Kanye’s Tweets Decoded: What’s He Talking About?

KANYE TWEETED: Molnar Poseidon’s Vineyard Chardonnay: “Sipping Molnar Family Poseidon’s Vineyard Chardonnay in the middle of the day sidebar out of gold cups for whatever that’s worth.”

DECODED: The river at Poseidon’s Vineyard in Northern California tastes like salt at high tide—a constant reminder of it’s proximity to the sea.

In Greek mythology the god Poseidon was the ruler of the sea, storms and earthquakes. Much like ‘Ye, Poseidon keeps the seas calm until offended or ignored when he strikes the ground with his trident causing shipwrecks, storms, and quakes. In hopes of safe travels, many sailors drowned a horse or two as a sacrifice to Poseidon who is often depicted as being drawn by four horses. Speaking of horses…

KANYE TWEETED: Maybach Music: “William Tell Overture by Andre’ Rieu… Maybach Music!!!”

DECODED: According to Kanye, “Kings need horses.” His chariot of choice is the Maybach that he’s known to ride around in. If you’ve If you’ve ever seen an episode of the Lone Ranger you’ve heard the horse-galloping anthem of the William Tell Overture, so it’s only fitting that with a maximum output of over 600 horsepower, this is indeed Maybach music.

KANYE TWEETED: “Thoughts is Napoleon”

DECODED: Is there any surprise that Kanye would liken himself to this powerful leader? In his hey day, Napoleon ran everything but wasn’t quite album to capture Egypt. Kanye was spotted paying tribute to King Tut at NYC’s Discovery Times Square Exposition exhibit of the famous boy ruler in early July. ‘Ye’s been rocking that huge chain of Horus, the greatest god of Ancient Egyptian religion. In a time when kings were regarded as gods on earth, many in Egypt became known as the physical manifestation of Horus in life and Osiris in death.

KANYE TWEETED: “Man when you take #BABYMAMAJETS there’s no stuartist”

DECODED: This could be some obscure allusion to Scotland’s House of Stuart, an important royal house… but then again, maybe we’re just taking these analogies too far? —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • M. Baby!

    Man it sounds like Kanye is taking the Hip-Hop game to another level. He’s done his research and related it to his life and others in the world who think they have great power with money. I’m glad he’s coming with a theme and title and actually matching the words in the songs to the title and to the album title. People are forgetting to stick to the title of their albums. They’re just coming up with hot titles just because it sounds hot…but then the title of the songs and words in the songs have totally nothing to do with the title of the album. I can’t wait to hear the album….I know it’s gonna be a masterpiece.

  • @AyoPORTER
  • lonestar_playa

    hahahaha………damn kanye messin wit yall heads baaaad! im just waitin on the new album damn the twit comments if u gotta decode shit

  • Johnh

    I KNEW THIS NIGGA WAS GOING EGYPTIAN ON US RIGHT WHEN I SAW THE HORUS CHAIN! Damn, this Ye nigga is literally sitting on another level. Nobody else does shit like this, the man literally is a genius. The way he’s playing into his own ‘character’ on twitter, going to Twitter HQ and Facebook HQ, the Kanye promotion has BEGONE. THIS IS HOW YOU PROMOTE AN ALBUM PEOPLE! Is it possible to not hear Kanye’s name anywhere right now?! THE MAN IS EVERYWHERE AND HE ONLY HAS A 2 MONTH OLD SINGLE OUT lmfao! Kanye >>>> all these other niggas. This new Egyptian swag just adds more suspense and excitement for a Ye fan, he knows how to keep people on their seats.

  • DRE

    Illuminati fukin wit ya head hard, YA’ll NEED 2 GAIN SOME KNOWLEDGE QUICK!!!! DO UR RESEARCH!!!!!

  • James

    LMFAO! Illuminati? Are you fucking serious? This is why niggas shouldn’t spend to much time on the internet. You do realize Egyptian culture has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Illuminati? Stupid ass mofo’s like Dre think anything that’s ‘old’ or ‘historical’ is connected to Illuminati, THIS NIGGA NEEDS AN EDUCATION. Horus is an EGYPTIAN GOD OF THE SKIES AND PROTECTION. Ya’ll are stupid mofo’s, how did you feel when Jay spit his Free Mason verse? Pretty stupid right? And ya’ll still won’t let that go? Damn, it must be giving ya’ll some meaning to your life that you don’t have otherwise. Let me just quote Kanye west from just 3 days ago – “If you see Lucifer, tell him I said Hello, if he asks if I’ll see him soon, TELL HIM I SAID HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! GTFOUTTA HERE WITH THAT ILLUMINATI SHIT! THE ONLY PEOPLE KEEPING THEM ALIVE ARE PEOPLE LIKE YOU THROUGH YOUR BULLSHIT WORDS!!

    • Jay Wade

      Why in the first place, is he going to say ‘hello’ to Lucifer? And when he says that he’s not going to see him soon, ‘soon’ is the keyword. ‘Ye probably thinks he’s going to find the fountain of youth, but at any rate, I bet he plans on living to be over 100. I don’t see the big deal with this whole Illuminati debate, but if these dudes are Illuminati or if they are not Illuminati, they would drop little hints about it, increasing their mystique and their paychecks, and then they would deny it. And who gives a shit? I just want some hot tracks. But yo, the Washington Monument is an Illuminati symbol, derived from Egyptian Culture. And if you look around, there’s a lot of parallels between Ancient Egyptian symbolism and our own, suspected Illuminati culture.

    • hardcore dance at an eyes set to kill concert

      kanye is not apart of the illuminati as the other guy tried to make it seem. this video has NOTHING to do with egyptian culture. yeah he depicts it but thats not the message he’s trying to put out. dumb niggas are fascinated by shit we learned in high school. he’s trying to expose the illuminati without fucking up his career. thats where the POWER comes in at. same reason why dave chappelle left hollywood. why would comedy central want to take control of a show thats all ready on top of the world and making them money? they called him CRAZY because he knows his shit.

  • Freeman

    Ye went from Jesus chain to Horus chain, the dude is the biggest marketing hypocrite to hit the rap game this decade.

    • http://www.dopemuzic.com B Eazy

      Yo Freeman

      Did you know that the story of Jesus is just a repackaging of the story of Horus?

      Horus was born on Dec.25 to a virgin and had 12 disciples. Horus was the Sun god, the “son” of God. Most of the Bible is reinterpreted from the Egyptian Book Of The Dead, including the Ten Commandments. Did you know that the Christian term “Amen” is actually short for Amen-Ra the supreme deity of ancient Egypt? The word Israel is the combination of Isis, Amen-Ra, and the Babylonian god El. They took our religion and symbols and spit it back at us all remixed to try and control us. If you learn your history they can’t. That’s why Knowledge is truly Power.

      Your Welcome!!

      • Brooklyne

        B Eazy you took the words from me…

        and as far as all the Illuminati stuff goes. Ya’ll already know how I feel about that: http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=68696

        I didn’t write this to start the whole Illuminati debate again SMH

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Read a BOOK. people try and manufacture causes. This illumanti thing is getting out of hand. Yes, we know about it. Everything different doesn’t have everything to do with the illumanti. Incepetion: illumanti. wake up and read the entire story.

    kayne reads and if anything you should all know that the egyptians were some of the greatest thinkers ever. you can study their thoughts and not be apart of their religion culture or etc. its calling gaining another perspective on life.

    You dudes prob still think the world flat and that santa fits down a chimmney with a big sack on his back.


  • peyo

    Kanye thinks that he is that regular guy thrown into an unfamiliar and powerful position. The horus thing…. hes just trying to make a new trend, well i really wasn’t diggin that chain all too much(not hatin, its just not my style). Im glad he didn’t do “Good A__ Job” Theme. That college thing was tight with the last few CD’s but I think that concept has been taken as far as it really can go without just being redundant.

    I think Kanye honestly is just going into his Afro-Centric Roots, I mean you gotta respect somebody who is trying to learn about where his people/culture came from. It can’t do anything BUT make you a more well rounded person. When it all boils down to it, hes a regular guy who has an awesome musical talent.. Yall just need to chill out, and see where he wants to take us musically

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  • tryingtoLiveFor God

    You People idolize these rappers..Not realizing they our just humans like u r..First Commandment..That Shou Have No Gods Before me..For Some This Is Money,Friends,It can even be your job..its ok to care about those things but u have to put God First..But YOU people false gods are these music artist you always fight over….93% of americans our blind to the fact that this world is on its way out..How many of you guys Randomly start singing or reciting lyrics all the time? ITs because u posion ur brain with all this nonsense that promotes nothing but sin..If you guys read the bible more or was raised in the church..U would see and recognize all the signs in the world..These music artist are just People that decieve the young by telling them that life is only about Money,Sex,drugs and violence..Envy is even a sin..But i kno u cant just turn away from music like that because you’ve been listening to it your whole life.im just asking that u pray..and start reading your bible..cuz in the end there will be nothing but regrets..God Bless You!

    • Anonymous

      co-sign, and kanye is nothing but a puppet and its sad to see hoew easily his sheep follow, this man can say anything he wants and people get excited “he is sooo smart, he reads, he studies” ok but do everyone else? People who beleive Jesus is a Mock story of Horus is sadly mistaken. Study more about it, not just the egyptian story and bring it back, it dosen’t tie into anything heavenly or Godly and it only ends in demonistic ways.

  • http://XXL Jacob

    ….Horus?? A new trend, huh..? Exodus 20:3 reads– “You shall not make other gods besides Me; gods of silver or gods of gold, you shall not make for yourselves.”. Patiently, the “POWERS” have been de-sensitizing people to infiltrate our values and beliefs–and our response?? “Man,it’s only music–It’s only entertainment!!” Satan himself IS “THE GREATEST MUSICIAN” and deciever- of all time. If you won’t willingly “give” yourself to him–he “infiltrates” in other “harmless” ways…..”Thou shalt have no other Gods before me”. Exodus, 20:3

  • Aj

    You a gay fish man!

  • Abovethespecs

    why do most of these rappers feed these kids violent bs drug bs sex bs theres never anything positive,nothing to make you keep pushing towards the ultimate goal…. eternal life with god,not money,cars,clothes,(hoes) feel me. yea these rappers have some sereous word play but they push the same message over and over and over just with different word play and the crazy thing is… well you wouldnt understand.