NAME: Shan J

REPS: Miami/Polk County, Florida

STATS: 34DD-28-42

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: 2009 DUB Show in Atlanta.

FAVORITE ARTIST: “I love every aspect of music and almost every genre so this is a hard choice, but overall I would have to say that my favorite artist by far is Raheem DeVaughn. Anyone who really knows music can relate to the fact that these days real talented singers are far and few between but he is definitely one of the few.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Hands down my favorite hip-hop video would have to LL Cool J’s ‘Hey Lover.’ It’s a very sexy video/song but yet it was very tasteful. It left enough to the imagination and it definitely made your mind wander. Besides, LL is just plain sexy.”

DREAM JOB: “If I were given the opportunity to play lead in a video, I would love to work with Benny Boom. His concepts are so realistic and they give you a visual for what the artist is expressing through words. For instance Keyshia Cole’s ‘Love’ or one of his latest, Monica’s ‘Everything To Me.’”

SEX APPEAL: “Something that makes me sexy is my ability to turn a man on without having to take my clothes off. My all around presence and demeanor has the ability to attract a man without words. You can say I’m a bit mysterious and I can hold an engaging conversation with subtle flirtation. So I’m not only beauty but I have the intellect to complete the package.”

TURN-ONS: “A major turn-on for me is definitely a man’s swag. Now, this isn’t just the way he carries himself but it’s his attitude, his intellect and ambition; his drive to always want to do better than what he already is and never wanting to settle. So basically a man that knows what he wants out of all aspects of life.”


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Photography by Kevin Lawson of Dynasty Modeling

Photography by Kevin Lawson of Dynasty Modeling

Photography by Kevin Lawson of Dynasty Modeling

Photography by Kevin Lawson of Dynasty Modeling