C-N-N’s Favorite Sequels

Today marks the release of C-N-N’s The War Report 2, a follow up to their influential 1997 debut, The War Report. The duo, comprised of Capone and Noreaga, have dropped two albums together as C-N-N and a handful of solo projects in the time since their first album. Still, sometimes, despite a lengthy break, a sequel is exactly what the people need. Recently, in between getting some fish, shrimp and fries at one of their favorite spots on 145th Street in Harlem, both Capone and Noreaga dished out their favorite sequels (or psuedo-sequels in Nore’s case…).

Bad Boys 2

Nore: One of my favorite sequels is obviously Bad Boys 2. I believe the first one was historic; it was classic. And I believe the second one was also classic, but they did it from a grown up perspective. I like to look at The War Report 2 like how Bad Boys 2 was, you know what I’m sayin’. The first one was real dope, but it was low budget. Martin [Lawrence] and Will Smith weren’t exactly how big they was [eventually going to be], they was still on the come-up. And Bad Boys 2, you had the grown up appeal of both characters. Some people still look at Bad Boys 2 like, It’s not as good as the first one. Yeah, it’s not supposed to be. It’s supposed to be in it’s own terms. Bad Boys 2, for what it’s worth, was a whole different approach. It was shot different, it was filmed different by a different director. There were certain things that Bad Boys 2 brung to the table that Bad Boys didn’t. I feel the same way about The War Report 2. At first, most people who’s real embedded in hip-hop and have that shit in they veins, they gonna realize this is the ultimate sequel. But most people who didn’t really get part one or whatever, or who did get part one but they caught on late, they gonna probably look at this at this and say, Oh, well, it’s dope but it’s not as good. And then later on in life they gonna look at this and say, This is it; we enjoy this.”

Rush Hour 2

Capone: I really, really like Rush Hour 2. I like they chemistry in that movie. You can tell the original, they was learning each other. And the sequel, they was best friends by that. Everything was easy; the comedy was easier, and I just like they chemistry in that movie.

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  • sparkcity911

    Been waiting for this one…..nore sounds like
    the old nore like tragedy been ghost writing for sun yo….I think they are signed to raekwon jump off ICE WATER INC…BANANAS FOR THE APES..

  • MarloW.

    Other Than Nas And Rae, These Niggas Picked The Worst Sequels Lol

  • CAM

    wow..you’re a writer and you use non-words like BRUNG? wow..just wow

  • Face Phoenix

    When have you ever seen a low budget Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer film? I was expecting a something deeper than what they picked but then again am I really surprised by N.O.R.E.’s Picks. This whole post should have been left on the cutting room floor. Epic Fail. I’ve seen 13 years old with better picks.