GA’s Most Wanted – Rd. 2, Producers Bring the Noise

When it comes to mixing pop sounds with street sensibilities Polow Da Don is the best of both worlds. After getting his start with the rap group Jim Crow, Polow got deeper into production, landing tracks with Will Smith (“Party Starter”) and Ludacris (“Pimpin’ All Over the World”) in 2005. Sure, the CEO of Interscope’s Zone 4 music label has dabbled in the studio with the sugar-sounding Pussycat Dolls and New Kids on the Block, but his work with Rich Boy (“Throw Some D’s”) and 50 Cent (“Baby By Me”) has given the Don all the street cred he needs.

Anyone that’s still sleeping on Drumma Boy clearly hasn’t checked the man’s resume. The Memphis, Tennessee producer made his bones after moving to ATL by building a steady discography of hit records. With joints like Rocko’s “Umma Do Me,” Plies’ “Shawty,” Jeezy’s “Put On” and Birdman’s “Money to Blow” under his belt, it’s no wonder why Drumma is in such high demand. Most recently he laced the Jezzy with “Lose My Mind,” the lead single off of the Snowman’s highly-anticipated TM103. There is no telling who Drumma will work with next, but it’s a safe bet that it’ll be hot.

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  • M. Baby!

    Great list, I agree with all except….where’ JD @??? Come on XXL, JD has been doing his thang since 89. Kris Kross, Da Brat, Mariah Carey, Ashanti, and etc. Ya’ll played my boi JD on this one.

    • Anslem

      It’s about who’s the most wanted right NOW, dropping heat and getting burn in the moment. It’s GA’s Most Wanted, not Most Wanted of All-Time, which just sounds hella awkward. LOL

      • El Tico Loco

        It’s about who’s the most wanted right NOW,

        Explain why Polow is on the list then

        • Anslem

          I see your point, and I’ll even concede that but staff voted and majority still wants a Polow beat and believes that next hit could drop any min…

  • http://MOZILLA LI PUPU

    dont think he on this list if they talkn purely rap

  • Static Flow

    i dont think they talkin purely rap cause i thought i saw a beyonce mention and JD was wit a lot of rppers Kriss Kross, Da Brat Bow Wow and plenty others

  • El Tico Loco

    Cannon! that’s all I can say. I would say Bangladesh but all he’s been doing lately is remaking “a milli” thinking people don’t notice, switching up an instrument here and there, adding a bassline or a synth but underneath is the same beat.

    If you’re asking about JD then where’s Lil Jon too?

    • Federal Ranga

      I would say Bangladesh but all he’s been doing lately is remaking “a milli” thinking people don’t notice, switching up an instrument here and there, adding a bassline or a synth but underneath is the same beat

      THANK YOU!!! Finally, I’m not alone! Why do producers think they can get away with that shit? I don’t care if it bangs, make it different!

      Commission!!! What it is, Tico? I just moved to Atlanta, pimpin.

      • Rich-Porter

        Bangladesh Been killing it and still is. Think about the cross the board hits, Lemonade Gucci Mane, Video Phone and Diva Beyonce, A Milli Lil Wayne, Break Up Mario. That shit does sound the same but he getting major cross market money, well no check from Cash Money but they got a list of unpaid fees. B.G. Juvenile, Jim Jonsin, Mannie Fresh, and so on.

        • El Tico Loco

          You totally missed the point we were making. Since A milli every beat he’s made has been a rehash of that same beat, he’s made some bangers no doubt but he’s reduced himself to a one trick pony and only a half of the people can catch those similarities and the other half won’t admit it. We more Shondrae and less Bangladesh.

        • swype-matic

          haha! You ain’t lyin’, I’ve heard so many different rehashes of “A Milli” it’s not even funny, so any that random producers are producing rehashes of his rehashes.

      • El Tico Loco

        I see you Fed

        That’s what it is, commission!


    ORGANIZED NOIZE is real.

  • gift


  • DUDE



    ya, all these dudes provide HEAT like a menapaused old lady get it in like LBJ’s mom.

    id agree jd and lil jon needs to be on the list. jd still is in demand lil jon maybe not but he did start a movement.

    as for the list,

    i respect polow bangladesh is too predictble…i’mma have to roll with dj tomp. drumma boi close second. LEX LUGER is a rookie thats gonna be a problem.

    lyrics are great BUT a good beat is just as good.

    gotta love hip hop


    Atlanta’s WEAK! Bunch of pussies live in ATL. Yesterday Bun in Atlanta walk down S. 24th Street and MLK. Walk in Pizza Hut with small lizard in hand say to pizzaman, “Hey you, you filet lizard, you make me lizard pizza! Bun cat hungry. Hungrier than wolf!” Pizzaman say no so punch in face after putting on steel glove. Break face. Walk down street take out Bottle Rocket leftover from 4th of July drivebys. See woman holding baby. Shoot baby behind with rocket, yell in face of woman, “You know where Bun get lizard pizza? Cat like eat! Cat eat now! You tell me or you get steel glove face!” No tell me, she fall to floor. Keep it movin down to white territory. See Steve Sanders from Beverly Hills 90210. Run full speed and scream at Stevie 1/2 inch away from nose, “Hey you, Stevie, you break into that school over there program computer like in Senior year episode. Program yourself make me lizard pizza. He say no, slap curly blond nerf wig off head keep steppin. Next go down to Antonio Pena place. I see face, punch, take steak and make T-bone. Eat T-bone. Go through Pena pocket find Leopard Skin Snakey. Leopard Skin Snakey better than cat. Throw cat claws out at Pena face and get on ground and do the slinky all the way home with new snakey. God. Atlanta. What a bunch of pussies.

    • Anonymous

      What in the fuck are you talking about.

  • idleHandz803

    Drumma Is From Memphis

  • dnt-no-nudda

    they missed jd n lil jon but still a great list and i agree with the bangladesh argument the a milli beat was a beast and most of his beats have been the same since my fav since has 2 b stupid wild

  • Peso

    Swizzy beat on BP3 “on to the next one” sounded like a Bangladesh beat to me at first but it was a dope beat though anyway lmfao

    yall right about Bangladesh to…since “a mili” it aint be crackin’ for him at all lol

  • KGdaArtist

    The list is good. It kinda makes it hard for me to choose one. But I always go with DF bc I’m (just me personally) never disappointed. I agree that Lil’ Jon and JD should be on the list too. The list is Most Wanted right? So, if they were to drop something soon do think ppl will start payin attention to them again. Crunk Rock was release this summer, i think overseas 1st (correct me if i’m wrong). What do yall think?

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  • Port Lyfe

    Zaytoven single handedly made Gucci Mane OJ da Juice Man and Waka Flocka national names cuz none of them can rap. Without his beats they would be no where so I gave him the nod. Shout out to FatBoi holding down the port in Atlanta

  • G. Marley

    Lex Luger, hands down.. that man was the fuel behind Rick Ross’s street anthems/album singles..

    V-A, stand up..

  • dynamicwayne

    Zaytoven did his thing in ’10 can’t wait to see what he has in store this year.!!