New York’s Losing the Lion’s Share – 2005 Recap

In 2005, 18 hip-hop singles reached the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100, 6 of which came from New York artists.


“Candy Shop” – 50 Cent Featuring Olivia

“Disco Inferno” – 50 Cent

“Just a Lil Bit” – 50 Cent

“Get it Poppin” Fat Joe Featuring Nelly

“Outta Control (Remix)” – 50 Cent Featuring Mobb Deep

“There it Go! (Whistle Song)” – Juelz Santana


“Like You” – Bow Wow

“Let Me Hold You” – Bow Wow Featuring Omarion

“Bring ‘Em Out” – T.I. Featuring Swizz Beatz

“Soul Survivor” – Young Jeezy

“Pimpin’ All Over the World” – Ludacris Featuring Bobby Valentino

“Laffy Taffy” – D4L


“How We Do” – The Game Featuring 50 Cent

“Hate it or Love it” – The Game Featuring 50 Cent


“Gold Digger” – Kanye West Featuring Jamie Foxx


“Grillz” – Nelly


“Lose Control” – Missy Elliot


“Play” – David Banner

Out of the 18 hip-hop singles to reach the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 in 2005, none was from a new New York artists.

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  • MWILLPower

    Isn’t Bow Wow from Ohio? How’d he end up in the Georgia artist category? He may live in ATL but Wayne lives in MIA that doesn’t make him a Florida artist

  • Will


    He was 11 or some shit when he came out and he was livin in the A, so I guess thats what makes him a GA artist. Hell, he started livin in GA before Ludacris, he moved to College Park at like high school.

    Massacre was the last good 50 album, the rest went to shit

  • PHD

    looking back man there was ALOT of below average music out just 5 years ago…really sad

  • Deadly MIME

    yea i gotta agree with PHD mayne. Albums that came out in NY 5 years ago weren’t all that great. Dudes need to stop asking that old ass question why hip-hop aint bangin in NY anymore. I’ll tell ya why cause yall keep complaining about it. Shut up and make the music!

  • Slang Editorial

    Between this article, the 5 borough spread in the XXL and the “where’s New York’s leaders of the pack” Slang Editorial article, there is way too much emphasis being put on the “rise and fall” of NY Hip Hop. Why is NY getting so much negative attention all of the sudden? Do we seriously need to carefully examine each year of the decade to prove that NY isn’t selling records? It seems like NY has a big target on its back for no reason. Let’s not even mention that this entire article is based on numbers and not talent or influence. NYC continues to influence the rest of the HipHop community both in style and lyricism. Right now NY is a breeding ground for raw and original talent. Not to mention that most artists from other regions flock to New York to get their shine (*ahem* Jay ElecHanukkah). Right now everyone is shitting on NY, which is actually a good thing because it sets the stage for NY to make an epic comeback

  • swype-matic

    Man, I wonder if anybody even listened to “Predicate Felon” or if they just hated cuz it’s Yayo. That album had som of the best G-Unit beats on it, even if Yayo as a rapper is like a 5/10.

    • jburg

      I’m with you with that. That cd had some pretty good cuts on it. I still listen to some of the tracks from time to time.

  • Hussle’s Way

    The Massacre is so underrated. Dont focus on CANDYSHOP or JUST A LIL BIT. There’s some bangers on there ;

    - Im Supposed To Die Tonight
    - Ryder Music
    - Position Of Power
    - Gunz Come Out
    - In My Hood

    just to name a few…

  • Dom Walker

    IL was putting it on the hardest as far as the best albums of 05′ Com, Kanye, and Twist. Chitown stand up


    Nothing is gonna be sweeter than ur first piece, ur firts high. Dope is nothing like it was back in the day. Enjoy the music tht is out, try to understnad the artist story and angle and adapt. We can’t go back so let it go. i agree with Deadly Mine, no other coast complains as much as NY. Just make the music and we will find it if its hot. In addition, find a new style and stop beefin.

  • Dub

    Lookin at this list, I didn’t miss much, cause in 05 all I was bumpin was Jeezy and Trill Ent

  • $yk

    Cam & Vado just released ‘Boss Of All Bosses 2.5′ last week. It wasn’t mentioned not even ONCE at this site, yet this site is in NYC, and believe me they know this mixtape has been out and has a very good response to it.

    We got a Drake out-take and a Gucci basket last week. Proof of what I said a while back, they ain’t checking for NY, they’re following the trends. I ain’t mad @ Atl, that was the purpose of the Olympics right? To invigorate that economy. But thatflag is still wavin’ so let’s not think they ain’t got it bad.

    Media has the whole nation saying “NY fell off”, and yes they did “fall” during the ‘swag’, ‘get guap’ movement with the quality of music and subject matter.

    But let’s keep it 100, IL only has them 3 artists?

    Elzhi is a MONSTER! If Em, Royce & Obie (which no one talks about) are solid, wouldn’t you think there’s more in the D?


    Everyone sounds like Nelly in the ‘Loo?

    In the west those are REAL fans of the artists. Nip Hu$$ has a following my peeps. That NY take a train to the city to a label don’t work out here. You gotta grind for that shine.

    Word is bond, cats are displaying their region hatred, and that’s what I don’t like. Maybe because I don’t rock like that, so I don’t get that negative vibe when I rep BK. I get love.

    I’ve met aggressive cats all around the planet repping their turf. It is what it is. But in 2K5 I fully supported them Chi-Town cats and never ever thought I was repping a region or needed to only rep my region.


    How many NY cats have been commenting on the Cube posting, but hardly any westside representatives? And don’t think I don’t know what’s been going on with Cube, Jay Rock and all of that frenzy.

  • Chi town go-gettaz

    @Syk damn u right. Cam and Vado BOAB 2.5 came out and its the hardest shit out right now (my opinion) and XXL aint spoke a word of it huh (vado voice) way to busy south dick riding and following trends (whats hot).

  • 3263

    I think the reason that it’s so much emphasis on Hip Hop falling off in NY because it’s the birth place of it. Amanda Diva broke it down by sayin’ in NY Hip Hop is a culture everywhere else it’s just music. Don’t get me wrong there’s other regions that rep the 5 pillars of Hip Hop but not as hard as NY. I’m from the South and even I recognize that. If Down South was gettin’ this same kind of love in the 90s it isn’t no telling how much money would’ve been made down here.
    90s Southern Rap>>>Today’s Southern Rap.

  • Kenny D

    Wow, 2005 sucked for New York. The Massacre was the best New York album and it wasn’t even that good. Anyways, lots of good albums in 2005 overall. Best one is between Kanye’s Late Registration and Game’s The Documentary.


    dipset rules NY. they always have.

  • Cody Cochran

    Anybody know the eyecandy model in that issue of may 2005 with fat joe on the cover