Fox Boogie Brown is bad as hell... For all of her accomplishments in the studio, rapper Foxy Brown is more renowned for her exploits outside of the booth than inside it. She’s quite the firecracker. Hotel maids have been spat on, Range Rovers crashed and manicurists beat up. In September 2007, Brown was sentenced to a year in jail and was released seven months later in April 2008. But not even previous convictions can hold Inga Marchand down; earlier this week the rapstress was arrested after an altercation with her neighbor in Brooklyn. While the incident made headlines, it’s not the craziest thing Fox has done by far. So in honor of our favorite female rap drama setter, XXL rates Foxy Brown’s craziest moments.

S – Just havin’ a bad day
M- The right amount of crazy
L- Lose your mind
XL- You sooooo craaaaazy
XXL- Call the men in the white coats

Spit Yo’ Game
In January 1997 Foxy was charged with assault after spitting in the faces of two hotel workers in Raleigh, North Carolina. The reason? The hotel didn’t have a iron available when Brown requested one. Guess that's reason enough to get heated, right?
Crazy Rating: XL

Bad Vibes
Foxy bites her tongue for no one, but in addition to voicing her displeasure over a 1998 Vibe cover shot, the fiery rapper picked a fight with then Editor-In-Chief Danyel Smith. [XXL does not condone this type of violence—no seriously, that’s wack!]
Crazy Rating: XXL

Ryde or Die Chick
There was a time when private dollar vans were the most reckless things rollin’ down Brooklyn’s Flatbush Avenue, that was until March 2000 when Foxy crashed her Range Rover on the busy BK street and was later arrested for driving without a license. Dangerous curves, indeed.
Crazy Rating: S

Everyone gets a little crazy at times, but at least Brown (at some point) sought out help. In December 2000 the rapper completed a stay at the Cornell University Medical College, where she was treated for an addiction to painkillers. The first step to recover is admitting you have a problem.
Crazy Rating: M

Pro Nails
It doesn’t matter how much money Brown has made from rap, no woman should be forced to pay $20 for a bad nail job, right? In August 2004 when Fox was forced to give up the dough for a mani/pedi in a Manhattan nail salon, she broke fool and attacked two manicurists. She pled not guilty to the assault charges, but later received three years probation in connection to the incident.
Crazy Rating: XXL

Girl Fight
The details are still sketchy and one-sided on this one, but when Foxy and Florida rapstress Jacki-O met in Miami’s Circle House Studios there was definitely some tussling. The 2005 incident caused headlines and, by most accounts, it appears that Jacki got the best of Brown during their scuffle. The cause of the fight? Apparently Brown felt that O didn’t show her the right amount of respect. “I went to work, and I did not know I would be winning an ass-kicking contest,” Jackie told MTV News in the aftermath of the incident.
Crazy Rating: L

Keep Their Heads Ringin’
Given her documented hearing loss it's understandable that Foxy needs to play her music louder than others. Unfortunately her Brooklyn neighbor Arlene Raymond didn’t have much compassion. When Raymond argued with Brown over the volume of her car stereo in July 2007, Fox struck her with a Blackberry phone. The assault charge was deemed a violation of Brown’s probation stemming from the 2004 nail salon incident and landed the rapper a one-year jail sentence. War of the (Black) Roses.
Crazy Rating: XL

Hair Raising
Beauty store owners beware: Don’t get in the way of Foxy and her hair care products. In 2007 Fox Boogie caught two misdemeanor charges stemming from a scuffle at a beauty supply store in Pembroke Pines, Florida. It was charged that Brown was applying beauty products to herself in the store’s bathroom past closing time. When an employee asked her to leave, the rapper spat and threw hair glue at the employee, resulting in a sticky situation.
Crazy Rating: XL

Pedal to the Metal
In May 2007 Brown was accused of almost running over a mother who was pushing a stroller at a Brooklyn crosswalk. The police were called, but because there was no one hurt no charges were ever filed.
Crazy Rating: S

Operation Lockdown
During her incarceration at the Rose M. Singer facility in Rikers Island, the Brooklyn Don Diva racked up a series of violations that landed her in solitary confinement. After a couple of dust-ups with other inmates and cursing out a corrections officer, the Department of Corrections put Foxy on a timeout to get her mind right.
Crazy Rating: M