No matter how hot the rapper on the mic or how dope of a beat the producer laid out, it wouldn’t mean a thing if there wasn’t someone to actually play the record. That’s where hip-hop’s original element comes in with the art of DJing. In day three of XXL’s weeklong GA’s Most Wanted series, we reveal our top 10 list of Georgia jocks that keep the party rockin’ and the streets satisfied with bangin’ mixtapes. —Adam Fleischer

The architect behind the successful Gangsta Grillz mansion is still at it. From the start of June alone DJ Drama has worked on projects with the likes of dead prez (Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz), Gucci Mane (Mr. Zone 6), and Pill (1140: The Overdose), proving he’s still the hottest name in the mixtape game—regardless of city. Not to mention his recent work with Lil Wayne, T.I., Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Soulja Boy, and… Well, you get the picture. That’s one lengthy and enviable resume. Oh, and did we mention he has two successful full-length albums? If the feds are takin’ pictures, they’re bound to catch Drama smiling.

Don Cannon is one of the handful of DJs that doesn’t have that two-letter acronym at the front of his name. Maybe it’s because he wants to make sure people realize he does a lot more than spin records. As one of the founders of the Aphilliates, Cannon has also become on the most respected names on the boards, boasting production credits for Young Jeezy (“Go Crazy,” “Mr. 17.5”), Fabolous (“Joke’s On You”), 50 Cent (“Don’t Mess With 50”), Ludacris (“Undisputed,” “Everybody Hates Chris”) and many more. Plus, since 2009, he’s been at the helm for Curren$y’s Smokee Robinson, The Cool Kids’ Gone Fishing, and most recently Young Jeezy’s Trap or Die 2.