R.I.P. D12’s Bugz – The Good Die Young

Bugz, Eminem & Bizarre

Bugz, Eminem & Bizarre

Quiet as kept, Eminem wasn’t supposed to be a part of Detroit supergroup D12’s final lineup. Although he was an original member, Em had gone solo. However, after the tragic death of local MC Karnail “Bugz” Pitts he rejoined the group to make their Dirty Dozen idea work (six MCs with alter egos).

For those unaware of Bugz’s history, he was a fierce lyricist on Detroit’s battle circuit that was destined for greatness until a his life was taken back in 1999. Following a dispute at a local picnic, Bugz was fatally shot three times and struck by a car. His death took its toll on his fellow D12 members and they all bare a tattoo with his name on their body.

With today (May 21) marking the 11-year anniversary of Bugz, XXLMag.com decided to pay homage to an MC the greater hip-hop world never got to experience. Gone but not forgotten. —XXL Staff






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  • Pingback: R.I.P. D12’s Bugz – The Good Die Young | Knowledge Valley

  • Sha

    Rest in peace to the emcees who did it… and the emcees that didn’t get a chance but wanted to do it….

    But real talk? The greatest commodity a man has is his soul and his body. Not his lyrics. If you can’t control and protect your body and soul from certain situations you know are detrimental, then God will call you home. Some emcees are in an accidental situation or mistaken identity. But the vast majority of these cats created those moments that proved too costly for them to overcome. I’m not saying this cat was in that type of situation, but most of these dudes are. Know the ledge. Real talk.


    No disrespect to the dead r.i.p. bugz but d12 sucks seriously even the tribute song that i was hoping would be a good song kinda well sucked i mean the verses were nice all except bizarres’ i hate that fat bastard but the hook is corny sorry just be honest but any way r.i.p. bugz and proof and


    • swype-matic

      That’s cool and all, but you can’t say D12 sucks and then have the name Free Weezy, that’s like “Nas ain’t shit” and Soulja Boy’s on your cpu background.

      • dabeachboi

        FREE WEEZY is a stupid mufucka!!! that tribute song is one of the best fo sho!! Bizzy gots bizzy, which isn’t even his style!! nada funny, just straight crack!! Wayne aint gots ish on any of D-twizzy!! I was a Weezy fan b4 u was even havin peach fuzz! but since the Carter II he’s been overrated big time, or in the Industry we say, Sold OUt!! N good for him! Like i said, been down wit weezy since 97, but, his ish lately, is sellin off of straight DIK RYDERS!! Nuttin else! Pretty sad that u could come in here and hate on someones memorial song!! ur a fukin sick mufuka!! karma will get ya ass, u iggnant foo!! Never heard Bugz’s ish, but that dont matter! that’s a life that was taken way too early!! that’s someone son, bro, father, and ppl are hurtin 4ever, and u hav the nerve to hate!!


    • redblue

      Fuck weezy that gay ass corny bitch

    • Anonymous

      Get the fuck outta here, that is one of the best songs on the cd.Biz did real good on that track he actually wasnt sayin some dumb shit either.R.I.P. BUGZ and Proof D12 forever.

      • Mr. 306

        that whole album was majorly slept on. Good Die Young was a crazy good tribute song. Really solid beat and verses. Or did American Pscho II suck also? dummy

        • Anonymous

          preach pimpin,preach

    • weezy sucks

      fucking cock sucker.


    And i was talking bout the good die young song just to let you know


    • King Don GUnit

      Dear God,
      We will give you SouljaBoy in return for Tupac & Biggie…if you think this isn’t a fair trade we will throw in Justin Beiber, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears

      A Hip Hop fan who wants real rap back

      • caique`

        yo kid i agree with ya man. im a real hip hop fan who wants real rap back u know wat i mean. fuck all of them weezy, soulja boy, justin bieber, britney. fuck all of them. we need that hardcore from the streets rap. that real shit.

      • beaver

        i swear u niggaz only recognize pac and bigg as some of the greatest..
        bring back BIG L..

  • gaddic

    D12 is always hated on because of their gimmicky funny content
    dudes can rhyme
    excluding bizarre and Kon artis but all and all they ain’t that bad
    no way close to being great or classic making potential but better than alot of wack rappers out there

    • Anonymous

      man you obviously aint followed d12 since Em first put them on, dudes got some crazy heat, in the underground unreleased shit. peep game an check for that shit.im not nice so im not gonna go on an list all the real hard shit for ya, but i will, get ya started with this one song if ya aint heard it yet

      it is called quitter…… peep that shit


    Kuniva is one of the best spitters in the crew, he stands head to head with Em at times.
    Eminem, Kuniva, Swifty, Proof, Kon Artis then Bizzarre as far as how the talent goes in the group. From what I have heard of Bugz,he prolly would have been hard too had he not died.
    Fuck free weezy fuckin flake, the good die young was was hard but you wouldnt know that cuz your a Lil Wayne dick rider.

  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah cop that Kuniva Retribution mix tape shit goes hard.

  • Anonymous

    Damn,wasn’t this dudes murder caught on tape?

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    RIP Bugz and Proof! If you could witness D12 live in a cypher back in ’94 you’d be in awe. That crew clicked! Proof is the best freestyler I’ve ever known – second to none!

  • BeerGangsta

    word! rip bugs! d12 is the graetest ever! now with suge free on his bail they is gonna take over! all they gots to do is do a song with gucci mane or webbie and they will blown ups!! you guys will see!!

  • Anonymous

    sorry 7 mile
    but after hearin many songs that are underground and hearin his new freestyle despicable i dont think there is a dude on this planet that can fuck with eminem in a battle or freestyle.rip proof but he wasnt one of the better members.4th on my list in d12

  • time it takes

    i had a gun pulled on me today at a party over bullshit. all this nonsense needs to end. lets stop hating each other and treat each other right.

  • Money Mitch

    It’s fucked up they got the actual footage of bugz being killed on youtube shit is really distasteful. I first heard of Bugz on Esham’s dead flowers album that came out in like 96′ I think it’s him anyway he the only Bugz from Detroit I know of.

  • Anonymous

    Preach, and whats really fucked up is xxl had the nerve to post it too.

    Shows you how disrespectful someone can be even if they where tryin to pay homage.

  • loe

    r.i.p. Bugz

  • caino

    ‘Is Richard prior still alive? Ifnot l’m sicker than he was prior to him dying!’

    D12 get slept on cos of that fool Bizzare! but the Devils Night album is straight fiiire! still got it on rotation when the time is right!

  • DaffyDillinger

    Bugz was the shit and still is. I got the few of his songs I could find on a cd I made and my MP3player. dude had craziest flow. And D12 been dope, is dope, and gonna stay dope. No question. And Good Die Young was a good ass song. That whole album was great.
    Bugz most likely woulda been huge if hadn’t died. He was too ill!

  • Detroit

    R.I.P BUGZ

  • http://www.last.fm/user/KoldShadow KoldShadow

    LMA0, everyone e-jumped “FREE WEEZY”, fucking hilarious. I only heard Bugz on the Eminem track “Desperadoz”, but from what I can tell he had that maniacal, Motown MC style that makes D12 so unpredictably entertaining. I will never forget when my friend in college told me that Proof died . . . it was the one of the first weekends after Spring Break, and I was still beamin’ after gettin’ dome for the first time. Needless to say, news of his murder really knocked the wind outta me, especially because I was a huge fan of D12 back then. R.I.P. to all the dead homies!