C-N-N’s Favorite Sequels



Nore: I think part one was so dope, but it flew over so many people’s heads, you know what I mean. As far as people catching on to Illmatic, it was years later, although it was critically acclaimed when it came out. When he went back and did Stillmatic, it was like, this is not Illmatic, it’s Stillmatic. It’s it’s own entity.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt II

Capone: At first I was gonna say this, but that’s like, Yeah, we figured they was gonna say that. Even so, to me that’s my favorite sequel. First one was my favorite album of that year, you know what I mean. So that definitely was my favorite sequel of today. But I didn’t wanna say that ’cause it woulda been like, ahh [laughs]. In all actuality it is. To me, that’s one of the world’s best sequels ever made. It was like a part two of a movie. It filled that void, because if it woulda came out five years earlier, people might not have got it. They might not have got the gist of it. But now that everyone’s kind of wanting that feel for hip-hop back, it’s like, you know, they got the picture that [Raekwon] tried to paint.

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  • sparkcity911

    Been waiting for this one…..nore sounds like
    the old nore like tragedy been ghost writing for sun yo….I think they are signed to raekwon jump off ICE WATER INC…BANANAS FOR THE APES..

  • MarloW.

    Other Than Nas And Rae, These Niggas Picked The Worst Sequels Lol

  • CAM

    wow..you’re a writer and you use non-words like BRUNG? wow..just wow

  • Face Phoenix

    When have you ever seen a low budget Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer film? I was expecting a something deeper than what they picked but then again am I really surprised by N.O.R.E.’s Picks. This whole post should have been left on the cutting room floor. Epic Fail. I’ve seen 13 years old with better picks.