Lloyd Banks, You Remind Me of My… Beamer, Benz or Bentley

After a couple years off the radar, Lloyd Banks is back with a brand new single “Beamer, Benz or Bentley,” featuring Juelz Santana. With the record tearing up the charts and spawning a slew of unofficial remixes, XXLMag.com caught up with the G-Unit soldier to get at the heart of the song. Don’t be fooled by the title, the track is about more than just fly whips but fly chicks, too. We combined the best of both worlds and got Blue Hefner to rate 10 notable celebrities as either a Beamer, Benz or Bentley.

XXLMag.com: So the first chick is Kim Kardashian. Does she remind you of a Beamer, Benz or Bentley?

Lloyd Banks: She’s a Bentley GT. First of all, she’s drivin’ in a Bentley… I can’t put her any less than that.

XXLMag.com: Rihanna?

Lloyd Banks: [Pauses] That’s a tough one. I’ll say a Benz ’cause she got some long ass legs. I’m in that 6.3, too, and my shit is like… Yeah, I’ll say she’s a Benz.

XXLMag.com: Halle Berry?

Lloyd Banks: Halle Berry? Out of a Beamer, Benz or Bentley I’d have to say she’s a Bugatti. I don’t have one of those yet.

XXLMag.com: Angelina Jolie?

Lloyd Banks: Aw, man, I was just talking about her too not too long ago. She’s one of the sexiest women in the world to me. I don’t even think she can be in no Bentley either. Nah, she can’t be in no Bentley. Maybe like a Learjet. [Grunts].

XXLMag.com: Lady Gaga?

Lloyd Banks: [Laughs] Lady Gaga? A Beamer, Benz or Bentley…? I’ll pass on that one.

XXLMag.com: Jessica Alba?

Lloyd Banks: Jessica Alba is beautiful, man. She’s kinda petite, small. I’ll say she’s a Beamer. I’d whip that around nice.

XXLMag.com: Alicia Keys?

Lloyd Banks: You know it’s funny, Alicia Key is like, we kinda close in age, but from the very beginning her music has always been, it reached an older audience as well. So she gotta be like a Phantom or something. I feel like one day, if not already, she’s gonna be respected like the artists she respected coming up.

XXLMag.com: Britney Spears?

Lloyd Banks: Britney Spears? Out of a Beamer, Benz or Bentley? I don’t know, man. Just do a record first then I’ll tell you. Just get a record together. She gotta make a comeback.

XXLMag.com: Rocsi from 106 & Park?

Lloyd Banks: Rocsi from 106 & Park? I don’t know. I don’t wanna say the wrong thing. They keep switching my name up with Rocsi. I don’t have no problem with Rocsi, she’s a beautiful young lady. I’ma say a Beamer, too.

XXLMag.com: Olivia?

Lloyd Banks: [Laughs] Shout out to Olivia, man, she’s keep poking at me in fuckin’ interviews and shit—lying on me. I don’t know; I’m gonna hold off on her because she might say some shit that make me call her another car.

XXLMag.com: Any other girls that you might think might be a Beamer, Benz, or Bentley or is your dream girl?

Lloyd Banks: My dream girl? …I’ll keep it under wraps and let you know what happens after I’m done with her. —Anslem Samuel

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  • hate

    pointless post from a rapper who doesnt even deserve the term washed up cuz he ain’t never been shit.

    garbage flow, garbage song, garbage topics.

    and i’m from n.y. so i dont wanna hear nothin bout how i dont know what i’m talkin about

    • Anonymous


    • John Cochran

      Calm down hate, the post is all in fun. He’s got like the only hit coming out of NY right now, yall been sleep for years now, so why hate? Anyhoo, I gotta go with rihanna. You seen that rude boy video, OMG!



      nigga you trippiiinnn…you probably a down south lover, listenin 2 wayne, gucci, bossie N that ol’ bullshit. my nigga the PLK been here, for AWHILE now, and is still relevent, still keepin the street sound, dude just released a madd hot club banger. he got a coll calm & collective flow N lyrics your probably still cant figure out to this day LoL. niggas’ madd lyrical. N how would Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley be a garbage “topic”?…we can tell your a washed up no money gettin ass nigga, you cant relate kuz this is meant for the big boys fuckka.

    • that dude

      man you are really a fuckin idiot…….i don’t care if you’re from ny, that don’t mean isht, cause you obviously haven’t done your rap homework to be turnin in this nonsense. all imma say to you is listen to the 5 and better series, and tell if banks is garbage. don’t say isht, just listen to the mixtapes.

  • mav

    kim kardash is leading lmao ray j sloppy seconds are more like a beat up honda

  • Bobo D

    “XXLMag.com: Halle Berry?

    Lloyd Banks: Halle Berry? Out of a Beamer, Benz or Bentley I’d have to say she’s a Bugatti. I don’t have one of those yet.”

    LMFAO, I don’t have one those too.

  • Dollaz

    ALICIA KEYS DA BADDEST HANDS DOWN! YO Santanna got way better i see… even though i smoked and chilled wit dude and he a cool nigga, i never fucked wit him musically but da nigga spit hot on this track and Fuck outta here hatin’ on banks! Shout out to Hell Rell too… another real nigga not no pussy actin’ hollywood bitch nigga like russell simmons!

  • AZ40

    A.Keys and Halle…Lady GuyGuy is volkswagon beetle have you seen her without glasses covering her face that chick is busted

  • Justice4All

    Why is Mr.Banks getting play anyway, dude is MC mumbles. (300 Bars still giving him nightmares!)

    • George Clooney

      I doubt that shit very much.

      Banks > Pras > Monie Love > Big Syke > Game

  • Mr. Wattz

    Aye, Banks. . .Watt about Tyra and Hillary?(will’s “cousin”)

  • Sincere

    Kim K. is leading in votes? Seriously Reggie’s Bush? FOH. Over Halle and Jessica Alba?

  • hiphopdoc

    its a threeway tie between Halle Berry,Jessica Alba, and Alicia Keys! But then again that picture of Halle is making me lean more towards her.

  • http://boom.com boom

    stop hatting on banks, e-thugs, beamer benz or bentley

  • pzeezy

    beamer benz bentley is hottest tracck out right nowww..i aint listen to banks for a minutee, dude flow is bananas.

  • r.williams

    yo this shit go hard wether u like banks or not u gotta give his props dude been doin it since 03. i say let him get his shine on PLK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CapoStatus

    take in how Lady Gaga has more votes than Brittney Spears..yall realize that she is a man right?…neways i went with my girl A.Keys ive found her sexy ever since i first seen her

  • LeafBumm

    Good 2 c my nigga Banks back on his shit. That BBB track is fire! Best shit he’s had out in years! Hope the album dont dissapoint.

  • vont

    geez why is everyone like…sooo angry at gaga…like omg…this is so unfair. Shes definately the best…i mean cumon…peace luv u lady gaga :))))

  • Adrian

    She is so HOT!!! Finally I saw her full and uncensored sex tape at http://www.xrude.net … I changed my point of view about her. U should take a look.

  • AV

    hip hop doc saidn a three-way between jessica alba, alicia keys and halle berri? i wouldnt last two seconds, even if i was just peepin at it through the window. and i been on that down south shit , all them people dude mentioned and i still say lloyd banks murders tracks.

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    LOL at Banks. The guy with all the punch lines, but zero flow, zero voice and zero innovation. Cant pick a dope beat to save his life, for all the money, all his mix tapes sound like they were recorded in a bathroom at the econolodge with a 50.00 mic. Nothing but a son of Fab, who btw, is a far superior lyricist and songwriter and actually is known outside of being a mix tape MC, who hates 50′s guts but is not man enough to admit it and strike out on his own. And yea Game smashed the whole unit on 300 bars. Say what you will about butterfly boy (i certainly cant co-sign him, he shut the whole unit down. Gunit 2003—-> 50 cent cant even do rick ross numbers his first week. I’d rather hear Yayo

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