Last night, the entire world of sports and beyond sat and waited for LeBron James to announce where he would play basketball for the next few years. His free agency courtship by multiple teams had been in full swing for a week, and in the works for a couple years. There was a chance one of the game's best players would be changing teams—and the landscape of basketball—in one moment (and he did—stop hatin').

Hip-hop, as well, has had its watershed moments that have been waited on by the masses. Signings, verdicts, beefs... Here's how they went down, and what could have happened had they turned out differently. —Compiled by Calvin Stovall, Vaugh Roland, Aleia Woods, Amber McKynzie and Emmanuel Maduakolam

Snoop Dogg Murder Trial Verdict
In 1993, a year after his instrumental involvement on The Chronic and just months before the release of his seminal debut Doggystyle, a young Calvin Broadus was arrested in connection with the murder of Philip Woldemariam. By the time the case went to court and a verdict was reached in February 1996, Snoop had become one of the biggest stars in the game, making the jury’s announcement of their verdict one of the year’s biggest moments. With a life sentence likely if convicted, the hip-hop world sat on pins and needles in fear of losing one of its greatest young talents in the prime of his career. One “not guilty” later, the court erupted in cheers, hip-hop let out a collective sigh of relief, and Snoop went on to become one of music’s most recognizable figures.

Snoop Dogg "Murder Was the Case"