NAME: Ms. Juicci

REPS: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

STATS: 34C-26-43

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Within my personal career, serving my country abroad for “Operation Enduring Freedom” and completing my Master’s. Within my modeling career, being ranked within the top models known, being featured in various magazines—including Smooth, hosting an international party and finally launching my very own jean line, 360 Jeans.

FAVORITE ARTIST: Cupid from Louisiana because he incorporates everyone—all ages, races and backgrounds within his music. His music and style makes anyone feel carefree and want to dance. I love to dance. LOL.

FAVORITE VIDEO: Cupid Shuffle” because it makes me happy whenever I hear it; whether it’s being played in a party, family reunion, or working out. We enjoy swinging-out down here [in Baton Rouge] and this song gives a great feeling of the South.

DREAM JOB: I would thoroughly enjoy playing lead in a Hype Williams-directed video. His original vision and concepts are the foundation of videos from here to come.

SEX APPEAL: Let me show you just how “juicci” I really am… A XXL Web Candy consists of beautiful, sexy, career-driven ladies with jaw dropping curves and I’ll say that’s me up and down and all through.

TURN-ONS: My ultimate turn-on is… (drum roll) Me!!! Just standing in the mirror, I turn myself on or anyone else who may be watching.

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Photography courtesy of Dwayne Darden

Photography courtesy of Dwayne Darden

Photography courtesy of Dwayne Darden