Khia, Running Off at the Mouf

Many naysayers (Trina, Jacki-O, Ms. Cherry, etc.) may question Khia’s declaration of being the outright “Queen of the South,” but no one can doubt her ability to make the general public raise its collective eyebrow. The Tampa, FL representative’s tutorial on proper cunninglingus, “My Neck, My Back,” topped the charts in 2002 and made C. Delores Tucker loyalists shake their heads in revolt.

In short, Khia is a provocateur. A cadre of sensual lyrics coupled with charismatic delivery that make for an infectious blend that you just love to hate and hate to love. Aside from the attention her suggestive content receives, Khia is one of the industry’s more successful independent artists and has been able to turn notoriety into credibility. On the heels of her new single, “Been A Bad Girl,” Khia took time off her hectic and nationally-televised press tour for some real talk with on cattiness between female MCs, why she loves Cee-Lo Green and her upcoming album, Motor Mouf aka Khia Shamone. The last image most people have of you is getting excused from Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme. Are you happy to be back in the limelight?

Khia: This is business. My upcoming album will show my growth while still embracing who I am. You were recently on ABC News Now promoting your album. What was that experience like?

Khia: It was wonderful. I was excited to have the opportunity to discuss my project and to wear a pair of designer Mercura Sunglasses. Besides “Been A Bad Girl” are there any other tracks your fans should be on the look out for?

Khia: Yes, the second single, “So Addicted.” The complete album will be out in the coming months. You’ve been independent for quite a while now, do you have any advice for any artists who are trying to break from major labels on to the independent scene?

Khia: I definitely promote entrepreneurship. Go for it. Work hard for yourself and it pays off. With all of the Internet and everything that you can utilize as far as [technology] and being direct with your fans and your fans buying direct, I definitely think that this is the time and the age for you to look into that and be in control of your situation and making things happen for yourself, and reaping the harvest when it pays off. Throughout your career, you’ve had some detractors along the way, like Trina and Jacki-O. Assuming what Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj are going through right now, how would you handle that situation compared to your own?

Khia: Ummm, keep it movin’. I try to just really focus on myself and my music, and I would tell them to do the same. Have there been any inspirations in your past that have pushed you to write deeper than you’ve ever written before?

Khia: No. I mean, I’ve been inspired by life and different things that I surround myself with. A lot of the older artists—I’m a big fan of Teena Marie, and Tina Turner, and of course 2Pac. A lot of the older artists that are out that I do listen to, I get inspired by listening to a lot of their things and the older music. Not a lot of the new stuff inspires me at all. It just doesn’t. Other than that, just real life situations. But I do, all of my music. I write and produce so it’s coming from me, so I guess experiences that I go through I put it into my music. Is there anybody in the industry right now that you would like to collaborate with, be it an old artist or an up-and-coming artist?

Khia: Hmm, I would say Pink. I’m a huge Pink fan. I think that’s the only person I really would want to work with besides Teena Marie. Plus, Lil Wayne, I love him. Oh, of course Cee-Lo Green… I guess those would be my dream collaborations. Any particular reason why you like Cee-Lo?

Khia: I think he’s just the best, I think he’s the greatest. He’s like so underrated to me. Everybody else gets so much promotion; I think he needs all of it. Because he’s just the best and I don’t see enough of him. I don’t see enough of him on the radio, I don’t see enough of him on the videos. He’s such a constant poet, rapper, and artist, just an all-round entertainer. I guess I’d like to see more of people that have fun. What would you consider a great year for Khia right now? What would be the apex of this year if you could make it happen?

Khia: I guess me going on my international tour. I’m so excited about that. I like to travel the world and perform internationally. And to be able to perform in front of my fans and do what I love and just be [me]. —Laurence Bass

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  • ms_spittuh

    That “Been A Bad Girl” video is my shit :) You gone Ms Khia.

  • Escobar9300

    Khia is straight nasty as hell. I’d rather eat food off a bathroom floor than get my mouth anywhere near this skeezer.

  • Human

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    • Federal Ranga

      If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Talking never solved shit, pimpin. So I’ma give you some REAL advice and make it a hell of a lot shorter for you. If you’re not going to do shit, you have no right to bitch about it. That includes being scared, concerned or all butthurt about it.



      • valdez

        @ Federal Ranga…

        actually, he IS doing something. i took the time to read what he wrote (spam or not) and he is absolutely correct. we are more concerned with irrelevant “news” on this site rather than REAL NEWS. we all know hip hop is the WWF, so why are we still sooooooooo tuned in?? when i figured out wrestling was fake, i stopped watching. the same concept goes for hip hop, which is why i rarely listen to hip hop anymore, and if i do it is most certainly like ’04 (love below) or older.

        at least he is bringing SOME level of awareness that otherwise wouldn’t have been here. i get tired of the cliche “if u ain’t part of the solution….” GARBAGE.

        it doesn’t take a genius to understand that problems this complex and far-reaching don’t have simple solutions. hence, u can’t just fix it over night. there has to be dialogue first, and planning. ppl have to be on the same page. the only way to defeat these evil tyrants is for us, the ppl, of all races, colors, creeds, religions; to all come together and fight against the system.

        also, u are part of the problem if u are dismissing, and discrediting someone who is trying to promote/create dialogue on the topic. that said, ur comment is pretty hypocritical, considering u are also not helping the situation.

    • swype-matic

      Wow, I was JUST on, lookin’ at this same shit. Quit spammin’ this shit and get a life.

    • ms_spittuh

      First of all, Jesus is an Israeli. I’ve been in the spiritual realm. I’ve had island folks try to kill me with their “voodoo” shit. I’m in the South. I’ve seen Christ, God is real and if you’ve never seen him you cannot come on these websites and spread that shit. If you’ve never been spiritually touched then you cannot talk. I’ve seen ghost, demons, angels. I’ve seen it all, and I think its funny when Black people get on this Brotha Phil Valentine – Dr Malachi York shit saying “we are god”. Bullshit. We can NEVER BE GOD. We don’t have the methods or intelligence to create even 10% of what God has created. So don’t come on here talking that shit because son, you ain’t got a damn clue what you’re talking about. God is there during the good and the bad. Until you’re strong enough to even see a demon (most people just go mental and kill themselves) I think you need to go and rediscover yourself. Anyway, I’m waiting on Khia’s cd :)

      • trip404

        Word, how does one go about seeing a demon ms_spittuh?

    • ejae

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      • ejae

        oh yeah excuse my grammer i type too fast some time …lmfao

  • Kid Pistol

    My God, apparently Khia is so scary looking, she makes people get paranoid, insecure and afraid. That was one of the longest, horrific posts I’ve urrrrrr seen. Bree is my homegirl and should have won Miss Rap Supreme. Check out our song “Who Am I” on She’s so dope.

    Co-sign Federal Ranga, and LOL/co-sign at Escobar

  • geico lizard

    Khia is sexy in a regular girl who will do what it takes to please her man kind of way.

  • Anonymous


    if you didn’t have tragedy how would you know god exist?

  • Face Phoenix

    XXL is really scrambling for stories when they waste time “interviewing” Khia. Of all the female MC’s to do a piece on how did Khia pop up in the selection process. I’d understand if she was hot or was responsible for a song that really changed the game but this is Khia – a one hit wonder that would get bodied by even the worst out today and looks like a street walker from Hunt’s Point. This site is starting to make me wonder what they consider relevant because Khia is not relevant at all. I mean they could have done a piece on Jean Grae, Champ MC, N-Tyce, The Lady of Rage, Remy Ma, Shaunta, Salt N Pepa, Heather B, Amil, Vita, Foxy, Yet another Nicki Minaj update (don’t listen to that suggestion), Lil Kim, Roxanne Shante, Paula Perry, Angie Martinez, Kid Sister, Sister Souljah, Queen Latifah or any other female rapper but you guys chose Khia? I’d laugh but it isn’t funny.

  • Kid Pistol

    I always thought Da Brat was dope. Theres a Timbo produced song that I cant remember the name of right now that knoccccked

  • gift



    • valdez

      co-sign gift!!! LOL.

      oh, and i do believe in God!!