Scott Storch, All Falls Down

Scott Storch doesn’t consider marijuana to be a gateway drug. After all, he was a pothead for 20 years before ever snorting cocaine. Now fresh out of rehab, Storch still smokes weed. He claims that it doesn’t jeopardize his sobriety. It’s more like a performance-enhancing drug.

“Every day I come in [to the studio] I have to make three hot [beats],” he says. “That requires a lot of mental energy and focus. That is where the weed helps. You get fatigued, stop for a second and then you smoke a joint. It sets you back into where you’re reinspired and recalibrated.”

It’s July 2009, and Storch is pacing back and forth in The Hit Factory. He’s in a Christian Audigier–designed Van Halen T-shirt, jeans and dirty periwinkle Timberlands splattered with spilled bong water. An expensive watch and flashy chain complete the look. In the past, Storch would wear $5 million worth of jewelry, but that was before he blew $30 million in less than three years.

And here he is. After completing his in-patient rehabilitation in April 2009, Storch has made over a thousand beats and considers a hundred or so of them to be keepers. Tonight, he wants to preview some of the music, but first he lights a big, fat joint. “Look,” he says, flaunting a “Six Months Sober” keychain from Narcotics Anonymous.

“Sex months?” asks Storch’s longtime engineer, Wayne “The Brain” Allison. He squints closer. “Oh, six.”

“Sex months? What are you thinking about?” Storch responds. Naturally, that sparks an anecdote about getting freaky in rehab. “There was a place you had to go,” he says, his voice trailing off. “I should shut up.”

Storch’s jowls are still a little puffy, but the dark circles under his eyes have faded. That’s not the only change. “This is the first time that I have a guy who sells weed who is my friend,” he says. “You don’t want to be around some guys. I mean, this guy has been to St. Tropez. He’s cool.”

It’s unclear whether he is being sarcastic. “Certain people, you just don’t want to be around them. What did he say in Pineapple Express? ‘Lingerrrrr!’”

Like most people, Storch acts kind of goofy when stoned. And hungry. Over the next three hours, he inhales four cans of Coca-Cola, a Starbucks strawberry Frappuccino, a snack bag of Cheetos and half a pack of Zingers. “I’m just going to sit on my ass, smoke a bunch of weed tonight and do nothing,” he says. “Go to sleep early and get in here early tomorrow, to get back on my schedule.”

Nowadays, Storch keeps early hours for a music producer. He’s usually in the studio by 2 p.m. and out at midnight. It’s a departure from his days on the Bolivian marching powder. “We would work 20-hour days,” Allison remembers. “I used to say, ‘I’m not doing all those drugs. I can’t work this long.’”

“He was repulsed by me,” Storch says. “He would be wearing a respiratory mask because I was blowing my nose all the time.” Both of them laugh.

“I’m glad he’s better now,” Allison says sincerely. “Things are great.”

Storch adds: “We’re making money now.”

It comes back to money because—let’s be frank—it always comes back to money, especially for Scott Storch. His father was a stenographer who liked to play the ponies. Scott, too, was infatuated with wealth at an early age. When he was a 15-year-old piano prodigy, he drew a picture of him and his then-manager in a Mercedes driving toward a sign reading “Money $.” This teenager would later become the poster boy for conspicuous consumption.

He amassed his fortune as the go-to hit-making producer for Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Jadakiss, Christina Aguilera, Baby, Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, DMX, Busta Rhymes and 50 Cent, to name a few. But as Storch racked up money, he gorged himself on the finer things in life. Trips on a private jet were routine, not a luxury. Thirteen cars weren’t enough, even if one was a $1.7-million Bugatti. The 90-foot yacht didn’t cut it when a 117-footer was available. And where else would you call home but a $10.5-million, 30,000-square-foot castle on Miami’s exclusive Palm Island?

Of course, he wasn’t alone. Storch exemplified a society that not only created but encouraged monstrosities like $175 gold-dusted cheeseburgers, $10,000 bottles of cognac and $53.4-million bonuses for CEOs. As we all know, that era is over, gone along with millions of people’s jobs, homes and 401(k)s.

But Scott Storch’s fall was more tragic than a garden-variety corporate flameout. In an economy buoyed by false commodities—I’ll trade you my toxic mortgage for your collateralized debt obligation—Storch actually peddled something tangible: a Scott Storch beat. —Thomas Golianopoulos

To read the rest of Scott Storch’s engaging story be sure to pick up the March 2010 issue of XXL, which is on newsstands now!!!

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  • abdulnasir

    1st bitches!

  • Chiliz

    Dude used 2 bang broads quicker than i put on my pants.

    Britney Spears
    Paris Hilton
    Lil Kim………….& so forth
    but now he’s just garbage

    • http://XXlmag K-Slice-}

      I thinky 50 represents a bit of all of us, and since we get to choose our celebs, in a way it moulds them into the people we want to support, if 50 was any different we probably wouldn’t have supported him this long, in other words 50 needs our support, he gifted and talented, and knows how to provide Crowd support, so as a crowd, lets return the favour.
      “New Money is always difficult to maintain,handle and be around, but when one has a goal that extends further thank his Nose, then he’s thinking of Wealth and Not just Silly-Riches”


    lean back, lean back, lean back… bring back that FIRE shit nigga!

  • bee2zoo

    now how many in his bank account ?

    • jay

      over 50 mill

  • Justice4All

    I Love it when the rappers and producers spit in our face about what they have and where they travel and all that, then they lose most of what they had if not all and end up just like you and I-daily hustle, grinding and living in reality. Except for one thing, we don’t have to live with the regeret of losing it all.

  • Justice4All

    I Love it when rappers and producers spit in our face about what they have and where they travel and all that, then they lose most of what they had if not all and end up just like you and I-daily hustle, grinding and living in reality. Except for one thing, we don’t have to live with the regret of losing it all.

  • No Name

    Cocaine? That’s some shit. And hiding DMX, yet another unfortunate coc victim, in your basement doesn’t exactly solve the issue. Probably made it worse.

  • Anonymous

    if he is still smoking weed he aint sober. also he will most likely end up doing the hard shit again too if he is still smoking weed.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Co-sign Anonymous. Clean is clean. He’s gonna do another line one day. And when nothing bad happens, he’s gonna convince himself that he can handle it this time. He’ll keep doing lines until something bad DOES happen (hit bottom again). Believe me, I know.

    That weed dealer is not your friend, Scott.


    Jamal7Mile lol REAL TALK!!!

  • venemez

    Lingerrrr man


    I couldnt have said it better my self.For dude to say he is garbage is pure hate. You try going through what he went through and see what it is like. I have been there not money wise but I have battled with addiction and it aint fun, if he manages to pull it off and remain sober even though he isnt completely sober congrats to him.But being on weed and having money the temptation will always be strong maybe at its strongest because he has easy access to it having money, it aint like he is completely broke. I know from experience addiction aint no joke I have been clean for over a year and the only thing I do is drink and that is rarely if I do. Im almost to the point to where I dont even really care to drink any more I believe it is because Im getting older dont have the money to party like I used to and feeding my family and responsibility is more important than gettin high our drunk.


    Temptation will always be there, its true what they say, once an addict always an addict. The urge never goes away.

    • Brian Jackson

      no it doesn’t matter what “they say” once an addict “you” might always be an addict. Yes I’m talking to you. Addiction and recovery is an individual personal journey. Everyone’s journey is different. If this boy sais he’s clean its according to his personal definition. Everybody has the potential to become an addict but those who suffer from the disease of addiction believe being aware that you have the potential to become an active addict is a life time process. The sad thing is that no one applies the same concept to anger, jealousy, envy and all those other things that are killing people and getting people to kill other people. So I guess once an anger and rage addict always one.

  • Gift

    any kind of addiction to any drug is hard to overcome, but it seems that he is in better spirits, and taking better care of himself. So for that, I congratulate him. Temptation will always be around, regardless if it’s drugs, women, scams. Temptation is everywhere. Even cats who don’t make it to his level can get that shit easy. I’m in Texas, and anything u want out here, u can get. We’re right next to Mexico, so shit gets to and from the border all the time. I just hope he stay clean, and is smarter with his money.

  • name

    serious question if anyone knows the answer. If he had all of those toys, seems like over $50 million worth of stuff how can you go broke? Can’t you just sell a lot of the stuff off and at least you would have a few millions left?

    • RDS

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Storch wasn’t paying taxes. I know nothing of Florida’s property taxes, however, you can imagine if his home was worth $10.5 million dollars and was located on an exclusive property, he was probably paying at least a mil a year when all said and done. That may or may not include a seperate tax for owning the 90-foot or 117-foot yacht, which needs to be docked on the property (how a state or community can claim a part of the ocean has always amazed me…smh).

      It also costs money to KEEP your money. Lawyers, accountants, etc…those are luxuries as well. Most people tend to see the flash, the jewels, the cars, the cribs, but once all is said and done, people still owe the government. And once Uncle Sam gets involved, they get “seize-happy” and start taking things.

      To answer your question about why he couldn’t sell anything, conspicous consumption doesn’t really go unnoticed these days. The housing market isn’t what it was a few years ago, even for the rich. The recession’s really affected a lot of people. From CEO’s not getting massive bonuses to middle-class people being laid off. It’s hard out here for a pimp…


  • yea real

    Scott fucked up Papoose song Bang it Out. Terrible beat.

  • spencer

    “Storch exemplified a society that not only created but encouraged monstrosities like $175 gold-dusted cheeseburgers”

    really? gold-dusted cheeseburgers?



  • scott snort

    i don’t like cocaine, i just like the way it smells.

  • Caino

    l get pissed when everyone says weed is a gateway drug!!! cigarettes and alcohol are the gateway drugs!!!

    l ainy a coke fan , l find it overrated. l smoke weed daily and take a E about once a year to let the hair down. Due to my family commitments!!!

    • B-dogg

      Ive seen the drug that rage and anger produces bring many people to the gateway of hell

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  • http://brickstarent,com jayy

    i know dude personally and i say this being on the inside dude will be back way too talented kid is a monster wasnt one of the top producers by chance never knew who was real around him because most arent but he sees now kid is far from stupid

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  • killerk

    cocaine a hella drug

  • killerk

    cocaine a hella of a drug

  • caino

    l read the full article in the mag. Dude just seems to be sad and lonely…homie needs a friend or a hug or somthing!

  • Tha Leash

    Great comment @Jayy… all that Scott needs is his Raw Creative Talent and the oppertunity to rise again… “You can take away everything from a man but a man’s vision and creativity will die with him”

  • hotel buchen usa

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  • Harry

    Hey guys, this guy does beats. That’s what he’s known for and has done best. Why talk about what he chose to put in his body? Isn’t that kind of irrelevant? Using musicians as examples of drug abuse is unfair to them, and needlessly self righteous. If a man has a problem you should pray for him and not hope for his demise just because he became what society considers “successful”. And plus, I don’t believe that rappers and producers are spitting in people’s faces by talking about wealth…they worked for there vision of success despite obstacles…… plus you as listener should be smart enough to know that there is a human being behind the persona that a rapper or producer chooses to communicate to there audience with….

  • mp

    f that…i stopped doing coke and i still smoke weed. bud makes me more productive.

  • kohls coupons

    cocaine sucks

  • majortomtogroundcontrol

    15 year-old piano prodigy? check the hyperbole, XXL—know for a fact that’s out and out bullsh**

  • 32 weeks pregnant vaginal pain

    Wow dude, this is really helpful information, much appreciated.

  • Elizabeth

    Scott: I see your MOTHER on a regular basis. She really needs HELP!!!!!! Left many comments recently and I am concerned for her.

  • pj

    He looks a little, well, silly, nice outfit lol

  • Nappyheadedhoe

    Black people smell bad

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  • WeGlobal

    best producer in history