Kanye West Storms Facebook HQ – FB Employees React

Yesterday, Kanye West debuted some new verses from his upcoming album (no longer titled Good Ass Job) by spitting some a capellas for the good folks over at the Facebook headquarters, located in California. There were plenty of cheers, rolling camera phones, and hot lines [See next page].

As it was happening, a few faithful FaceBook employees, who realized they were in the presence of greatness, were getting their social media on and reacting to the event in real-time on their very own Kanye fan page.

Well, that’s if the Kanye West FaceBook Employee Page actually existed. Don’t worry, though, XXL envisioned what a forum like that, complete with status updates, would look like. Check it out then voice your own reactions to Kanye’s a capellas on the next page. —XXL Staff


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  • donny thizz

    this is a waste of time. no wonder so many rap mags closed down. u have to be a retard to be a writer for one.

    • Anonymous

      u dnt know talent when u hear it

  • mutha

    heard taylor swifts label is planning on releasing her album on whatever day kanye drops good ass job.hope it doesn’t happen as this album gonna be classic!

  • http://www.revistatruta.com Nelson

    Kanye´s hot, acapella or not hes good.

  • Anonymous

    lol. kanyes a fag.

  • Anonymous

    post my comments xxl. kanyes is a prissy diva bitch. He is also another puppet.

  • yoprince

    i’m not listening to anything off this album other than Power.

    based off his recent verses and the whole hoopla surrounding his recording sessions in Hawaii, I’m gonna give this album the true first-listening experience.