Top 10 Rap Dads – It Runs in the Family

From Xzibit (“Foundation”) and Game (“Like Father Like Son”) to Slick Rick (“It’s a Boy”) and Ed O.G. (“Be a Father”), hip-hop artists have always embraced fatherhood on wax. However, a select few have gone so far as to push their seeds into the limelight to follow in their platinum footsteps. With today being Father’s Day, XXL put together the top 10 rap dads that have had the best success at passing on their creative genes on to their kids. Sometimes, talent just runs in the family.

He’s played a proud father in two Hollywood films (2005’s Are We There Yet? and its 2007 sequel, Are We Done Yet? ), but rap godfather Ice Cube and his real-life patriarchal ways are set to bless hip-hop with new talent, two-times over. On the mic, his son OMG has big shoes to fill, since his pops is one of the game’s all-time great MCs. And then there’s Doughboy, his producer-son responsible for tracks on Cube’s upcoming album, I Am the West. Father O’Shea must be confident in the latter, especially; after all, Doughboy is the name of Cube’s character from 1991’s Academy Award-nominated film Boyz N Da Hood. That’s what we consider carrying on tradition.

Ghost said it himself on Raekwon’s 1995 single “Glaciers of Ice;” “That’s how we keep Wu-Tang, money, all up in the family.” Through his eldest son, appropriately named Sun God, Tony Starks has a more than capable successor to his reign as a king of intricate rhymes. Just check how Sun stands out amidst his dad, Meth and Inspectah Deck on “Gunshowers” (off this year’s Wu-Massacre), or how his pass-the-mic chemistry with Poppa Ghost comes off as fluid on “Street Opera” (from Ghost’s More Fish, 2006). We’re still patiently waiting for a proper Sun God debut, but, for now, XXL salutes the Wally Champ for his lyrically dense seed.

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  • e-furious

    I thought Eminem made a few descent “i love my kids” songs too
    yes, i’m white…

    • Sleepy Wonder

      Maybe If Halie Jade Was Trying To Make It As A Rapper Or Producer He’d Be On The List…

  • Anonymous

    i know right what about EMINEM?!

  • Mandy

    i know right what about EMINEM?! Dude loves his daughters more than anything in the world (and only one is actually his)

  • eh

    @ Eminem reply’s
    Did u even read the article?

    • OZ

      eh stand for eminem n haylee unna

  • AZ40

    Eminem doesn’t push his daughter into becoming a star or into the spotlight as the article clearly states as a requirement for this discussion…It’s hard to say who has the most talented kid b/c most of them are just starting or have had very little success, with that said I’d have to say will smith’s kid b/c he has had the most success so far…I didn’t know scoop deville was kid frost son!!

  • power

    eminem dick riders calm down and read

  • Peso

    All Rev Run kid’s get busy on some type of level all the way down to Diggy lol

    never knew Ghostface had a son that rapped, might have to check out that verse on Wu- Massacre again

    only reason why every saying Will Smith son cause you know them movie checks can get real big…sh*t, like father like son at the box office all day

    Didnt know about Kid Frost that much but Scoop Devile…I’ve been seeing that name on Snopp Dogg CD’s for year now so I know Snoop F with him so I’vealways had too lol

    • swype-matic

      Check Sun God’s verse from “Miguel Sanchez” [More Fish], and “Paisley Darts” [Big Doe Rehab], both good tracks

  • Peso

    Scoop Devile been on Snoop CD’s for years…

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  • W. J. Rice

    GZA’s son is probably the most talented. This kid was iller than most adults at the age of 10

  • ONE50

    Well yall know Lil wayne sent a mother’s day letter out to all mothers on mother’s day. On father’s day he sent a letter to Baby with cologne spayed on it.

  • Eric

    Damn, Eminem fans will put his name in anything top 10 list available, won’t they?!

    Anyway, I was gonna shit on this list if Master P’s name was not on it.

    Since it is, good list!

    • Jamal7Mile

      LOL! I was gonna shit on this list if Baby & Wayne were included!

      Since they aren’t, good list XXL!


    i’m running with rev run as the top dad. he is a good roll model. Despite that, EM’s fans are damn near a cult. Is he really the second coming? I read that on a blog.

  • the brown

    Yo! Naw the illest is Boy Jones. that’s right Ol Dirt Dog Jr.! that dude is as ill as his daddy was. aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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  • sealsaa

    Angie Simmons could get what Bernie Mac called THE DICK.

  • cramzy

    I went with Will because Jaden getting to the acting paper early!.But I forget about Rev Run. All his kids got that Simmons hustle in they veins

  • mikel

    sun god is the only one who i would listen to on his own, he’s got some nice verses just waiting for that debut to drop