Hip-Hop’s Most Anticipated Moments

Tupac Assault Trial Verdcit
In 1993, Tupac and two friends were accused of holding a woman down as a fourth man sexually assaulted her in a New York City hotel room. Shakur was facing up to 29 years in prison if convicted; he was also facing accounts of aggravated assault stemming from allegedly shooting and wounding two off-duty police officers from an earlier incident. On top of that, Pac faced assault charges for slapping a female fan that allegedly was asking for an autograph. In November 1994, shortly before the verdict of this enormously important rape case, Tupac was shot five times and robbed at the Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan. Days later, he rolled through the courthouse in a wheelchair and was found guilty on three counts of assault. Tupac was sentenced to one-and-a-half to four-and-a-half years in prison on sexual an assault charge. After nearly a year in the pen, his bail of almost a million and a half dollars was posted by Death Row CEO Suge Knight, and Makaveli consequently agreed to release three albums on the label. If Pac had been sentenced to 29 years, or if he never became affiliated with Death Row, things in hip-hop in subsequent years could have been very different.

2Pac “Ambitionz Az a Ridah”

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  • http://hiphopisread.com Ivan

    Waiting for Nas to drop Illmatic >>>>>> ________

    • epinz

      co fuckin sign!!!!1i was thinkin it b4 i even read it.

      • Jamal7Mile

        Somehow I didn’t know ANYTHING about Nas Illmatic dropping until after the fact. I got it 2-3 weeks after it came out. I don’t know HOW that happened but that’s the way it happened. Glad I didn’t sleep too long on that one.

        Hey Epinz, you’re quoted on page 16 in the new XXL.

  • ddc

    snoop being in last place shows its really a young mans game now. at the time it was huge.

  • jonny bizness

    Things would have been very different 4 pac if suge never bailed him out.Imagine if he would have done the full 4 yrs and came out in 99 when x and jay was taking off that would have been crazy !!!!

    • Anonymous

      jay wouldnt have took off if biggie hadnt died, and biggie wouldnt have died if tupac hadnt got bailed out

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    I would actually say Snoop’s debut. He was an overnight star and he & Dre would on the cover of VIBE & The Source just because they were MAKING the album.

  • http://jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Had to go with Snoop for the vote. And I remember I couldn’t wait to get home after copping the “Doggystyle” cd!

    LeBron leaving Cleveland wasn’t a surprise to me. If your teammate(s) is/are banging your moms and you’re the last to know about it…wouldn’t you split town too? So STFU with that disloyal talk Dan Gilbert! Ask ex-coach Brown about loyalty.

    *Miami Heat to Cavs… “You know how the game goes. Your bitch chose me.”

  • Sha

    I don’t know about this one…. ANTICIPATION???? I can’t say that I’ve had a hip-hop moment. These rappers just don’t run my life like that. I’m more of a world event cat.

    I think Dave Chappelle said it best in the stand-up he did when he said,

    “Oh my God…Somebody….Please….Find Ja Rule so he can help me make sense of all this.”

  • http://jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Also, those horrible six days I waited, thinking Tupac would survive the Las Vegas shooting. I wouldn’t want XXL to reduce that to some vote (glad you didn’t) but I was highly anticipating a full recovery for Pac.

  • a;lkdjf

    wtf.. what about em dropping relapse? dont say nobody was waiting for an album by EM

    • Chris S

      you beat me to it. i was pooping myself waiting for it

  • Dub

    I’d say Detox 6 years ago but now I don’t care one way or the other

  • brand-new

    just off the top of my head, the most anticipated moments for me was waiting for nas to drop the response record to jay-z’s takeover, because we all knew it was gonna be nasty and legendary. and more recently, just last summer waiting on raekwon to drop only built for cuban linx 2, i couldn’t wait for that to drop, and it was well worth the wait.

  • Worley

    “Nas responded with Stillmatic’s ‘Ether.’ ”

    Actually, Nas responded with the mixtape version of “Stillmatic.”

    Only 3 things I can think of off top:

    1. Waiting for Remy to come home and ether Nicki Stink Draws.

    2. The next Outkast album.

    3. Rock The Bells concert in NYC this summer.

  • http://xxl Chad

    Pilot Talk!!!!

  • Baltimore

    How can u forget the Wu Tang Forever CD dropping…people left school/work to cop that

  • Fireforreal

    @Pierzy How can you say Snoop was an overnight success afetr he was on deep cover,and all over the chronic ? What do you expect him to release 30 singles and 100 mixtapes before dropping ? things were alot diffrent than now in music. That’s why the game was better because you could tell talent right off the bat. Now you can sign to a lable. Make some quick bullshit to get on the radio and flop and never be heard of again.Or you can have talent,go to a major stay on there for 3-4 years release a single maybe and still not drop an album.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      I meant that he became a start the first time anyone listened to The Chronic. That’s what I meant. Many people hadn’t heard “Deep Cover” but they had heard “G Thang.”

      I didn’t say it was a bad thing…I was saying it’s a great thing.

      While listening to The Chronic, everybody was thinking, “I can’t wait for his album to drop!”

  • Fireforreal

    @Baltimore. I feel you about the wu ang forever double album. I went to the mom and pop record store because he would sell it to me right when he gets it so I was playing it in my discman for about 5 days early lol The life after death album should be on there also. It was bittersweet because of the great quality but not really sinking in until after the album was over that,that was biggie’s last.

  • Anonymous

    hip-hop’s most NOT anticipated moments:

    5) Tha Row[wtf?]

    4) Master p and his new clean image[ugghhhh]

    3) Mase “Double Up”

    2) Anything featuring Yung Berg[sheesh]

    1) Legendary rappers being murdered[Pac, Big, Big L]

  • Anonymous

    oh for fucks sake, lets do some “honorable mentions” for the NOT anticipated list-

    -athletes rapping

    -Waka Flocka Flame[insert here: some dumbass ignorant mo'fo telling me that i'm a mark ass busta ass nigga.]

  • Anonymous

    wow. you honestly didn’t have pac getting released from prison or the anticipation for all eyez on me? Lame. How about the anticipation for Life After Death?

  • http://twitter.com/pinklimo_lex Lex!

    cmon now that carter 3 wait was the most anticipated moment too me bigger then all of these

    • JONJO!

      sold 1 mill in a week off of that anticipation. but new albums by people like nas and jigga should be mentioned


    My personal momment (I’m 25 yrs old) has to have been the release of Chronic 2001 by Dre. Having got my hand on Still Dre and all the buzz that was going around about the LP, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and I wasn’t disappointed.

    Having a lot of older cousins around me when growing up who were also into Hip Hop, I remember the Tupac and Biggie shootings but I guess was not old enought to appreciate their significance till a little later.

    For me, the biggest anticipation now has to be with Detox but Dre. Ok, there’s always expectation of a 2nd album if the first is huge (Get Rich…) but any time there’s a mention of Detox being put out, Hip Hop heads want it to be as good as Chronic 2001 so cant wait to see if Dre proves them right or wrong. With the amount of work he’s done on other artists records since the album, everyone know’s he’s still got the midas touch so cant wait for the new LP.

    On a more general note, biggest anticipation in music for me was going to see Michael Jackson in concert in London. Had tickets for the first show. Dont think anyting will surpass that for me.

  • fireforreal

    Well put The chronic 2001 was highly anticipated and well worth the waite. Next up Detox………..we will see one of these years but the way Dre says he doesn’t like to rush things( he mentioned this album back in 2002)Next year he might say he only has 3 tracks he’s really feeling for the album lol

  • sparkcity911

    LIFE AFTER DEATH ALBUM……..niggas was sleeping in the parking lot waiting on the music store to open which opened at 12:oclock just to pump them biggie jump offs.then all that next day every where you went you heard that album poppin..

  • A Free Man

    This is some real pinheaded, narrow-minded, low-attention-span, child-like stuff right here.

  • Killa

    Lol at “50 signed with Interscope/Aftermath in 2020″

    • Static Flow

      lol i thought i was da only one that saw that

  • kidshady216

    lmao typo 50 got signed in 2020?

  • zayzkidd

    I would have to say Doggystyle. After the Chronic album came out Snoop had became the biggest rapper in the game before he even dropped his own album.