Under normal circumstances, rappers like Chi Ali, John Forte and Mystikal wouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as T.I., Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Aside from their chosen profession, all these artists have one thing in common—jail.

Over the course of hip-hop’s history, we’ve seen various artists get locked up—from Tony Yayo and DMX to Pimp C and Beanie Sigel to Slick Rick and ODB to Mac Dre to 2Pac. As much as rappers try to wear their time behind bars as a badge of honor (Styles P and Akon even made a song about it), no one really wants to be locked up—especially at the height of their popularity.

In recent months, though, we’ve seen the penal system play checkers with some of the rap game’s biggest names. For every Shyne, Mystikal or T.I. that gets a surprised early release date, there’s another MC getting tossed in the slammer. It’s not just run of the mill rappers either, but some of our biggest stars, like Gucci Mane, who went in last November, and the self-proclaimed best rapper alive, Lil Wayne, who turned himself in for a yearlong bid earlier today (March 8).

With so much talent now on the inside, XXLMag.com came up with a list of the Hottest Rappers in the Bing. These are artists that are currently incarcerated and have a possible shot at reclaiming past glory upon release if they can keep their noses clean and play their cards right. Jail makes for a good story, but at the end of the day it all comes down to the music and remembering it’s all just a matter of spittin’ bars and not sitting behind them.

Without further ado, here’s XXL’s Hottest Rappers in the Bing.

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