The Hottest Rappers in the Bing

Under normal circumstances, rappers like Chi Ali, John Forte and Mystikal wouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as T.I., Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Aside from their chosen profession, all these artists have one thing in common—jail.

Over the course of hip-hop’s history, we’ve seen various artists get locked up—from Tony Yayo and DMX to Pimp C and Beanie Sigel to Slick Rick and ODB to Mac Dre to 2Pac. As much as rappers try to wear their time behind bars as a badge of honor (Styles P and Akon even made a song about it), no one really wants to be locked up—especially at the height of their popularity.

In recent months, though, we’ve seen the penal system play checkers with some of the rap game’s biggest names. For every Shyne, Mystikal or T.I. that gets a surprised early release date, there’s another MC getting tossed in the slammer. It’s not just run of the mill rappers either, but some of our biggest stars, like Gucci Mane, who went in last November, and the self-proclaimed best rapper alive, Lil Wayne, who turned himself in for a yearlong bid earlier today (March 8).

With so much talent now on the inside, came up with a list of the Hottest Rappers in the Bing. These are artists that are currently incarcerated and have a possible shot at reclaiming past glory upon release if they can keep their noses clean and play their cards right. Jail makes for a good story, but at the end of the day it all comes down to the music and remembering it’s all just a matter of spittin’ bars and not sitting behind them.

Without further ado, here’s XXL’s Hottest Rappers in the Bing.

After you run through the list go to the last page to cast your own vote and judge for yourself…

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  • SuperNi**a

    lol I see xxl never passes up a chance to ride Lil’ Waynes’s dick under any circumstances.

    • Shake

      ^^ Twice




    SCARED MONEY DON’T MAKE NO MONEY….Everyone knows that if you carry a .45…if you get caught, its a minimum year sentance. Out here in California its 5 years for first offenders and 10 for violent offenders.

    As soon as Wayne gets released from New York…its off to Arizona for some more time for his ya-yo, beans, and weed charges…gun too.

  • Deadly MIME

    straight niggerism seriously

  • DVS

    10 pages!!! Really??!! That nigga weezy betta not come out beatin’ his chest like he did some real time or shit like that only niggas gettin’ respect is remy ma and shyne them niggas proved they guns go BANG

  • hyjaq

    Man wayne and most these rappers do princess jail time, thay ain’t even in regular population and alot get most the same acomindations they got on the outside, i give remy and shyne did and are doin real time but wayne ain’t.. so cash honey record princess wayne won’t be seeing any real time… so F weezy real talk get off his d*** he look like a roach with braids

  • The187Worm

    this is what this shit ass magazine has to offer?? FUCK YOU XXLMAG!!!!…and there are way hotter rappers locked up who arent even in the game or famous…fuck lil wayne and all these motherfuckers…..XXLMAG A LIL WAYNE DICKRYDER!!!!!

  • SourMuzikTv

    They Dnt Understand the struggles of being a artist they jus believe what they see on tv there is a fine price to pay to get here believe that

  • http://jdn mj

    its sad how xxl sucks wayne dick, i remeber writing into xxl back in 2002 sking for u to show more cash money in the magzines and u didnt wanna know wayne, n now when this lil weird nigga has sold out nd becum a punk/rocker u got ur mouth so deep on his dick hes pissing out ur asshole
    c-murder nd turk the realest
    free c-murder
    free turk

  • caino

    l find this quite wrong, with XXL giving props to rappers in jail!! what happened to educating our children? this is fucked up, giving props to someone like c-murder!! C’mon man!

  • Jon Dog

    XXL is like a fuckin 14 year old teenager, seriously. Only ride what’s hot, follow all fads, and the only rappers who are like totally cool are the ones in jail, cause they’re bad ass, right…. WRONG!! XXL better “step their game up”. You might as well be a teen mag. XXS, or S at best. Who the fuck is in charge up there? YOU’RE FUCKIN’ UP ROYALY, YOU’RE FIRED BIATCH! You ain’t even worth 1/2 a mic in that other mag these days. Got me thinkin hip hop really is dead….

  • Hussle’s Way

    The hottest is DEFINITELY Wayne…no doubt

    but I fuckz with P all day my nigga!! They did him dirty! 3 fuckin years? are you fuckin serious?

    Keep your head up P!!! M-O-B-B

  • bxrich3

    co-sign jon dog, mj, hyjaq and supern**a

    why can’t this clown, soulja girl and waka locka lame and all these other characters go away seriously


    *****CO-SIGN @ SuperNi**a, DVS, hyjaq, The187Worm, mj, Jon Dog, bxrich3*****

    @Hussle’s Way…this nigga said, “The hottezt is DEFINITELY Wanye”…but then you recognize a real nigga like P N give props?!…PLEASSEEE…dont even compare that fuckin cupcake faggot fuck to my nigga P.

    N Max B lookin dumb as fuck wit that mohawk bullshit LoL. that shit looks gay as fuck anyways, when did that shit even start??!! LOL…i fuckz wit Max B though, shout outs to my nigga FRENCHHYYY!! $oo WaVvVyYy!!! OwWwWwW!!!

  • Gift

    The top 2 niggas gots to be weezy and prodigy hands down. Kind of wonderin wut brat is gonna do when she gets out cuz the ladies do need a real mc. honestly, i don’t know enough, nor have I listened to anything max b. he strikes me as some clown ass dumb fuck. twittering bout court and jail? SMH

  • TheR879

    1) Prodigy 2) Tragedy Khadafi

  • mav

    i think yall mighta mentioned talent and Gucci mane in the same sentence smfh yall
    sayin jail makes for a good story thats bullshit whoever wrote this aint probably never seen jail besides tv i been a few times and it aint helpin my career and i aint promotin that bullshit you should never get props for gettin caught committin a crime thats kinda dumb

  • Revo

    Mckinley “MAC” Phipps jr and Corey CMURDER Miller no doubt !

  • Slim

    C-Murder is my favorite him and Mac straight up

  • hitmayne

    C_MURDER The realest on the list!!!

    if u dont know no limit u must still be in you pampers!!



  • tru

    C- Murderrrrrrrrrrrrrr is the best rapper no doubt dude go listen to Calliope Click.. you will know what am talking about.. C-Murder

  • rdavis

    i think youll droppling on my boi drizzydrake.and rap aint tha same,maybe if pac was still livin than i think him and biggie will definatly be tha best n tha game its to much to it bekuz theres other hot rappers like gucci maine.and fake azz weezy but dont put it pass ya boi jadakiss,break ya nec k quik wit tha beast dynamic lyrics.but get ya know i got luv 4 tha game but not sum rappers or much false claimin and nigass thirsty lyke infants lol get at ya boi rose aka redboi hot spitter

  • Anonymous

    fucc all ya’ll niggas max biggavelli all day fuccn pussy ass niggas

  • R*Towns Tone

    im a new rapper not on the calibur of what you guys are talking about considering the tools we use…but i will be the dopest rapper to come from Indiana….
    check me out
    -R*towns Tone

  • http://revensly.web.come thahisha bonnairre

    I like your rap soo much