come out of the rain! haha

    • trevor

      tech n9ne hellz yeah i been to all ya concerts this 1 was the best hell yeah hhomeie strange music boxx

  • big jus

    yeah tech u deserve this!!!! does any one know if they have any documentary’s about strange music??? i need some pointers on branding an indie label!!! they are very inspirational

    • Karla Schulz

      Yes, there are a couple documentaries about Tech. One called the Psychumentary and the other is T9X The Tech N9ne Experience. Tech is the greatest rapper alive. There is also Strictly Business, a live performance DVD. Enjoy

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  • Isai

    You, Eminem, and Chino XL vs. Slaughterhouse. Battle of the century

  • Anonymous

    congrats tech

  • “RT”

    Hell Yeah!…Aint Nobody Fucking With Strange Music!!!…Tech N9ne!!!

    • trevor

      hell no aint no one fuckin with him sTrAnGe MuSiC box mothha fucka and throw her in da trunk hell ya

  • Spid3r

    Congratulations Tech, I’m glad to see you’re getting some attention you deserve. SM is hot.

  • Bromotion


  • Brandon

    Much Love Tech. You been working Hard to deserve everything you have. Congrats to the whole Strange Fam.

    -Brandon M KS

  • aj

    damn tecca nina is the shit

    • trevor

      u do not eve know how to spell its tech n9ne and he is da shit

  • Panic Mane


  • Dawn Anderson

    I love u Tech! Saw u in Cleveland a month ago!!!

  • Scoob

    yea Tech N9ne number one independent rapper of all time next number one rapper in the fucking world

  • Dawn Anderson

    Lets get some love on here people!

    I love u Tech! Saw u in Cleveland a month ago!!!

  • Big Joe

    Strange Music all day.. You deserve this Tech.. You da man

  • J.Phatts

    Tech N9ne!!! Bout time homie, Kansas City all day goddamit!!!

  • Eric

    Hell yeah man! Tech N9ne is easily one of the best hip-hop artists out right now, you deserve the credit your finally getting man! The underground is no joke when it comes to trying to get known with no radio and TV help, because these people out here today only go with whats “cool” at the moment, well you got those very same people to listen without needing to brainwash them. Congrats man!

  • ComaBlack1969

    That’s right Tech, your showing the main stream that you’ve made it without their help!!

  • Em-Bee


  • Vitiate

    Mainstream musics nothin compared to Tech, I saw him live in Brooklyn and there is without a doubt no better stage show than the Strange music roster. Tech N9ne, one of the greatest who ever will be.

  • valdez

    we don’t listen to this shit in Baltimore, man. sorry.

    • Anonymous

      Then why comment ?

    • SkinnyPimp666

      Get fuck off ths page then

    • swype-matic

      Then get outta here and go back to listenin’ to B-Rich.

    • Tech9X

      Then why be on this website? go listen to ur gay ass soft shit.

    • tevor

      gett the hell off the page if u do not listen to his stuff its is all about tech N9NE baby

  • CoFoltman84

    Mainstream going Tech…Can’t wait for the Mixed Plate…

  • Techa4All

    Keep up the hard work Tech! See you in concert soon!

  • Shane Windham

    There isn’t another rapper out there right now who deserves this kind of attention. Every day I’m amazed by how many people still haven’t even caught wind of the greatest rapper of our time. Hopefully this article garners him the props he has earned album after killer album!


    FIRST IM GNNA SAY. no. tech is not a battle rapper. not close. so dont say stupid shit like tech and em and chino should battle slaughterhouse. NO tech is not a battle rapper. second
    this is a fucking great article. KEEP KILLIN TECH

  • Midwest_LOVE

    I love STRANGE MUSIC I live in a honkee ass town of 300 people and the bar has internet jukebox, and everytime I’m in there I flood these hillbilly’s ears with with the real shit. much love

  • Dylan Westrick

    Tech N9ne is the shizzz
    follow my on twitter @TheKidDdub

  • Infamous

    Tech N9ne finally getting recognition he deserves, i remember when he came to Indiana with a show with Ludacris,Chingy,Obie Trice etc and he blew the fucking roof off the bitch with just 4 songs,and he got more love then all 3 combines that night,tech you are a musical god to all who appriciate everything you do. You are the most humble human known to man, and you drop albums every year that the fans cant get enough of, everything from Anghellic to The Gates Mixed Plate, you are truly the best rapper out and strange music is the best lable in the world, Tech N9ne is the hardest working rapper out and he tours like no other you the man T9 seriously aint noone fucking with you or strange much love MIDWEST 4 LIFE

  • 1 Eyed J

    Big Ups to Tech N9ne


    Tech N9ne and all of Strange Music are the shit..they rock a show better than anyone else. GATE MIXED PLATE 7/27 BITCHES. GET THAT SHIT.

  • Black Bone

    #KeepItStrange #KeepItStrange #KeepItStrange #KeepItStrange #KeepItStrange #KeepItStrange #KeepItStrange #KeepItStrange #KeepItStrange all day all night

    have to come to Brazil!!

  • AJ

    Yo, the Industry is a little late, they slept on this one! Tech would fuck the Industry up if he wanted take that shit over.

  • Poorboy

    Bout time Strange and Tech gets reconized….

  • Tyler_TechFan

    This one goes out to Tech Nine! Keep up the good work and keep producing good shit!

  • Miss V


  • On Time Production

    Hell yeah, Tech N9ne’s the shit. Gratz man.

  • SICK1

    Tech N9ne > everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    i tell ya ive been down with techaround the ten year mark and it is just to much to believe that he is still (unknown)they know but there too afraid of playin it cause it blows all there bullshit out the water keep doin what you do tech cause your true fan base is always behind ya!!

  • Rechid


  • MattDub

    You watchin the mainstream go me!!! Big ups to Kutt! New album is RAW!!!


    Slow CLAP…..clap…clap..clap CONGRATS TECH WE MADE IT KANSAS CITY!!!

  • Anonymous

    From a dedicated tech fan your doors have been open for a minute and the world has known about TECH N9NE It’s about time THEY recognize the little guy that didn’t want to be part of a gay ass industry. Your one of the few artists i spend money on because your out here just like us trying to live not like them just trying to step on everybody.

  • Josh


  • corbin


  • corbin


  • Anonymous

    i’ll tell ya that ive been down with tech for around the ten year mark and for them to say that he’s (unknown)just dont add up hes known they just wont play it cause it blows all there bullshit out the water.Keep doin what you do tech cause your true fan base has always got your back bro!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats big homie, your making a way for us independents. I want to get signed to Strange Music mysealf. I’m working hard at it. Over a million plays and a solid fanbase. and my email is

  • Tommy

    DWWWWWAAMNNNN…. good job mang..

    tech n9ne = God of hip hop

  • Tommy

    DWWWWWAAMNNNN…. good job mang..

    tech n9ne = God of hip hop

  • Tommy

    DWWWWWAAMNNNN…. good job mang..

    tech n9ne = God of hip hop

  • SM4L

    Tech n9ne is the shit!!! I remember seeing him put it down for just a mere 50 or so people back in like 03 and he put the exact same level of energy into it as he does now for 3,000. good to see him get some shine!!

    • knoxx

      hell yeah!

  • B

    Not everything they put out is great, but as a business, Strange is the blueprint.

  • Fat Jono

    Go Get it Tech , the world is yours

  • F.A.I.T

    Congrats big homie, your making a way for us independents. I want to get signed to Strange Music mysealf. I’m working hard at it. Over a million plays and a solid fanbase. and my email is

  • Boba Fett

    Love 2 U Tech. The industry will always be punks and you will always be king. Keep kixin it. Can’t wait for OG!!!

  • Elizabeth


  • joshchrome

    strange the realest! along with duck down. cant no body touch them

  • jordan diets

    tech is the best rapper alive. PERIOD

    JD from AZ

  • dert

    Good read, more people need to check out tech.

  • Foster

    Best rapper alive.

  • Elizabeth


  • Jake

    The N9ne is the Michael Jackson of Hip-Hip!!! Not no 2-Pac, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, or Eminem….I know all of those kats have talent but Tech N9ne’s creativity with his lyrics is amazing…if you really study and listen to all of his music its Genius! Tech, Krizz and Kutty all DOMINATE the hip-hop game when its come’s to the stage and the studio.Why do you think that Dave Weiner and Violet Brown run with The N9NE. They are the ABSOLUTE GENIUS FEATURE PRESENTATION OF POWER! Number 1 fan in Victorville, CA 6688846993 TECH WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD WITH HIS MUSICAL TALENT!

  • knox

    TECCA NIIIINA! best rapper alive point black period!

  • Sky

    TECH N9NE is the best rapper hands down!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the all music Tech. You and Krizz have guided me through some rough stuff in my life. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without the Strange.

  • Josh Walther

    From a Technition from the northwest, i have listened too your music for years now.. and been to all of the last seven shows in seattle washington. and ive watched you grow as a artist and you have blown up Tech, dont stop touring or doin your thing.. the mainstream is all Tech N9ne punk now blow the roof off of that bitch and “when the smoke clears nothin but the snake and bat will appear.”

  • Dick

    Congrats Tech
    Strange Music is the best crew around. Every single one of these guys brings something amazing to the table. From stage show to rockin the mic Tech n9ne will demolish everyone, true talk

  • GerbilxCore


  • Quemical

    Strange Music, 10 Years of Excellence! and plenty of more to come.

  • Tyler McBride

    Damnn. thats all I can say. I have been a die hard fan ever since i moved to Kansas City in 2005. Having no knowledge of Tech. After the first week of school, i had my Tech cherry popped and hooked since day one. I have purchased every album and pre ordered every single one to have my prized possessions worth even more to me. My wall is covered in autographed posters of the whole strange music family. I love Techs’ music more than any other music out there. It should become it’s own genre and move the world. Tech is a God and a Hero. Showing that even with hope you can generate more hype than anything else. I love Tech N9ne. No homo haha. I even had my car custom painted with the strange music logo on the hood. the side and tech n9ne on my rear window. This is a movement that will never stop. Much love from KCMO the 816. keep on keepin on.

  • ChizzleMang

    Tech N9ne is the BEST Rapper Alive hands down. I dont care how much money some of these foolz make in the industry, they cant even come close to fuckin wit Techs skillz, stage show and presence, and his determination to give the fans every bit of his soul. Keep up the good work Tech and hit me up for beatz Ill give you some for FREE!!! Tech Tech Tech Tech N9NE!!!!!!!!


  • fuckjcor

    why they gotta mention thatmoswtof the fans atthe signing are white does that really mattetr

  • Anthony


  • Drew

    Finally everyone else is startin to see wat i seen in strange music. tech keep rippin tracks of the chain

  • Charlotte



    Why Does The Fans Race Mather? Eminem”s Predominantly White!! Its 2010 Get Race Out The Picture & Focus On True Talent!

    Strange All Day,
    Tech N9ne Greatest Rapper Of All Time!

  • J. Ramirez

    Best article in the mag. next issue feature I hope is the cover

  • jonny_nast

    yo tech i just wanna say congrats u r the best rapper alive and your still hungry thats what i like the most handle business my dude and ill see u every time u come to petaluma and ive been down since………..i love you very much shrooms and weed i love you very much this is the tech n9ne experience

  • jonny_nast

    yo tech i just wanna say congrats u r the best rapper alive and your still hungry thats what i like the most handle business my dude and ill see u every time u come to petaluma and ive been down since………..i love you very much shrooms and weed i love you very much this is the tech n9ne experience

  • SMV

    Except for maybe Em and maybe 2 others, NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE in the game comes close to fucking wit Tech..great article hopefully you guys give Tech and Strange Music a cover story cuz they deserve one. The indusrty is bout to get Strange

  • Jenny

    Keep It Strange BABY!!

  • Kriston42088

    Tech N9ne is the fuckin best!

  • kong6x3

    Tech n9ne!!! coming out of the underground bringing the heat to the industry!

  • Robert Polk

    The last time I saw you was ya interview on BET the Deal My homie Jerome from ForWorth told me about you I’m Strange I wish ya much much sucess

  • Joe

    Congratulations Tech, Travis and everybody in Strange Music. You deserve this and more.

  • Gena

    This is good sh*t Tech, I’m proud! Keep it up and I can’t wait til you come somewhere near Iowa again!!! Have a safe trip home.

  • xavier

    best rapper in the world

  • Gena

    This is good sh*t Tech, I’m proud! Keep it up and I can’t wait til you come somewhere near Iowa again! Have a safe trip home.

  • Technique

    Been riding with Tech for a long ass time now(Get it TECHnique). Anyways it’s good as hell to see one of the best to do it get the love and attention he deserves.. MIDWEST SIDE!

  • angeldust

    Tech N9ne is probably one of the most gifted, creative, talented, theatrical, and nothing short of amazing artists of all time. I’ve never been so in love with every single album from an artist before. His tongue delivers a lyrical whiplashing second to none.
    I’ve got to witness Tech live twice. Once at Rock the Bells ’09 in Vancouver, where it was agreed with my group of friends where he stole the show, and once again in Vancouver last March at the legendary Commodore with Krizz Kaliko and Big Scoob!!!
    Strange Music houses an undeniable amount of talent, and I find myself more impressed everyday.
    Much love!!!!

  • Gary

    I used to make fun of friends that like Tech because I’d never given him a chance. I did, and he’s now my favorite of all time. I’ve gotten a lot more of my friends to like him as well. Even though his shows are pretty much the same (song -wise) I’ll go everytime he’s in Portland.

    Congrats Tech! Too bad it took this long.

  • brand-new

    i’ve heard a few tech tracks before, but i’ve never heard of the strange music brand. they seem to be very well liked and respected. i’m gonna check out some of their catalog, anyone have a suggestion of what’s the best to start with?

    • Anonymous

      you gotta start with TECH he’s the Alpha of Team and the best, but if you want mostly street shit check out Skatterman & Snug Brim, or Kutt Calhoun

    • Anonymous

      I personally don’t like the “street” stuff and am less a fan of Tech’s more “street” releases (his collabo albums, for example).

      I think the absolute best non-Tech album is Krizz Kaliko’s “Genius” album from last year.

      It’s like a Tech N9ne (obviously) meets Gnarls Barkley meets gospel choir. No…seriously…

  • chris simpson


  • Michael

    Strange Music all day, best label in the business!

  • ck

    strange music all day all night!

  • frank


  • Rusty

    Word, Strange Music all day n all night. Strange is gettin bigger n bigger everyday. I’ve ben working for them ever since the beginning.Ladies hit me up

  • Cal3b

    fuck yeah Tech N9ne is the realest rapper!! you deserve this!! you and all of strange music! he is my favorite artist. real talk Tech N9ne!!

  • Witch1z

    you Tech im very happy that the label is doing big things i just cant wait to be signed!!

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  • HeathenHavoc

    Tech, Tech, N9ne, N9ne Shit….


    STRANGE MUSIC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anything major or independent

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  • 2Suave

    Hell yeah Tech is being recognized for making real music about real shit! Been to three of your shows already, you embarrass all the other fools at Rock the Bells with your amazing talent! Keep it up, your fans are here for you!

  • Big Nicholas

    Tech N9NE is the truth! It’s good to see him recognized by XXL. K-C MO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    strange music all day all night… niggas will straight eat those mainstream niggas alive and leave them w/out a face. tech ain’t goin’ mainstream, mainststream goin’ tech nigga… let it be known.STRAAAAAAAAANGE!

  • Slow

    Techa Ninna will NEVER DIE!!!

  • oscar dt

    strange music all day all night… niggas will straight eat those mainstream niggas alive and leave them w/out a face. tech ain’t goin’ mainstream, mainststream goin’ tech nigga… let it be known.STRAAAAAAAAANGE!

  • Molesterface

    Reno loves you Tech, and a $15 million a year business shows you rock lots of boxes!

  • grayhat

    15$millian a year? dang man just imagine if u went mainstream

  • Anonymous

    come back to topeka ks tech

  • Anonymous

    keep spitting the sicc shits mayne : STRANGE !!!

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Tech. I’m just eating up your music. Maybe I’ll do cover shows for you one day. The white, red-haired wonder. STRANGE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Tech. I’m just eating up your music. Maybe I’ll do cover shows for you one day. The white, red-haired wonder. STRANGE!!!!!

  • sean diego

    ALL HAIL THE N9NE !!!!!!

  • Strange Ways

    Strange is the way! keep on keepin on. Congrats Tech and travis. Keep touring and coming through portland! Congrats to everyone else at Strange music as well!

  • Rmiller

    Tech N9ne for President 2012!!!! Strange musice all day every day

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  • Anonymous

    tech n9ne strange music all day from KC 2 LA yadadimean

  • Ambie

    GO TECH!!! whoot whoot!! Ever since I started listenin to your music I have turned a few good friends and even otheres into TechN9cians! Even my now 3 year old daughter loves your music. She walks around chanting “TECH N9NE!” Its jus like you said “..even the babies know TechNinna got crazy flow..” keep up the hard work Tech we love you!!!!

  • khaos

    Hellz Yea..F.T.I. ..Tech N9ne!

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  • McG

    Finally the recognition Tech and Strange deserve. Props to XXL for finally getting it right.

  • TCdaCV

    tech N9ne!!!

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  • Crazy

    Congrats Tech! Good to see this happening for you! You deserve it bro. Keep up the good work. May God Bless You and the Label.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget to thank the juggalo’s and ICP for your recession proof fan base

  • Lavish

    I AM IN KC MO and we have been down with Tech’s music for over a decade, it has been a pure pleasure.
    Over the years we have heard the crap that has been spoon-fed to us by our radio stations. “Artists” who aren’t working HALF as hard and have a fraction of the talent, drive, and dedication as this man. I’m glad to see him in XXL!

  • Brooke

    As long as u keep doin’ what u do best, Tech, you’ll be great 4ever!! LONG LIVE TECH N9NE AND STRANGE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ghost

    STRANGE MUSIC ALL THE WAYYYY!!!! Tech N9ne is a true icon for rap music!!

  • Real

    Fuck this fuckin clowns man the unit all day.

    • you are a fake

      g-unit? haha give me a break kid. Tech and strange shit on g-g-g-gay unit. you obviously dont have good taste in music little boy.

  • Anonymous

    Big Uppppssss to another KC Rider Tech N9ne!!!

  • Anonymous

    Teca nina Booy!! watch out he’s takin rap ova babay

  • Anonymous

    About fucking time Tech and Strange get featured in XXL


    TECH u da shit. think u, crooked I, chino XL, n lynch r da best there is

  • Elite

    Big Uppppssss to another KC Rider Tech N9ne!!!

  • Pixiepoop

    A decade of strange and still rollin strong! Tech is by far one of the coolest people, plus talented as all hell. Best stage shows I have ever seen, and I worked at the #1 outdoor venue. Krizz, Kutt, Scoob, Lynch, Cog, Prozakk, all amazing, chill people. Enjoy the overseas shows, hope you have the best time of your lives, its just gonna keep gettin better. Takin over the WORLD… wooop wooooop!

  • RECK



  • Technition

    Tech n9ne is one of the most diverse and real rappers out there, He has mastered shit that other artists don’t even understand. This nigga isn’t just putting words together that rhyme this nigga is putting words together that bend the very fabric of space and time. I can only think of a few other rappers out there who bring it in so many different styles and techniques. Shit i could go on for days about how complex this man shit is but only a handful of you would get it, shit like beating a dead fucking horse you dig!

  • Anonymous

    I first heard of T9 as the album Killer was coming out and havent missed a show yet in utah, always go red hair and painted face. Nobody in musical history will ever amount to strange musics abilities. Like he said in red nose, nobody can beat us makin music. Dont stop tech looking forward to the new album ollie gates mixed plates

  • Anonymous


  • section8

    Nobody can touch the music strange is putting out….

  • Section8

    I want to hear some old school Tech Icey Roc beats and Agginy. That was the original shit Nomads “Movin over here now were movin ova there” … Strange has taken over

  • Lauren

    This will be framed above my bed

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  • Jon


    • Jon

      LIKE YEAH!!!

  • Johnny

    Way to go Tech N9ne!! I can’t wait for this years concert in NM!! Last year’s KOD tour was off the HOOK!!! VIP baby is the only way to go!!

    Thanks Strange for the off the hook records you put out!!

    Johnny V

  • eric

    people saying your going mainstream!what! your just getting the respect you should be.


    …And the clouds cleared, a light shines down and glints off of TECH’s SM pendent. This glint turns into a great fire that inflames a huge torch. This torch shines for all to finally see that KCMO and STRANGE MUSIC exists and will remain in the hottest to ever do it. CAN TECH GET THE COVER NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Matt


    You guys should be doin a Strictly Strange issue with all the artists. You don’t know the HALF of what’s going down here.


  • Kmass

    tech N9ne is the NUMBER 1 artist alive right now and all this with no major air play

  • Josh

    Tech is the best artist I have seen in XXL

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  • garrett hansen

    Yo tech n9ne is the hottest rapper out there, radio’s and venues don’t even give him a chance to present his music and that… That is pathetic straight up! Keep doing your thing tech, and if you read this THANK YOU, and keep em’ coming!

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  • Anonymous


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  • BiggRedd

    Straaaaange! Aint no tamin us!

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  • BelgiumsupportsTechN9ne

    Finally XXL is giving Strange Music the respect it deserves!



    tech is the shit…and ive been sayin it since i first heard tech back in ’03…its about damn time he gets some recognition for his music…MCL homie

  • TK

    Tech and Strange music is the greatest!!!!!

    Reppin Strange outta VA!!!!

    BTW Valdez are you and idiot. You dont listen to this in B-More. RETARD Tech and Strange are always playing in B-More!!! You’re a Jurassic Jack@$$!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Pingback: Foreign Body – 01 – "Boundaries of Desire" |

  • Christo

    Well deserved tech…respect from Australia

    “I’m a naughty naughty naughty, boy boy boy
    When I’m in aussie aussie aussie, oy oy oy”!!!!!!!

  • Pingback: REVIEW: HERBAL ESSENCES LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP LEAVE IN COND | Medical News for your Mind, Body and Soul

  • Aaron

    Tech N9ne is one of the greatest rappers alive.

  • SaraFina

    Tech is the BEST! No one can beat him Makin Music! Much Love Tech :)

  • Martin

    It was game over the moment tech started to rap, real talk. EVERYONE on strange is fucking incredible, I cant say I listen to everyone on a label other than strange. And im thankful. Albums constantly killin it.

  • drahfy galen nova

    bout to bubble baby
    tech n9ne strange music
    all day all nite
    Drahfy nova since 1999

  • Tim Greenwood

    Ya tech about time you get recognized for bein one of the sickest motha fuckas around man you have had great success and hoping there is more to come with the next cds like the ollie gates.

  • Al Evans

    Big props to the Strange Music Crew – I had an opportunity to catch 5 shows from this last tour – Cleveland, Boston, Brooklyn, Baltimore, and Pennsylvania…it was cracking! I particularly enjoyed seeing Tech, Kutt, Krizz, Prozak, Cognito, Brotha Lynch Hung and C-LIM…I was at all the meet n’ greets and they were like fam the whole time. That C-LIM guy is good with the crowd – he would be out before and after the show signing autographs and showing us all luv. I even have a few appearances on YouTube – special shit right there – Lynch and let me get one of his Newports! Can’t wait to see the next tour! Love u guys – keep doing it BIG!

  • Anonymous


  • Pingback: TaylorMade R9 TP Irons | Review

  • Anonymous

    Great to see XXL “Finally” do an in-depth article on Tech N9ne (in the magazine–not just for the website). You guys got me back interested in the magazine as a whole again! Looking forard to more of that tecca nina coverage.

  • AnDy Capitator

    Great to see XXL “Finally” do an in-depth article on Tech N9ne (in the magazine–not just for the website). You guys got me back interested in the magazine as a whole again! Looking forard to more of that tecca nina coverage.

    Much luv from Chi-City!


    Tech Defiantly Deserves The Cover of XXL!!!

  • Mike E. Cole II aka STRANGE 1 aka DJ MAS MAJISHUN

    Tech deserves all he gets. to come up in the game the way he did and be where he’s at in this bullshit economy i can honestly say he’s 1 of very few artist out there that is doin thier music. so much bullshit on the radio and so many non talent rappers out there gettin all this lime light and i bet they dont make anywhere near as much money as Tech and STRANGE MUSIC does. i have been bangin Tech’s music since i was 17 and honestly i almost dont listen to any other rapper. i mean i do listen to other shit but non of them deliver like Tech. i my self am working on my own shit, and truth be told Strange Music has inspired me to do my music the way i want. so thats wut im doin. i’ve got my label started im just workin on getting my studio up and running. the first song i ever hear of Tech’s was “Imma Tell” and i have been a fan ever since and havent looked back.

  • Mike E. Cole II

    oh yeah by the way. T-TOWN, OKILLA-HOMA(Tulsa,Ok for thoe who dont know) reppin ALL DAY 918 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zach

    He’s the best rapper alive.

  • kenny e.

    tech you tha best at what you do your tru fans appreciate the beatiful music you give us, even my 4 yr. old loves yo music! Congrats to all the Strange Music Family glad to see Lynch signed with it to now. Cant wait to see ya back in CO!!

  • insane

    Nina! Welcome to Russia with tour!

  • Jon Dog


    I’ll be damned If I’ll ever be
    Taken away by the demons, I’ll never be what ‘s the weather
    When I bust a rhythm I come with the heater cleverly,
    Nigga nothin’ will never be
    So killer, flowzilla, gorilla
    If flow was a felony
    I’d be in a line
    hella doing time for the (click, click) TECHN9NE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats Strange. Thanks for finally comin’ to Canada.

  • AzStrangeNative

    Strange Musik holdin it down and keeping it real hell yeah congrad to the whole strange crew and see ya next tour in tempe az…

  • nas

    Tech N9999999999999999999999ne!!!!!!!!!

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  • bossco

    i have been a big fan of tech sence day one from his time with 57th street road dogs to The Regime
    tech is the shit. shit i am strange music i am tech n9ne and if his people can not accept him then they are missing out on a great artist.Black people show your brother some love i never miss a show here in coorado and i only se white people and mexican’s were are all the black people stop hating tech is the truth. TECH! N9NE!!

  • Shanko

    yo tech the one KOD still bangin still keepin it strange!!!

  • SlimShady

    strange music all day all night baby!

    props to XXL!

  • Bobby

    Strange music all night and day! yup yup TECH N9NE!!!!!

  • strangefolife

    KC MO KCK Yaramsayin

  • http://yahoo Tyler

    Tech N9ne Strange Muzik All day baby

  • Fonz816

    Much props to XXL for shining some light in the middle of the map. I’m from KCMO, born and raised, and have been listening to Tech and Strange for some time now. I’d say, since about ’96 maybe. Tech is one of the few artists that I listen to no matter what kind of mood I’m in. He covers it all: happy, kickin’ it, depressed, feeling alone, remorseful, pissed off, love and forgiving. And he usually covers it on one album. He’s a father, friend and husband (well, was a husband) and I think that makes him even more easy to relate to. Whereas most artists try to keep everything a secret, his life is an open book, and we love him for that. I haven’t met one person that didn’t like his music once they actually LISTENED to it, the hard part is just that, getting them to listen. Either way, I’m sure he’ll be making great music for quite a while, and if not, Kutt and Krizz are great artists to pass the torch to.

  • nick

    tech & strange artists, keep at it. You guys are doing it the right way. Ever since I was recommened to listen to Tech N9ne (as i was expanding my library of rap artists) @ rapbasement i’ve never looked back. I can say, without a doubt, Tech N9ne is my favorite rapper. It does distrube me though, when Best Buy or what have you doesn’t have the latest Kutt or Krizz CD. Also, come to WV, homie!!!

  • manny

    I love Tech N9ne and his music, it is so diverse and that’s what the music industry needs!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just my opinion but Tech is the best rapper alive. Lyrics “Blow Em All Away” and he proves that with his self-made success. It’s about time people gave Strange Music and Tech the props they deserve. And the best part is that Tech gets better with age. STRANGE

  • Tony

    All I have to say is that its about time everyone starting to realize. Why all these other artist that get in these magazines hating on tech and strange? They remind me of Mitch Bades and Joey Rosanos ya know? Snake & Bat.

  • Tony

    Ok so after I burned one and thought about it some more I had to come back and say I think some if not most are afraid of getting killed on their own shit. I mean flat out give me a song that tech is in that he don’t kill.

  • jawbo

    yo way to go strange music if yall like techn9ne
    check out my new song shut it down feat rayne of havik we kill it with the fast rap

    2-SIK baby

  • MistahX99

    10 years later.. lollll

  • YourDemize

    Straaaaaange MUSIC! haha yall doing it real big, im always waiting for a new Strange Music album to drop. Kutt Calhouns new joint is that fire. The Tech N9ne collabos is phucking amazing. Keep doing what yall doing.
    Your Demize

  • adam bonnell

    we all appreciate tech n9ne and strange music. Its safe to say that no artist or artists can touch the lyrical madness and dedication of strange music inc. More new fans are guaranteed every time Strange hits a city with its incredible touring ability. keep the music coming and the drinks pouring.

  • Charles Philips

    Not sure if anyone reads these from the Strange camp, but, WTF? You just announced your fall tour and 2 of my new fav’s aren’t on board…where is Lynch? and his hype man C-LIM?

    These 2 had a great set and I was really looking forward to seeing them again – I heard C-LIM was signing with y’all, geesh, I hope that is true…where can I find news – I know I ain’t the only one wanting to know…

  • sillywillysays

    good job im so proud of you brotha

  • writterriderJC

    He is back brother, i can seriously understand every bit of your music. You might not even believe how much my rap relates to yours. Its unreal. It would blow your mind. He is back bro NEw Test i wana colabo

  • Pingback: - » Tech N9ne to Give Live Interview on Today

  • http://yahoo Nancy

    Lookin foward to seein you again in Denver for the Grind tour. I’m a heavy metal fan, but I gotta say since my daughters turned me onto Tech a few years back I been hooked. I’m proud of you for stickin with it and bein true to you! Krizz and Kutt are the shit too. I love you guys and will support your efforts always.

  • Autumn

    glad someone in the underground that is doing big things is getting recognition that is well deserved. congrats strange music!

  • obiwansidisi

    It’s about time that Tecca Nina got his props. The whole Strange music click is holding it down and putting out some of the best Hip-Hop ever… and this is coming from someone who was born and raised in Brooklyn in the midst of Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim and Tribe called Quest! Much of Strange’s catalogs can be placed right up there with KRS-One’s “My Philosophy” and BDP’s “South Bronx”. I find it amazing, that in listening to their music, Tech’s in particular; a lot of the musical styles and themes (with the exception of autotune) in Hip-Hop, or I should say, what they want us to believe is Hip-hop today, Tech did this years before. The tight beats, the Heavy (thrash) Metal, the content… long before Lil’ Wayne, Plies, Boosie, Gucci Mane, etc. It’s amazing to me that some of these same “so-called” mainstream artists can do and say what they want and pass of sub-par music, having BET and MTV clamoring for more, when the brothas at Strange have been putting out music 3-4 times the quality… all of this done without airplay! Congrats Strange… it’s been looooong overdue!

  • Sanford Kloefkorn

    I don’t feel I have ever observed a new website on this numerous remarks into it!

  • Aaron Ross

    Finally! Tech N9ne is getting what he deserves! Go on Tech, get yours man!

  • Kurt

    Congrats Tech N9ne! You are by far my favorite rapper! I hope you come back to MN! He is the best live too! Tech N9ne is way better than Lil Wayne.

  • Kurt

    I also got a tattoo for Tech on my bicept