Tupac Shakur, ‘Pac Facts

Thirty-nine years ago today (June 16), Afeni Shakur birthed Tupac Amaru Shakur, one of hip-hop’s most revered artists. Though his life tragically ended on September 13, 1996 at the age of 25, his legacy has lived on. Through the years much has been written on ‘Pac’s legacy and countless people have picked apart his life, revealing countless details. Here, XXLMag.com highlights 16 little known or forgotten facts that you may have missed. Pour out a little liquor for the big homie.

1) As a teenager in Baltimore, 2Pac used to rhyme under the name MC New York.

2) 2Pac began his career in 1990 on Public Enemy’s Fear Of A Black Planet Tour, as a roadie and dancer for one of the tour’s opening acts, Oakland-based rap group, Digital Underground.

3) Although his role as Bishop in Juice, was his first starring one, Tupac Shakur’s very first film appearance was in 1991’s Nothing But Trouble, starring comedian Chevy Chase and Demi Moore. In the movie ‘Pac, who appeared alongside his then-group Digital Underground, played himself.

4) Digital Underground rapper Shock G.’s verse on 2Pac’s 1993 hit “I Get Around” was actually ghost-written by ’Pac.

5) Tupac read for the role of Bubba in the 1994 film Forrest Gump but did not get the part.

6) In 1994, 2Pac recorded “Let’s Get It On” with the Notorious B.I.G., Heavy D and Grand Puba. It was rumored that the quartet was forming a super-group called The Untouchables, but in actuality the track was a single off of producer Eddie F.’s unreleased Let’s Get It On compilation.

7) 2Pac’s 1995 album, Me Against The World, shot to No.1 after it’s release, making ’Pac the first artist in history to have an album debut at the top of The Billboard 200 while severing time in prison.

8) While imprisoned, Tupac maintained communication through letters with Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jasmine Guy and most surprisingly Who’s The Boss Actor Tony Danza, who urged the embattled rapper to embrace a more positive attitude.

9) According to Suge Knight, upon his release from jail in February 1996, 2Pac immediately began working on his double-disc opus All Eyez On Me; the first song recorded for the album was “Ambitionz Az A Ridah.”

10) 2Pac’s (released as Makaveli) The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory album was literally recorded over the course of seven days in August 1996.

11) Although not credited as a producer, 2Pac laid down the bass line, which interpolated Naughty By Nature’s “Uptown Anthem,” on “Intro/Bomb First” from The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.”

12) Tupac’s official cause of death was respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest in connection with the multiple gunshot wounds he’d suffered days earlier.

13) The official coroner’s report released after Tupac’s death revealed that the rapper was originally born Lesane Parish Crooks on June 16, 1971. He was later renamed Tupac Amaru Shakur, after an Inca freedom fighter, by his mother Afeni Shakur.

14) In the Fall of 1997, the University of California at Berkeley offered History 98: Poetry and History of Tupac Shakur, and became the first accredited school to develop a course based on ’Pac’s music, life and lyrics.

15) In January 2000, 2Pac’s “Changes” was nominated for a Best Rap Solo Performance Grammy, marking the first time a hip-hop artist’s posthumously created work has been nominated for the award.

16) In the 2004 Guinness Book of Records, 2Pac was given the title of the highest selling rap/hip-hop artist of all-time, selling over 67 million copies worldwide.

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    I enjoyed these facts thoroughly but the editing/proofreading leaves a lot to be desired…

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  • that nigga

    Love you Pac!! Happy Birthday my nigga.

  • sb

    makes you wonder what would be the state of hip hop had he been around…

  • Rudy

    The game will be a lot different if he was here.

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  • M. Baby!

    R.I.P. 2Pac…


    17) Tupac knew he was going to die.

  • gaddic

    It’s 2010 and the guiness book of records should write up the great white hope for that title
    Em killed pac’s sales

    TUPAC is overated but still I cannot hate on dude’s catalogue of stellar material
    Easily Top 10 rappers of all time
    RIP TUpac
    the game needs you!

    • james

      The Great White My Ass Em Aint Fucking Wit Pac and his Lame Ass And 50 Used To Get Majority of They Raps From HIm Alot Of These Bitting Ass Mofos In The Industry do dont give him no credit only say they looked up to Jay Before Jay It was About Pac And Big Put Jay On He Wasnt Shit When Big Was Out

      • Anonymous

        are you seriously stupid, em aint never stole no shit from pac, pac is the best in my eyes but em is one of the best ever period.all em ever did was give pac props he looked up to pac.now 50 thats a different story, but ja rule is the worst pac biter period, dude wanted to be pac.

  • E-Man

    before I laugh at one of the comments, damn I miss pac, I swear I can play “Me Against The World” for days an never get tired of it.
    2Pac’s 1995 album, Me Against The World, shot to No.1 after it’s release, making ’Pac the first artist in history to have an album debut at the top of The Billboard 200 while severing time in prison<<< is that really something to be proud of xxl? lol

  • Truth

    Tupac was a fucking pussy ass jealous hater. Tupac wasnt no fucking gangster. Tupac weighed 150lbs!!! look the shit up! how the fuck is some 150lb little bitch going to be some straight up G?! Id knock the fuck outta that bitch and take all his shit like what them Broklyn niggas did to him! Fucking overrated ass. Dude was nothing until Suge needed a puppet to make him some dough. Tupac had no people until Suge bailed him out. Then when he hooked up with Suge hes a G all of a sudden and all you dick riders think hes some G because he put peoples names in his raps. Real talk and you sheep know it.

  • Anonymous

    You have got to be the dumbest blind fuckin hater I have ever seen post on here.Get a rope and hang your self hip hop doesnt need you as a fan.How many facts do you need to read to get the point dude was a g , he shot two cops and got out of it, he beat some dudes ass witha bat before he was in death row.read up on all his arrests and assault charges.Quit bein deaf dumb and blind.You aint shit and you know it.Nice that you have to talk shit about a dead legend to make your self feel good.What a shame.

  • Anonymous

    Read the xxl article rebel without cause its all about pac comin up and gettin into all kinds of shit.Quit bein a dumbass hater.

  • Shawn cee

    Love pac. Youtube . If it’s not the shit to you Il quit rapping. My version of Pretty boy swag, Grown Simba, Etc. Search Codkingz and scroll to the bottom.

  • http://mailfly.com buizzy

    Pac lives on……….. Happy birthday god!!!!!!!

  • makavelli4life

    Pour some liquour for the greatest of rap…Tupac
    our very own “Elvis”…now lets address some issues:
    Big ups to Ananymous for reaping that son of bitch calls himself truth. U dick sucking retard
    yes u prick am talking to u “Truth” u wanna see some gangstar shit then bring u dumb fucking as to the street and talk shit about pac and see
    were Crime scene investigators will find pieces of ur jaw!!!! u silly prick

  • Facts

    #9 is wrong 2pac was realesed from Rikers Island In October 1995 “All Eyez On Me” was realesed in Feb 1996

  • FeLoNy fIleD N Tx

    First of all rest in peace Tupac Shakur the king of all queens!
    and rest in piss to all haters hating on the legend,king,icon!!
    Sales prove that he’s the best and there is no stopping it!emenem is ok,I dnt really listen to him,he ain’t gangsta he talks about nothing that catches my attention…Tupac has real talk,I’ve been shot and did time so I can relate to what he talks about…Tupac Forever lives

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