Ms. Juicci, The Sweeter the Juice

NAME: Ms. Juicci

REPS: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

STATS: 34C-26-43

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Within my personal career, serving my country abroad for “Operation Enduring Freedom” and completing my Master’s. Within my modeling career, being ranked within the top models known, being featured in various magazines—including Smooth, hosting an international party and finally launching my very own jean line, 360 Jeans.

FAVORITE ARTIST: Cupid from Louisiana because he incorporates everyone—all ages, races and backgrounds within his music. His music and style makes anyone feel carefree and want to dance. I love to dance. LOL.

FAVORITE VIDEO: Cupid Shuffle” because it makes me happy whenever I hear it; whether it’s being played in a party, family reunion, or working out. We enjoy swinging-out down here [in Baton Rouge] and this song gives a great feeling of the South.

DREAM JOB: I would thoroughly enjoy playing lead in a Hype Williams-directed video. His original vision and concepts are the foundation of videos from here to come.

SEX APPEAL: Let me show you just how “juicci” I really am… A XXL Web Candy consists of beautiful, sexy, career-driven ladies with jaw dropping curves and I’ll say that’s me up and down and all through.

TURN-ONS: My ultimate turn-on is… (drum roll) Me!!! Just standing in the mirror, I turn myself on or anyone else who may be watching.


Are you an aspiring model or know someone that feels worthy of being a XXL Web Candy of the Week? Submit your best shots to us at for consideration. Good luck!

Photography courtesy of Dwayne Darden

Photography courtesy of Dwayne Darden

Photography courtesy of Dwayne Darden

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  • A.K.


    • o-face

      Am-A-Friggin’-ZING!! HOlY S#@)T! What I want to do with this girl’s body! Damn it man. Wish we had a shot of her barefoot too though. I need to know that info. Normally tats turn me off but she is either just too over the top fine for it to matter or somehow it works. Either way…DAMN!!

  • avenger xl

    Is XXL taking a page from the THISIS50/Hiphopdx playbook or just trying to keep king and the video hoefessionals they feed alive through pictures?

    The Third pic is the winner in my book

    • Ms. Juicci

      Hi avenger xl.
      Thank you much for the comment. I really do try to represent. I am much more than a Big Butt & A Smile. Lolll I am completing my second Master’s and it is in Speech Pathology. Its difficult but I have to do it. But I love taking pictures though. Thank you again for your comment.
      Much Luv,
      Ms. Juicci
      #1 & Only!!!

      • eric

        Damn girl, makes me want to join the major league.

      • Antwoine

        Beautiful, my name is Antwoine and I must say that I think you are truly beautiful, sexy, and classy. I know you’ve heard this all before but I think you are something special, you are truly more then a big butt and a smile lol. I have read your profile and have falling for you mind, body, and strong well to do anything. I know this may never go anywhere but it won’t be because I didn’t ask, I would love to take you to dinner one day (no strings attach) and no I’m not psycho just admire a beautiful woman. Hope to hear from you soon, If not stay sweet and continue to bless us with your sexiness.

  • John Cochran

    The one person that voted not must be gay.

    • Ms. Juicci

      Thanks John. Really appreciate that comment too. But, we can’t make everyone happy. Oh well. Lolll
      Much Luv,
      Ms. Juicci
      #1 & Only!!!

      • Gerard Jerico

        I would love to get to know all of you check my facebook

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Best Eye Candy XXL has had in years, I love REGULAR “around the way” looking chicks, Every model aint got to be a “fictional” blend of… “My daddy is black but from the islands, and my Momma is French, Indian and and Brazilian with a touch of…..Bitch we don’t give a fuck. Your checking “black” when you apply for your FAFSA.

    Tattoo is terrible though, not sure why she did that to an otherwise perfect booty.


      You funny for that one, but it’s the truth. LOL Still the sister is smart, down to earth and fine. Now that’s the definition of a DIME!

    • that niga

      @ MUTADA: Thats true and fuckin hilarious.

    • rknihay

      that’s funny

  • Hot

    Damn, there isn’t one thing on her body that isn’t hot. Those thighs are some of the best.

  • jason

    hey sexy looking good if you every need a friend while in philadelphia please let me know.

  • PHD

    really don’t like that tattoo…

    she is almost perfect…

    love that 3rd pic…WOW!!!

  • Ruga

    nice hit it home

  • Jayhard

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!! She is thicker than duck butter!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • daydeezy

    yeah that third pic did it for me the first one too because i know its shaved oooooooooooowwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. I dedicate a song by Luke ” Get it Girl” becaus eyou can get it, for realllllllllllll when can i get on deck????????? please reply and all the 18 votes againts you was 1 homo dude and 16 ugly chicks…. and anothe vote from pierzy…..lmao……

  • HERM

    Now that’s outta the park!

  • illwill757

    2 pumps and a grind fellas…




    Louisiana must have some fine ass women…

  • 619

    That’s what I call Backyard Boogie. Ass for days.

  • raazi36

    ‘scuse me fellas while i go rub one out ! ! ! BANG BANG !!!

  • Anonymous


  • TooClutch4TV

    Pure dime piece!!!! I need baby girl in my life!!!

  • James

    I must say Ms Juicci is really a down to earth chick I met her and her team at a party she hosted in Iowa Most models are stuck up not her. She has my vote anytime!!

  • terrance smith

    Ms Juicci is so dam sexy!!! north Louisiana representing….

  • connoisseurATL

    Jucci is on point, been a fan of hers for minute… she got that look, plus her body is beyond on point

  • Clever

    Sure is nice to see a Beautiful Black Woman, with realistic Goals, and, a Helping Heart. You stay Strong and do your thang. I’m Digging ya :)

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful, smart and brown!!! There’s nothing more beautiful than a black woman! Those guy that voted no must be gay or something!

  • JFO

    DAMMMMMMN ! SHE’S HOT vote for you;)

  • The real chris

    She decent but the 3rd pic was the best,but as far as her being a dime im not gonna say that,but she fuckable.

    • Ms. Juicci

      Ok “The Real Chris”…I can only say thnx. You are funny…Can’t please them all.

  • Mike

    I’d do anything to make her happy


    HOT LIKE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

  • r hamilton

    i would say that she is supernova hot.i’m not felling the tat either but she would get it until she couldn’t stand up straight.all that ass,a pretty face and a brain? you could rule the world with a chick like that to hold you down.

  • Anonymous


  • The real chris

    .lol. i feel u ms.juicy but on some bright shit if u need a extra friend hold at me.

  • nic

    wow! Where’s the mirror shot Ms. Juicci???

  • Monster 32

    She makes women in the military look very good. I wish all of them look and act like her.

  • yunghughhef

    You are such a beautiful person Ms. Jucci. Keep up the good work. You have truely been blessed with amazing looks and a great personality.. I love the way u keep in contact with your fans. It means alot =.) Much success from your Newly #1 fan
    YungHughHef xox

  • GTD


  • O.Ray

    Its good for once to see a smart,beautiful,well rounded woman thats going somewhere.You have my upmost respect.

  • Jay

    She is absolutely stunning. I give you all your props. On a scale to 1 to 10, I give you the entire scale. WOW!!!

  • t dot

    her pics are cute but her face aint all that she looks like a grandma otherwise she’s ok nothing special

  • S.T

    this side of the water is feelin everything about that kind of body there

  • peter paper.

    panther or lizard ? im jus sayin tho.

    • Ms. Juicci

      Peter Paper,
      Panther!!!!!!! Lolll

  • wcthegreatest

    you are awesome, im sure you know that, but i know waking up to you every morning must be great

  • Anonymous

    hey ms. parker.. i mean uh ms. juicci. you look good (she gotta reply to dat).

  • Anonymous

    o, and ms. parker, it might say anonymous but you can call me daddy.

  • jamaal

    Ms. juicci I am from new orleans I know dudes come at u all the time shawty but I think You are sexy and it’s cool that u are smart too what is your status.

  • Speech Pathologist

    MS JUCCI, I am disappointed in the fact that you are getting your second masters in speech pathology. I am a speech pathologist and can tell you that you will not make it far and will be quickly relieved from your job when these pictures are found. Why are you posing, showing your booty to the world when you have a chance to really do something with your life. I am so sad. :( I feel bad for you. You can be beautiful and even model without showing your body like that. We need more positive black women that go into fields like speech pathology who respect themselves and their bodies enough to pose with some clothes on. I hope you see the light soon, and pray that your future is not drastically affected by your past. Take care and know that you are beautiful and can make money with your clothes ON!
    Love and peace,
    M.S., CCC-SLP

  • rknihay

    her body is bad. i’m skinny with a booty and it doesn’t look that right to me all the time. i’ve always wished i had nicer, sexy thighs like your’s ms lady.

    verrry pretty too. don’t like the tats on you though.

    • Anonymous


      The first thing is being comfortable with yourself. We are our worst critic. So, others probably think you are perfect. While you are over there hounding yourself. I am quite sure you look fine. And I Love my Tats. They have a lot of meaning behind them. Can’t please everyone, only myself.

      Much Luv,
      Ms. Juicci
      The #1 & Only

  • Bigplay

    Lookin good there Ms. Juicci I clearly see why you get turned on looking in the mirror. Damn!

  • Grizz

    damn man i hope when my ass is in afghanistan there is a marine shorty that looks somewhat close to this chick on base. i respect what you do mama.

  • Jdubb257

    She looks absolutely perfect. I wish her much success with all she does.

  • Jdubb257

    She looks absolutely perfect. I wish her much success with all she does.

  • Bosshawg

    ms Jucci u definitely are a very impressive woman and respect the south well..I like the fact that u have intelligence and great personality along with your looks. And i agree the third pic go hard for real.

  • Hut

    hell i jus wanna c if u gon talk 2 me since u spoke to errbody else. pics nice though.

  • james bond

    you are the bomb i am in anchorage alaska with your ticket email me and you will never look back promise

    • Anonymous

      james in alaska morning

  • Anonymous

    aalaska checking in ticket still on the table

  • Mass Ego

    Major Leauge Jucci is pitching nd i dnt mind catching her

  • Mr. Stewart

    Ms. Juicci by far is the sexiest women yall have on XXL. Ms. Juicci is certified platinum. If you think anything less, you need to get your head checked.

  • Dollar

    you are a beautiful woman, and you take some stunning photos. hope all your dreams become a reality. keep pushing baby. one luv

  • Ceewebb

    I’m one of Ms Jucci’s biggest fans, because she has a good head on her shoulders. She uses her sex appeal to make money, but she could make money without it, due to her degree and her service in the armed forces. One thing about Ms J that I really love is that she is so down to earth and she doesn’t let all the fame go to her head.. She continues to stay humble and I believe for that reason God will continue to bless her. Ms Jucci keep doing what your doing and don’t let these jokers try to make you do something that would corrupt your integrity. Peace


  • louis


  • uncle al

    You hotter than the streets of NEw Orleans