“Freeway” Ricky Ross, My Name is My Name

Real-life American gangster “Freeway” Ricky Ross has been fighting in the judicial system for over 30 years. At the height of his career, Ross reportedly raked in over $2.5 million a week on the streets as a drug dealer, before it all came crashing down. In one of the biggest narcotics busts in U.S. history, Ross’s multi-million dollar drug ring was linked to members of the CIA as a part of the now infamous Iran-Contra scandal. Originally sentenced to life in jail after being convicted of trying to purchase 100 kilos of coke from a federal agent, the L.A. kingpin saw his sentence reduced to 20 years in light of the government’s involvement in his illegal activities. After being incarcerated for over 12 years, Ross is now back in a courtroom fight, but this time it’s not for his freedom, but his identity.

Over the course of past few years, rap fans have been introduced to another Rick Ross (born William Roberts), hailing from Miami. While a rapper referencing or even using a street legends name as a way of gaining cred and paying homage is nothing new, the Ricky Ross feels that without proper consent; using his name for fame is the ultimate disrespect. XXLMag.com got a chance to catch up with the living legend to discuss his new ventures, how his life is different since being released and exactly why he’s so mad at William Roberts.

XXLMag.com: The first question on everyone’s mind is why are you upset with Rick Ross the rapper?

“Freeway” Rick Ross: I’m not upset, what I am trying to do is get my name back. I don’t think that I should allow them to sit back and make money off of my name and image and I not benefit off it. So, I’m not upset at all, I’m just exercising my rights.

There was a recent interview where you expressed how you felt Jay-Z and the rapper Rick Ross intentionally stole your identity to sell records. Do you feel that it was malicious and why do you think that your request has gone unanswered for so long?

I think initially that they didn’t think I was ever going to get out of prison, so after it had went for so long and they had put so much money in it that they couldn’t back out. I actually read in an interview that [Ross] said I should be “happy” that he “helped” me out. I look at it like if someone steals your car; who cares that you put a new paint job on it? You still stole my car and that’s pretty much the situation.

What about when he made the statement that he was paying homage…

Well, no because in his earlier interviews with various magazines he was actually disrespecting me. Some of my guys were really pissed off about it, but I was able to calm them down. He made some comments that were definitely out of line and now he talking about he was paying homage. How, when you wasn’t at the front gate to see me and he hasn’t gave me any money. When someone gets out of prison that you benefit off of, the first thing you do is pay them their money.

Now let’s touch on the fact that the rapper Rick Ross was a correctional officer. Word is you knew about that before anyone else but decided not to dime him out. Looking back at the disrespect, do you wish you would have said something first?

No, because then everyone would have called me a hater. I honestly think that everything worked out the way it was supposed to, because it probably wouldn’t have gotten as much recognition as it did. I had guys in prison telling me who he was, but he was never really a concern until recently when I started speaking across the country and here he is rapping my whole life; so it’s a conflict of interest.

In your opinion, what would be a fair resolution and when it’s all over would you still let him use your name?

It’s pretty much out of my hands, but when it’s all said and done it’s definitely an option. Anything can happen with this situation and I am wide open because I’m not trying to hurt his career, but I don’t want someone to take what’s mine and hurt me. So the ideal for me would be to come to a resolution where everyone wins.

Touching on hip-hop as a whole, how do you feel about rappers using the names and lives of fellow gangsters to gain street cred?

At the end of the day, it’s entertainment; so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing it in the proper form. Just make sure to respect the people who made these names, right now I’m working on some movies for some well-known people but if I didn’t have their consent I wouldn’t do it. I have been approached by some guys in jail that are seeing me making moves that want me to do a movie on their life story, it’s because of their moral support that I am able to do what I do.

With all of the low level drug dealers claiming to be kingpins and getting a lot of jail time, what is your advice to the kids that are looking up to them as a way to get out of the ’hood?

The drug lifestyle is a very hard lifestyle, it’s not as easy as everyone thinks. To be a drug kingpin is very hard because it’s a lot of sacrifice and determination just like with legal businesses, but you have to constantly be looking over your shoulder. It took me a long time to start to generate the kind of drug money that I made and with my legal business it definitely isn’t taking that much time, which goes to show that if you take that same energy and put it into something else, you can do anything.

Do you feel that the youth can continue to use drug dealing as an excuse to “get out of the ’hood,” when we have so many other options nowadays?

We have always had options, the real question is: Do the people see that option and are they willing to take it? A lot of people don’t see the potential in themselves to do great things legit and so they stick to what they know. Bottom line, I think the youth needs to see more people successful and making it out of their neighborhoods so that they can see it is possible and that there is a better way out, but it takes those successful people coming back to the ’hood.

After your feature on BET’s American Gangster, many people respected you but there were also the critics who lost respect for you due to your cooperation with the government to sell drugs in the community. For those who don’t understand your point of view on the situation, can you explain what happened?

Basically, I was selling drugs and the government brought their people in to sell drugs cheaper and I just happened to be the guy they made contact with. To set the record straight, I did not know that it was the government at the time and quite frankly I didn’t care because I thought I was doing a service to the community. Like people who are selling medicinal weed now, I looked at [the selling of] cocaine like people were going to get it anyway; why not from me? If the people wanted it, why shouldn’t I be the one to give it, was my thoughts on it, but I was also young. I was 19 at the time and trying to do everything that I thought a man should do.

Looking back over your life, is there anything that you would do differently?

Absolutely, there are a lot of things I would do differently but you know people can’t spend their life using hindsight, you have to stay focused on your future and be sure to move forward. —Tiffany Hamilton

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  • A.K.

    Look at this bum ass cruft nigga. Tryna get money off a next man. There’s a million Michael Smiths in the world. Do you see them suing eachother? Dirty lazy ass cruft nigga, get a life.

    • RightEarly206

      WOW!! U niggas is crazy? I feel both sides of the arguement, but the bottom line is the Ross from Miami CAN spit. Even if he took the name and maybe the stories from someone else?! Niggas in the rap game been doin that shit 4 years!R u serious?? So u want a cut of my money cause I used your name or likeness? Do you think Brad Jordan has 2 pay Al Pachino 4 usin the name Scarface? What about Nas 4 usin Escobar? How bout Ghostface when he uses Tony Starks? Yeah it would have been some real nigga shit 4 the rapper 2 break him off some dough when he got out, but he ain’t gotta do shit! HE wrote them raps, he got that deal, thats his swag. Answer me this, if Freeway Ricky Ross had run into another nigga, while he was in his prime gettin that 2.5 million a week, and the nigga was like,”hey, my name is Rick Ross. You usin my name. Break me off some money?” He woulda looked at that nigga like he was crazy. Which is just how Rick Ross is,or should be lookin at Freeway Rickey Ross. RIGHT! And nigga u was gettin 2.5 million a week, u didnt put no money up? Best believe if i was gettin that type of dough, I would still be on, not lookin 4 a hand out. and if it wasnt 4 Rawse and american gangster who would even know who the fuck you are?!?!? Right.

  • A.K.

    I know 50 is pushing this guy to go hard at it. Didn’t the judge already dismiss this case. 50 I know your behind it, just fall back and make some good music. Officer Ricky is killin it right now and if you deny that, you’se a HATER

    • http://XXLMAG.COM THE REAL 50 CENT…

      LMAO… YES I AM…

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Funny like cb4 funny.

    1.) hip hop is an art and buisness. its enternatinment. let that man make his music.

    2.) What about freeway, no the rapper freeway? o, he ain’t selling right now. maybe jayz did use it as a marketing scheme for both rappers BUT why just go at RAWSE? thas the funny thing which makes me agree that 50 is behind it AND freeway the philly freeway is down with 50 who stole his name from a short dude in nyc…how funny and ironic. YET it’ll be a group of people who eat this up.

    3.) does music inlfucnce art or art influence music? I think its a little bit of both and this proves it.

    • Dinero

      lmao… its funny that u mention CB4… Cuz tha fake gutso made his image off tha real gusto that went to jail… Tricc Ross steals not only this niggas life story he also stole tha idea from a movie…. This nigga needs to slim up and start acting… He got u niggaz convinced….

  • prodigy

    if thats the case he should sue freeway also

  • Stan-Layy

    These comments kill me. That is Rick Ross people, for real. No entertainment, no hip-hop, no video hoes, no art, RICK ROSS. “Freeway” Ricky Ross. He made choices that one might disapprove of, but any worse than someone using HIS name and legacy to sell the fallacy of “Studio” dope to the masses. Let the man talk, and listen.


    U niggas aint getting the point, he took his real name and made money off of it, wat the fuck whould u do, shit i need a piece of the action real talk

  • Sha


    Your claim to fame was selling drugs…. POINT BLANK!

    You came into your “notoriety” through selling poison to the children, mothers, fathers and general public. You fucked up the neighborhood.

    To the rapper RICK ROSS….

    Your claim to fame is rapping. POINT BLANK!

    You came into your “notoriety” through telling stories and selling your poison of choice to the children, mothers, fathers and general public. But your venue is entertainment. So the responsibility for fucking up the listeners rests on the parents and individuals.

    This is some funny shit. How can the “Original” Ricky Ross claim that the name he made through selling drugs and murder be his original moniker? Last time I checked, he couldn’t hold a mic. If anything, “The Rapper” Rick Ross is bringing credit to your name. Not taking away from it. You couldn’t have fucked your own name up more by selling drugs. Rapping (although I wouldn’t call it that totally) is WAY WAY WAY better than selling drugs.

    The “Original” is trying to cash in. He’s listening to his attorneys and whoever else is advising him (I wouldn’t be surprised if 50 Cent didn’t put him up to this whole thing) and trying to cash in.

    Take responsibility man!!! You fucked up your life. Looking for a “Wall Street Bailout” is a pussy way to try to reconcile. Real talk.

  • http://myspace.com/platinumsoundrecordingstudio Mario Meadows

    man pay that man. thats all it is to it. def jam has made a fortune of this dude likeness and name. pay up ross! that would be some real nigga shit. soon as freeway walked out that prison nigga you should have been waiting with a limo, a million dollar check, some bitches and henessey nigga. i tilt my hat to you freeway becaue you still humble. look at that shit! i have to call him freeway because if i say rick ross yall might get it confused! see what the fuck i mean!

  • Da Illest

    I kind of agree with him. If its just entertainment, why doesnt William Roberts have an album labled ” William Roberts as Rick Ross” instead of him naming himself outright. At the same time, how many rappers have taken real mob bosses names ( Gotti, Nas Escobar, Gambino, etc). Rappers look real stupid and fake now a days.

  • daywalker

    are you guys absolute idiots or what??

    william roberts and jayz took another man’s goverment name and real life story and fabricated it into a character that william roberts tried to pass off as his own life story for significant profit—what part of that do you not understand???

    ross’ whoe career is based on the fact that he tried to pass his stories off as true and himself off as a REAL kingpin–he even called his album deeper than rap!!! except all the stories and even the name are from freeway ricky ross’ real life!!!– get it!.

    freeway and 50 cent borrowed the nick-names of famous gangsters (very different from taking someones full first and last goverment name)—but did they or anyone else ever take another mans real life and try to pass it off as there own true story for profit?! use another man’s real life as the stories for all of their rhymes , their while character, their whole image????? NO!

    every ross rhyme, everything ross says–everything ross does–THAT FAT FUCK EVEN HAD THE AUDACITY TO MAKE A SONG CALLED “RICH OFF COCAINE” AND FILM THE VIDEO IN MEDELLIN COLOMBIA—-for those of you that don’t know–freeway ricky was the first-and ONLY black drug dealer aligned with the medellin and the only one ever to have a direct source in colombia—–william roberts’ entire career is based on freeway ricky ross’ REAL LIFE –every dime ross has made has been off of that man’s name and that man’s real life–get it!!!! then the fat fuk was goin around saying he was a real kingpin and that ricky ross’ wasnt shit—how can anybody cosign this shit???!?!

    you all know damn well ross was trying to pass all of his stories off as true–even after the co shit he was talking that shit…

    i’ve been sayin from the first second i heard ross say “the real noriega he owe me a hunned favors”-and try to passw that shit off as true- from the second he said that i said he was gonna have to clear this up with the real rick ross at some point…

    stealin a man’s real name,life story, image and identity and rapping as if you are that dude while the real dude is locked up is as bitch made as bitch made can possibly get..


      I GOT TO CALL YOU OUT ON THE REAL Rick Ross thing about him bein the only black man with ties to Columbia, your wrong you need to watch cocaine cowboys 1 and 2 and you will learn that a famous crack dealer from oakland did in fact also have ties, he was datin the black widow the godmother who was the biggest deadliest king pin in the game and he was the only dude that close to her that dated her who lived to tell the story.But you made a good point.

      About the subject at hand fuck this fat fuck who stole this dudes life and story, and Im sorry you all must be fuckin brainwashed if you think this false faggots music is killin it.Actually he aint killin shit but some mcdonalds and steak and shrimp.Face it he is flavor of the month and his music is garbage and disposable not to mention he wont be around very long so love him while you can because real rap is startin to make a comeback.FUCK THIS FAKE ASS PUNK ICANT WAIT TILL HE HANGS UP HIS MIC.

    • Anonymous

      yo you guys are crazy. rapper ross was a c.o. for a year wen he was 19.so whut.

      everyone in mia cosighnes he was a real drug dealer

      i know c.o.s that sold drugs in the past.

      i kno c.o.s that smoke weed

      a c.o. is not a cop

      the real ross did benifite of the rapper,cus now everyone nows his name and storie

      if rapper ross didnt use his name ,the real ross would just be another cat that got out of jail,but the rapper put the spotlight on him

      the rapper ross should give this cat some bread tho,and even a job or a favor

      youll cats hate on the rapper ross to much

      why is that youll think it was imposiable for him to have sold drugs in the past?

      check out my music http://www.myspace.com/willianosantoro

      • bylaw99

        @ Anonymous you sound ignorant..have you heard of Original Gangsters…this man Ricky Ross has been known for years its just you young niggas didnt have a clue until (B.E.T. Original Gangster Series aired) William Roberts stole his life story like Ricky would never see the light of day! SURPRISE! He’s home and now you have to pay like you weight..same thing happened to Biggie and Puffy the difference is they change there names before they started putting out music and videos..William is bout to cough up that doe!

    • donpeazy226

      Come on dude thats pure bullshit the rap rick ross was calling his self before he even got with jayz nobody sat down and said lets take the real rick ross story and make it our own really the rapper rick ross is taking stores from the boobie cat from Miami. Dude is just trying to come up cuz he flat broke trying to get that money he need to fund this stupid ass movies he trying to promote man. the rapper rick ross never tried to pass his self off as ricky freeway ross not once did he say he was ricky freeway ross. Dude a bump nobody should feel sorry for dude bummy ass how you making 2.5 million a week and dont got no paper to show for it man thats bullshit man dude foolish. Now if ross would gave dude some paper when he got out of jail that would be ross admitting that he took this man life story and tried to take it on as his own Like honestly every drug kingpin story is the fucking same never ever changes its all ways a kid with nothing wanted the finnier things in life saw and looking for away to get out the hood. But this guy when he was in the hood he lived like he was doing dope his damn self fuck this dude its all entertainment fuck his government name .

  • Stan-Layy

    I notice that most of Ross’s fans seem to accept the fact that his music is “Entertainment” and that he is just “acting” a part. The sad thing is that the “actor” playing the part has become so entrenched in the role that he’s not acting anymore. Some of these guys need to get some big hollywood connects. The role-play is astonishing. Grammy worthy even.

    • Dinero

      Stan I co-sign on tha astonishment with these dumb ass fans who neglect facts and jus wanna succ this fat pubic hair bearded mutha fucca up…. lol… but tha actin is oscar worthy, grammy’s are for music…. lol

      • Stan-Layy

        Yeah, I should have edited with reply. Tony or Oscar worthy!

  • blog-ologist

    Him and Freeway did met up and they settled their issues. Freeway blessed him when he came out…that means he put some green where the lent was…and the case was not dropped…the judge just stopped the injuction on William’s album…But if the real Rick Ross wins, he will get money off that album too…yeah there are alot of Michael Smith’s…but there is one former king pin Rick Ross…dont be blinded by the lights and beats…The problem i had with William was when he tried to deny his past and still tried to act like he was the biggest drug king pin to grace Miami since Griselda Blanco. And you know nowadays music influence life…and he just hyping kids up to do things he didnt do…I would respect him if he gave full story about selling, getting caught, going to prison…but its all shine…no message…and these young kids buy into the myth and everybody profit off of Rick Ross image but him and William…because whether you wanna to admit or not…Ross is broke…and might be getting money now…because if he been had money, he wouldnt try so hard to prove that he is balling, like showing up at the BET Awards looking like Mr. T….just buffonery at its finest…The harder they try to shine, the broker they are people…OPEN YOUR EYES!!! And now im officially going by A.K. or ff1one…i bet if a nigga even wore the same shirt you wore on the same day…you would want to call him out for jocking…so just imagine what u would do if someone took your name!!!

  • Stan-Layy

    Edit——- Oscar worthy even

  • Anonymous

    all yall some hoes

  • Anonymous

    get off the fake rosses dick real niggas stand up

  • sparkcity911

    Fat boy know he wrong yo…nigga blow up off the strength of my name…my goverment yo…
    that nigga gotta pay…more then homage son….
    fat boy is food right now so i dont blame the
    real ross for trying to take a bite out of that
    FAT BOY..

  • woenow

    Blood fuck this old ass nigga The Bawse bitch ass nigga

  • Bob Dole

    Sorry, but I can’t see paying dude one dime. Charge it to the game and be glad you made it out of prison. How many families and lives were destroyed by the drugs you sold? Losing your name is the smallest price to pay for the harm you put predominately on your own people. I personally wish they would EXECUTE drug dealers!You worked with the REAGAN administration and took OUR people back one hundred years…The REAGAN ADMINISTRATION!!! Consider yourself blessed that someone who lost
    a MOTHER, FATHER,SISTER or BROTHER doesn’t put one in your dome!You forfieted your NAME and your right to LIFE when you put that POISON in YOUR COMMUNITY. Fuck this dude!

    • Dinero

      lmao…. Some one is on their period I see…. He set blacc people bacc…? Tha fact that u give one man that power only shows how much of a moron (idiot if ur comprehension is low) u r… One man, one entity does not make difference to rather u go forward or not…. So if u wanna say anything, u wanna say, blacc people set blacc people bacc 100 years but if u r somewhat intelligent, u’ll say, Napolean set tha whole world bacc….

      • Uzay Boyz

        Yes! He set a large mass of Black people back. He was a pebble dropped into a river of people, that rippled out and destroyed many lives and Napolean is not here to be held accountable for his actiions. This dude is. Spit that foolish rhetoric to somebody else idiot. Rapper Ross owes this guy as much as he owes those whose lives were destroyed by the drugs HE put in the streets, that He cooked up and made available. Napolean??? GTFOH!!!! If I’m an Uncle Tom, then you must Idi Amin or one of them Hutu “Hotel Rawanda” azz niggahs, cuz your here defending this destructive mutherfucker. Fuck you and him!

    • Hannibal

      CO- fucking sign. some people are just shameless

    • Anonymous

      @bob dole, it aint his fault niggas was on drugs he was just selling them. he aint force nobody to put shit in they veins. be mad at those addicted. its like saying Mcdonalds is horrible cause it made a whole bunch of people fat its their fault. thats completely wrong its those fat ass peoples fault for eating so much. Mcdonalds just sold the burgers it aint force u to eat. if u know somethings poison and have seen its effect niggas its no ones fault but your own if u take it. now on the topic of his name, there is nothing wrong with him wanting to benifit off this. nigga u use my name to make money and dont pay me. i would do the same shit and there aint nothing wrong with that. its the life that man lead that all u fans listen to and adore. stop riding dudes dick and think objectively about the situation

      • Dinero

        Its pointless to even go explain, these dumb assess dont understand something called logic and refuse to use it… These would of been tha slaves sayin ok not even thinkin bout ways to get freedom… Given one man tha power of many only shows how enslaved their minds are… One man dont controll shit… If I choose to drink beer, its not cause tha store its because of choice… So if my liver is destroyed its not tha store or tha brewry, its my fault for havin such a good time….. Read a book and get out tha box Ugay Boyz and anyother dumb ass co-signin

        • Uzay Boyz

          Logic tells me that your a wordy mutherfucker content to accept the status quo on some “Well, it’s always been that way” type of shyt. Logic tells me your the true slave minded do nothing type of guy who lacks the courage to say selling drugs to own your people or anyone is wrong. Logic tells me your a SLAVE minded Coward who relies on the safety net afforded by your allegiance to that blind, willfully ignorant street soldiers ethic.

  • avenger xl

    Only in America can a convicted Felon sue for the right to protect a name associated with being a shell for the FBI and CIA to poison his own people for profit. All the real rick ross needs is a glass of get this shit out of court. Now if he goes at officer Rickey on some stop glamorizing my fucked the fuck up past to this new generation or I will sue you. Then I would agree with him getting his name back but asking for cash is just another way this scum bag is capitalizing on being a murderous sellot.

    • bylaw99

      Thats exactly what the fuck he’s doing..dude did you even read the fuckin interview..he said he’s on a tour around the country trying to stir kids away from drugs and negativity but its hard to do when you got somebody using your name to spread the exact opposite. Its a conflict of interest so in order to rid himself from that problem he has to get total control of his name and he’s doing that by suing him. Damn U guys dont even read just automatically start defending your fav artist.

  • Escobar9300

    Rawse needs to pay Ricky asap. Dude is making a gang of paper on this mans image and name. Personally, I have enjoyed Deeper Than Rap and Teflon Don, KNOWING that Rawse is essentially an actor playing a role, and not the real deal. But dudes beats and features are on point. Just man up and cut the dude a check Rawse, you owe him that much.

    • RightEarly206

      Nigga r u serious? If Pablo show up at your spot right now wantin some dough cause u usin his real name 4 a screen name, r u gonna cut him a check? Right. Like I said b4, it would have been some cool shit, but he dont owe that nigga nothin. Man, thats whats wrong wit niggas,stop lookin 4 a fuckin handout and get your own paper up!! Right.

  • Uzay

    Pay this niggah???? Yeah, Pay this nigga no mind!

  • Uzay Boyz

    Pay This niggah?????? Pay his azz no mind!Consider it even for all the crack addicted babies born during this niggah’s reign of drug induced terrorism, in the eighties.

  • Body Mechanix

    Pay him when he pays for every hospitalization, funeral,Court cost, Schooling and care for crack addicted folks and KIDS who suffered because of his bullshit.Reagan’s L.A. Do boy.

    • Dinero

      Ugay Boyz and Body Mech…. U guys are uncle toms… lol… I didnt know Ricc Ross created drugs… I didnt know, he forced people to take drugs and then steal their money… I didnt know that he killed people by giving them somethin they were going to get one way or another from another dealer… U guys refuse to use logic and jus spew out any dumb shit u guys feel… Grow the fucc up please…. Italians and whites were selling drugs before they were even called drugs… Does anyone read anymore…. lol… I kno u 2 dont…

      • Uzay Boyz

        Logic???? Clown I’m still waiting on the logic in you mentioning that Italians and Whites selling drugs as some sort of justification for what this guy did to HIS community.

  • Mario Meadows

    One thing about it Freeway didn’t force anybody to do crack or cocaine. Supply and demand. Just like you know tobaco and fast food bad for you but niggas still do it. it was going to come from somewhere. if people stopped doing dope then it would be no dope dealers. the dope problem is far deeper than freeway ricky ross. know that!

  • Kapone02

    I grew up in L.A. during the 80′s and there were a few so called “Kingpins” in the city. From Benzo Al and the east side Four Tray Onzone to To the Rich Rollin 60′s. The thing about LA(as well as many other places) During that time your Name ment something. I mean really if you were related to or was apart of so and so’s team you got respect. So Im sure its not ONLY the money. Regardless of his intent at the very least “Rosay” should have come in with the mindset of ‘let me acknowledge that this is some one who is real and went through alot to gain the fame that I am living off of’. Its more respect than anything.

  • Uzay Boyz

    Nah he didn’t force anybody to do drugs he just fed the ADDICTION (Supply and Demand)and the end result was INCARCEERATION (FELONY CONVICTIONS MEANS INVISIBLE IN AMERICA (No vote,no say)Broken MINDS,Hobbled spirits and death. Pay for all that first Real Ross!

  • gift

    you know what I’m sick of. Niggas on this site always talkin shit about rick ross, and how he worked with the laws, and all this other shit that they have no proof of. The photo of ross and employment papers are the only thing on him that’s factual of his past as far as working with any laws. no endictments with him listed as a snitch, no court paperwork, nothing. He may have used somebody else’s life to enhance his musical subject matter, but so has 50, any rapper with the name gotti, capone, and even noreaga. lil wayne aint real, and niggas ride his dick all the time like he’s gods gift to rhyme. he ain’t no gangsta. 50 be on some unoriginal shit, by using Ja-Rule’s thug love style to sell records, and niggas still on 50′s nuts. Ross has great beat selection, ill flow, and has released better projects each time he drops. That’s what you call musical growth, and if you niggas gonna be talking shit bout ross, then don’t forget to name all the other fake ass rappers using other niggas life’s to sell records.

  • gift


    • RightEarly206

      Gift u get a round of applause nigga!!! That is real shit u said. Yall wanna talk about Rawse but what about these other niggas who been doin that shit.Right

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Sounds like the Real Ross has come a long way. I respect the sh** he’s talking on. Give him his money!

  • moneymayhem

    Nope! Nada, zilch! Send em a free copy of Teflon Don, ok two copies and kick em to the curb forever.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    1. i respect Sha’s opinion as usual because its on point.

    are u dudes that dellusional? again, almost every rapper’s name / alias is something gangsta.

    look at it like this: nobody gets on robert denario al paccino danny devito (lol they all rhyme) for their part in entertaining us in many of our favorite gangsta flicks. dude can play a killer fathe figure and star in cartoons. Thas the freedom these artist have. styles p combines thier names because he respect their craft. by now you guys should realize that rap is a form of entertainment. yes, it is an art such as acting. its actors who purely act who say deniro is a bad actor. its actors out their in the streets. sorry, if u guys buy into every back drop story that rappers sell you BUT thas your fault. use logic. You prob think denzel is a bad guy because of his role in training day.

    in addition, rick ross is a rapper. he may not be the BEST HIP HOP artist or pure hip hop star such as those actors that act on stage live. Nevertheless, don’t short the man’s skills.

    finally, the real rick ross wrote none of his rhymes. if u were in the streets than you’d know that philly’s freeway stole his name first. nickname government name don’t matter. if i name myself obama and start rappin and release the first single “Dead President” it doesn’t discredit me as an mc. if i flip jayz song that he flipped from nas and use obama name as my “stage” name its just a name. it has nothing to do with skills.

    • Anonymous

      some of yall sound stupid. let someone use your name and life (no matter what u did and who u fucked up) to make money and i bet u do the same thing. and some of yall sit here convicting this dude because of his past but let some nigga rap about it and its all good. thats some backwards shit.

  • Uzay Boyz


    Simple azz niggah, I don’t give a fuck what Italians and Whites are doing! Those are your models and justifications for whats morally right and wrong simple ass niggah! Stay slummy niggah!Defender of the all thats fucked the fuck niggah Slumdog dollarnaire azz niggah

  • Uzay Boyz


    Period indeed when silly simple azz clowns like you sit here and mention what Italians and Whites do as if it would justify in ANYWAY the destruction caused by this one individual.

    Anybody that sells drugs should be shot dead IMO. Read that simple azz niggah!

    • c_realla

      iz this the most retarded ni99a commenting on this shit??

      • Uzay Boyz

        Nah c_Phony! Just the realest niggah who’ll tell ya exactly how it goes down courtside fool. You keep it street though, see how well that serves you long term fool

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    This is what happens when you bite a style. Be original.

    It has nothing to do with Ricky writing Rick’s rhymes or stuff like that. Dude took his name and likeness and ran with it, bottom line. I mean damn, even the beard yo! SMH @ some co-signing identity theft.

    I bet they told Minaj to lay off the Barbie stuff, Mattel can sue for unauthorized usage of the name and brand. Smif N Wesson got caught up and had to switch.

    Let some new rapper come out named Touke Will or Lil’ Meech and see what happens. Bets on if a new cat came out wearing round glasses and long hair named John Leanon you would get a C & D real early in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Lennon was a convicted felon

  • Anonymous


  • Uzay Boyz

    Isn’t there a federal law that prevents convicted felons from making any profit off of any exploits related to the crime(s) they were convicted of? The one that prevented Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy from making money from their artwork? Was Tookie Williams allowed access to any of the profits from his book?

  • Stan-Layy

    The hip-hop police is monitoring this blog heavily. I’m going to jail

  • Suvio Blue

    his name aint Freeway, its Rick Ross…FOH!

  • Sha

    @ ff1one@yahoo.com

    Thanks for reppin’ that real truth! You be killin’ these cats with knowledge.

  • Face Phoenix

    Pay Respect…. Yes.
    Give a Hand Out…. Oh Hell No.

  • c_realla

    1- Rick Ross the rapper sucks, he is fat and should pray he keeps his dunkin donuts endorsment.
    2- The Real Rick Ross from LA- who served time in a correctional facility not working there- has every right to point out the fakeness of this fat ass grimace looking mother fucker.
    3- I would sue his fat ass for making money off my name too. Apparently this buster wouldn’t make cabbage corn bread if he rapped about his real life. Eating donuts, double burgers with cheese, rack of lamb and shit like that would sell records to the level of fabricating the life of a drug kingpin does.
    4- Stay in school, the messages on this board represent why a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    • Uzay Boyz

      Yeah! God forbid another black man should eat off this felonius azz negro! Maybe he should go after the FBI for using those tapes of his stupid azz as training aids for the new recruits, or The History Channel for some that “Gangland” or the other show with Ving Rhames ” American Gangster” paper local minded fool (Food)You still don’t get it cuz your willfully stupid. Local mind set stay losing. Pathetic

  • JustASquirrel

    Co-sign blog-ologist, $yk and daywalker.

    Of course selling crack to your community is bad. But yeah, impersonating someone who sold crack to their community that’s all good?
    See, that makes no sense at all.
    Read read the posts mentioned above again, for real. Esp. the video in Columbia part. I mean, come the fuck on!

  • JustASquirrel

    Bitch, PLEASE!

  • Uzay Boyz

    “The Real Rick Ross from LA- who served time in a correctional facility not working there- has every right to point out the fakeness of this fat ass grimace looking mother fucker”.

    Let me guess…None of your HEROS appear on any stamps! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Cerebral crack vs REAL crack… I’ll take the lesser of the two evils. (easier on the anus) LOL

  • Stan-Layy

    All this BS going on in the game is the reason why I Fuxxs with Kool Keith when he keeps it real and raps about space and mars.

  • JustASquirrel

    Yeah! I feel you right there.

    And the matter at hand isn’t cerebreal crack vs REAL crack. It’s about straight theivin’.
    I KNOW you seen CB4. LIsten to that speech that Chris Rock’s dad gives him at the end again.

  • Uzay Boyz


    LOL! The funny thing is I don’t have anything against Freeway Rick Ross or the Rapper. I’ve been sitting here messing with this new Native Instrument Maschine trying to incorporate it into my set up,transfering my files from my MPC 2500,playing Devils advocate just for the hell of it. I wish both of these brothers well in life and hope that they settle their dispute sensible like grown men.FYI Maschine is the truth! anybody wanna buy a MPC 2500 fully loaded? LOL

  • Uzay Boyz


    In a perfect world flowers bloom, birds sing,children frolick in grassy meadows.

    In this world…not so much

    Lesson: stay out of situations that bring your rights into question and bring your anal retentiveness into jeopardy and then when we someone violates attack,attack, attack with the full understanding that right is on your side. Maybe you’ll win, maybe you’ll lose but playing in them streets you’ll ALWAYS lose.The federal court already threw an L at Rick Ross concerning this matter, so what now? Is he gonna keep doing interviews in the alternative media and shame the rapper into breaking him off? Good luck with that one!an old 1st sergeant told me “SGT D, you gotta know when and where to pick your battles!” Maybe the streets will hold him down, but try feeding your kids with that, or even yourself. Thanks for Entertainment!

  • Uzay Boyz


    In a perfect world, your right but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that in the end. Rick Ross will still be using the name,Rick Ross the former dealer will catch another L or two in court and the world as we know it will go on.

  • Hooligan

    How much money did Frank Lucas make from Denzil Washington playing him in American Gangster?

    What Rawse has done/is doing is essentialy the same thing, he owes the man something!

  • BeerGangsta

    Rapper Rick Ross got a lot to learn. Don’t be a follower and a cheerleader. Just do you and be a leader.

  • player pete

    Rick Ross was on the “all about the Benjamins Soundtrack back in 2002 with Trina.(Told Ya) Why didn’t he sue him back then?

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  • buggzilla

    Well i dont really see how Jay gets blamed for the name William Roberts chose when Willy had that name before he ever even signed to Def Jam. When he was signed to Slip n Slide and did that Trina vid from All About Da Benjamins soundtrack his name was Rick Ross and that was yrs before Jay became president of Def Jam. Rap Ross could look out for Amerigangsta Ross but at the same time AG Ross said he had plenty paper stashed when he first got out. I just think niggas enjoy the spotlight and any oppurtunity to get paid. Guess thats that ole hustler in him.

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  • Uzay Boyz


  • Juke

    So let me get this straight…. Def Jam found a fat corrections officer, probably put the tattoos on him then gave him some jewelry and told him to tell Ricky Donnell Ross “Freeway Ricky Ross” story. IT WORKED.

    I’m not hatin, a record label presented him with an opportunity to make a better living for himself and family what was he supposed to do say no?

    To the people who don’t like Ross music and says he’s fake guess what he’s not the only one. Music is a form of ENTERTAINMENT 80-90 percent of entertainment is FICTION.

    To Ross’ fans please don’t confuse it with REAL, as I said it’s ENTERTAINMENT.

    Rick Ross has found a way to make it in this world. I don’t listen to his music nor do I listen to rap I listen to Hip Hop, YES there is a difference look up the KRS-One interview, but I’m certainly not going to HATE on someone who is making a living a helping his people along the way.

    Remember at the end of the day, WE ALL FLOAT!!!

  • Justice K League


  • http://www.pacelegal.com.au pacelegal

    I don’t think that Freeway Ricky Ross is able to articulate his views very well. However what I would argue if I were his Attorney is that commercial misappropriation of a person’s likeness, image, identity, persona, recognised by California law and also recognised in European countries, is a quasi-intellectual property right but actually originates in privacy law.

    It treats a person’s right to their personality as inviolate. It’s an issue of impersonation or stealing one’s identity, and has little to do with whether someone is well known or why they are well known. It is more to do with the right to control one’s identity. It is more analogous to celebrities who go to the English courts and New Zealand Courts asserting that they have a right to control their identity. The issue is that someone can’t use your identity to promote their own goods and services. Leonard admitted that he used Rick Ross’ image and likeness to brand himself as a college graduate who was a correctional officer adventitiously.

    Let us assume that Ricky Ross first lawfully used his name in trade or commerce when he made the movie 100 kilos and he then started going around the country giving motivational speeches and trying to reform himself.

    Does he not have some entitlement having served his time and been a pawn used by the Government and ‘lawful’ drug enforcement agencies to use his experiences to try to teach others, including the youth of America, where he went wrong? Does he not have the right to control his image, when someone else is trying to perpetuate the use of a drug kingpin for the purpose of celebrating and exploiting commercially some kind of false glamour associated with the hip urban rap culture and crime. This is what Ross set out to do in a calculating way.

    I can certainly think of better ways to impart culture to those who follow his music than to glorify this image.

    My preference would be to buy a copy of Webb’s book, read about the Iran-Contra scandal, watch a movie of our ‘law enforcement officials’ embroiled in this scandal, than spend my money on a rap singer who uses a one dimensional representation of a criminal who deals in cocaine to divert attention away from what are the real sordid issues.

    As I recall G. Gordon Liddy was not the cleanest FBI officer of all time. Do we prevent him from profiting from his book ‘Will’? Do we prevent George W. Bush from profiting from his memoirs when he publishes them even though we know that technically he has committed war crimes which are triable.

    I think the French have a saying that a criminal has a ‘right to be forgotten, or a right to redemption’. I am not advocating for criminal rights, although I do believe that Ricky Ross is not his own best advocate and he is trying to make a statement about the messed up society he lives in.