Strange Music Box: XXL’s Ultimate “Tech N9ne Collabos” Playlist

5) “Paper” (ft. Jay Rock, BG Bulletwound); The Gates Mixed Plate, 2010

6) “Pillow Talkin’” (ft. Scarface); Killer, 2008

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  • 2muchanime305


    Tech N9ne!!!!!!!

  • techhhhhhhhhhhhh

    this is the best artist in the world, no doubt!!!!!!!!!

    after pac we have now tech n9ne

  • sparkcity911


    • Anonymous

      sparkcity911 you are ignorant, he’s featured in XXL and is the best independent artist in the world, with 4 #1 records in a row….KNOW YOUR SHIT, give him a chance then talk shit

    • Matt

      Don’t make him clown and have to go put on his RED NOSE… hit up youtube and listen to Red Nose cuz yous a punk

  • jjjjjjjdd

    sparkcity911 you are a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m in france and i know who is tech n9ne! look his featuring. he is the best independan artist of the world. ignorant!!

  • Estanislao

    Yall forgot My World with Brotha Lynch & Dalima, best Tech joint ever!

    • smitty702

      Word son!

  • Harra$$dadon

    KC Tea! My nicca! He still cant fux with T-rock’s Pushin or Laugh!

  • kussshblowa

    sparkcity get off lil waynes dick and discover real rap. techs been rippin niggas up since you were in diapers.

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  • JamiGyrl

    No word to express how much you KICK ASS !!!!!!! MUAH !!!

  • Matt

    Glad Tech is gettin some recognition finally… Jellysickle is the only one on here that makes my top 10 list tho!

  • FatDaddyLove

    i still feel that these playlists went too mainstream. go pick up anghellic, Misery Loves Kompany, Calm before the storm, Celcius. Shit like that, the albums with just the SM logo nd heart. Thats all u need, if u can’t just accept the heart he puts into the song by himself instead of who’s on it don’t even try man… its gonna bang either way to me