R.I.P. Trouble T-Roy: Family & Friends Still Reminisce 20 Years Later



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  • http://www.wayupstairs.com Mr Scratch

    Classic, I remember going to the show in Detroit the night after he fell it was crazy, I remember Queen Latifah breaking down… As we reminisce over you ….

    • http://jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      Yeah, Detroit was the next stop and I was there too. The show was one of the best I’ve ever been to, but hearing what happened the night before put a damper on it. I don’t even recall seeing Queen Latifah that night.


  • Face Phoenix

    Sudden loss is always tragic whether it is by street violence, unforseen health issues or just accidents. I can appreciate what C.L. was talking about when he said what he said about Vulnerability. I and everyone else who has lost somebody very close have been down that road and it is a tender moment where you either bundle your emotions up or you release what you feel so deeply. Sometimes working through the loss takes time… days, weeks, months or even years. Everyone needs to have time to cope and be vulnerable. Some of us cry, some of us drink [or smoke], some of us take time off and travel but we all need space as well as some way to let it all out. I just thank Pete and CL for doing it through that song. That really is one of those songs that defined my generation. All he was talking about was so relatable for so many people… it just makes you smile and reminsce every time you hear it. It makes me think about the people I love that are no longer here but still live on so fondly in my memories.

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  • Sha

    Man! This moment in time gave us one of the most, if not THE MOST, classic songs of all time. I totally co-sign what 9th wonder said in that video. I didn’t know much about the dancers in Heavy D’s crew. But after Pete Rock dropped “T.R.O.Y.” THE WHOLE WORLD knew who he was. And that is exactly what a tribute record is supposed to do. To me, you’re not supposed to kick some shit over the music the deceased artist made. You’re supposed to make the public understand what he meant and what he stood for through YOUR PERSPECTIVE. No doubt! No one will ever forget Trouble T-Roy. Sad moment. But beautiful ending. Thanks Pete Rock!

  • Currin Speight

    I was in the 6th grade when he passed. My mom dedicated our Family Reunion Cookout to his passing. His mom was real strong the whole time she was there. My Grandma still has the autographed album “Big Tyme” R.I.P. Cousin.

  • Sonja Gibbs

    Wow! Thanks XXL mag for a great article. Let me first say that I am the mother of Tantania (Troy’s daughter). I was so happy when she told me she was doing this article. “We” as a family keep Troy’s memories alive. We Love and Miss Him so much. And even though Troy was an Entertainer to the World, He was and will always be a Son, Father, Brother, Relative and Friend first to us all. RIP Troy! I know you are so proud of your Daughter. She does REMINISCENCE OVER YOU! PEACE & LOVE

    • Anslem

      Not a problem at all Sonja. We appreciate Troy and what his legacy meant to the culture. Thanx for keeping Tantania on the right path. I had a great interview with her and almost made me drop a tear.


      • Sonja Gibbs

        Thanks Anslem. I thought the article was enlightening. Tantania is such a joy to have as a part of my life. Her spirit is so much like her Dad’s it’s at times scary. But that’s how I know TROY lives on through her. Once again thanks for the story. Not to many people make an impact or are they remembered by society 20 yrs later.

      • sb

        Damn this almost made me tear..g whiz’s brother and I were roommates for a short time in college.

    • MAG

      This is so touching. I came across this article only because we lost Heavy D yesterday. I decided to see if anything came up about Trouble T-Roy, and I found this. I remember seeing him at Great Adventures back in 1990. I asked for his autograph, and he didn’t hesitate to sign my little phone book. I still have it to this day. He passed away not long after that. Back then, dancers made the videos what they were. I always enjoyed their videos because everyone did their part, even Heavy. When he was on the BET Awards the other night, he looked great and brought back so many memories. Although I didn’t know Troy (nor Heavy D) personally, I will never forgot them.
      Thank you XXL for doing this article!

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  • Rob Markman

    I remember being a kid and hearing that he died. Crazy. Heavy D & The Boyz was the shit growing up.

  • Anonymous

    I know this song means so much to people all around the world.I got a change to see Cl and Pete Rock live a couple years ago and of course they performed T.R.O.Y.My wife and I lost our firstborn son in 1996 and that song helped me to remain sane throughout that period. I still can’t listen to that song without shedding a tear,but they are tears of remembrance.respect,grief,joy and a confirmation that God lives and sends us comfort from places we would never expect it.Troy had people who loved him dearly,you can tell by the way poeple still talk about him,20 years later,we should all be so lucky to have such an impact on our loved ones..thank you CL,thank you PR and most of all thank you Troy…

  • Kema Pridgen

    It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch Tantania, “T,” grow up to become a beautiful young woman. My memories of Troy are full of fun and laughter and that spirit lives on through T. I write this now with a smile as I reminisce over my memories of Troy, most precious was when he used to sleep with T on his chest. Troy saw the best in people and he would definitely see the best of himself in Tantania today. Thank you for honoring Troy today XXL.

  • Q461

    The greatest hip-hop dedication song of all time- hands down.

    RIP Troy. Sounds like a good man. Damn I miss groups like Heavy D and the Boyz and Pete Rock & CL Smooth.

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  • Edwina

    May God in Jesus’ name continue to bless this family. I was so sorry about this loss, because Heavy and the Boys were a great group. I wish many blessings to his family and may he continues to rest in peace. We love and miss him.

  • anonymous

    everytime troy would come off tour…he would come to the strip club Gilmores…..he would be so high he would be stuttering….we would bag some broads and take them back to the hotel…he was a real cool dude…laid back…when he was in the club…it wasn’t like he was a star or nothing..he was just a dude gettin his buzz on…tryin to bag a chick..and go to a cheap hotel in the bronx…..he was also a very tough football player..i went to the funeral..it was sad..his brother gary broke down..and his family was devastated…such a young life gone…a real good dude

    • Anonymous

      Whoooo Gilmores!!!! i remember that and i remember meeting Troy at an industry party back in the day, real cool dude

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  • Owen

    Thank you XXL for remembering.

  • that nigga

    R.I.P…It’a like the whole Hip Hop Community knew him personally by just that T.R.O.Y song alone. Thanks C.L and Pete Rock and study hard young “T”!! Your father is watchin’!!

  • Shaun J

    FUCK TROY, i smash his daughter. dumb fuck how u goin to fall and die like that playin around like a busta ass fuck boy


      Young man, you have really disgraced yourself with this tasteless comment. May God have mercy on you…karma is a motha and she’s lookin for you…

      RIP Troy…

    • Anonymous

      your mother you bitch ass nigga! you better not show your fuckin face!

    • Anonymous

      shaun J huh? you better shut the fuck up!gonna fly that head!

    • Steve M.

      Now why are you going to say some shit like that, man, That’s a human being you’re talking about! Do all of us a favor, if you have nothing nice to say on this page, shut the f**k up, ok!

  • sparkcity911

    This song is one of the best homage song ever
    and a straight up classic all around yo…


  • adrian smith birmingham england

    rip troy 20 years ago he pass away heavy d and the boys sick rap group t.r.o.y.classic rap song fuck shaun j eat shit y u goin out like that everybody dies on this fuck up planet earth so dont go and say shit like that

  • Adriane L

    Thank you XXL for doing this article on my Big Cuz Troy. Troy actually died during our family reunion in 92. I remember gathering in a hotel room with some of my other cousins when we got the news. We couldn’t believe he was gone. While sharing memories of Troy a Sprite commercial came on and Heavy D and the Boys were featured and we saw Troy dancing. When the commercial went off the room was silent. It then became real that our beloved cousin was gone. As Tantania mentioned in her portion of the article the family has a talent show during our reunions in his memory. Tantania presents the plaque to the winners in her father’s honor. She has grown into a beautiful young lady and we are all so proud of her and we know Troy would be proud of her as well. Thanks again for remember Troy. And to my Big Cuz..We love and miss you so much. Rest In Peace. Not only have made and impact on the Hip Hop culture but you have made and impact on your family as well. Rest In Peace!!

  • sb

    this has got to be one of my top 10 hip hop songs of all time. There would be days where i would just ride around in my car and have this song on repeat all day. This is years after the song has been out….

    I remember actually meeting aunt joyce that Cl mentions(through Cl), i even got a cut at J Harold’s barbershop..

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  • wanda

    Wow!!!!It has been 20 years since Troy’s death. Sonya is my Best friend and Troy would be really proud to know what a great job she has done with raising their Daughter, T.T., who I might add is a sweet heart and I love her as well. The Dixon family are special people.

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  • JC

    Heavy D & The Boyz forever man, they were so dope…and i agree with everybody, T.R.O.Y. is BEYOND classic…that song is ESSENTIAL…beautiful song man

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  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. T-Roy. I don’t really know him that well, but I know that he was the best person that ever was! I was only three years old when he diedand I know he made an impact on the hip-hop game forever. RIP man!

  • Tee

    It is so sad first t-roy now Heavy D now they will be together may they both RIP love them both

  • Best

    My mom and Troy’s sister Belinda were best friends when I was little. I was small, but to this day I remember walking down the street from my grandma’s house to Belinda and her brother and this Big light skinned guy were down the hall. Later I value that memory once I realized who they both were. I am not sure if the site is still viewed, but how fitting it is to come across this page after visiting NC the past weekend and seeing the house in Lizzy where they spent a summer and now Heavy is gone. RIP to the both of them.