40 Oz To Freedom – The Best St. Ides Raps

Yesterday, XXLMag.com highlighted Sprite’s longstanding relationship with hip-hop by showcasing some of their best rapper-endorsed ads. While hip-hop’s relationship with Sprite has been mostly positive, there’s another beverage with a darker association that deserves props too.

Lambasted in the early ’90s for it’s supposed threat to urban communities, St. Ides’ most effective marketing tools were the rap ads that featured countless rap stars spittin’ about the Crooked Letter brew.

Aside from the politics and no matter your opinion of hip-hop’s endorsement of the controversial beverage in its heyday, the stellar verses in the ads can’t be denied. Here’s a few of the best. Bottoms up!  —Brooklyne Gipson

King Tee - Ice-T protege, King Tee bails through the liquor store for a case of St. Ides.

Ice Cube & Geto Boys - Although his former groupmate Eazy-E once warned, “People say it ain’t wise, to get faded off the St. Ides,” that didn’t stop Cube and the Geto Boys from going Ham over the beverage in this early ’90s ad.

Snoop Dogg & 2Pac – What a difference the right check can make. A few short years after shouting, “Fuck St. Ides!” in his politically-charged record, “Young Black Male,” Pac had his own Special Brew flavor of the drink. Thug Passion, indeed.

Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg- Leave it to Nate Dogg to make the smoothest of all the St. Ides ads.

Wu-Tang Clan- The Wu was the first to show the world Crooked I wasn’t just a West Coast thing with their “Shaolin Blend.”


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  • Marco V.

    thats Back When Cats was real, now everybody so g*d damn fake I can piss in a bottle make up a gay ass song for it and everybody and they mama would be makin pop songs about how they get tore up on it and how it makes you a “real ni**a” to drink it!!! Damn I Miss HipHop!!!

  • AZ40

    I remember some of these, I’ma 211 man myself if I ain’t drinkin’ that hard liquor

  • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

    That Wu one is THE ONE, even though the youtube doesn’t have Rza’s verse on it.

    Olde E>>>St Ides>>>Crazy Horse

    Who remembers the 64 oz?

    • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

      4got U-God

      That beat is still flame-olas…

    • GHOST 380

      man i remember the 64s you had to 2 hand thems shits and if you drank it before it got cold your ass was done

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    • kedordu

      erm actually dummy this st ides commercial came after new york new york

    • 313Dawg

      Actually they got it from DJ Pooh..He produced that beat!!!

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  • supe_D

    Ya’ll forgot to the Method Man/Redman St.Ides ad.”Pineapple,Coconut,Lemon-lime,Passion,Mix fruit put it on ice and it be smashin’!”


    Got that WU-Tang ST. Ides joint on my IPOD. That beat goes hard in the paint. Along with the Riddler joint.

  • T Nelson

    Where is Biggie’s st ides commercial

  • T Nelson

    neva mind lol

  • Country Club

    damn i had no idea st. ides had such deep roots in the hip hop community..i usually just grab the 3 for $5 joints.

  • The Don

    all right i dont know why i feel this way about these commercials now but im disgusted. When i was younger i thought these commericals were dope seeing my fav artist rappin now that im older i realize that they were selling posion to the youth and also being exploited themselves. I dont wanna hear no shit about “money” or “gettin theres” its really sad that we let ourselves get taken advantage of as a people

  • The Don

    and rakim was in on it this is just sad


    Cant believe yall forgot the best one, REDMAN & METHOD MANs joint, though i think its never been officially released. But by far the best song. i even used to play this in the club off a vinyl bootleg… check it


  • Jon Dog

    I liked the Cypress Hill one. They get my vote, Wu-Tang was cool too.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, that shit used to drive me nuts when I listened to Spot RusherZ. I had to Google that shit. The beat, flow, all on point.

  • BOSS D.R.E.

    Why the fuck wasn’t Red & Meth’s video wasn’t on this?

  • Anonymous

    Wu Tang sh*t was official-that and the Biggie. Them joints bring back memories. We didn’t know how good we had it. Back when rappers could actually rhyme…smh

  • curtisoliver22@yahoo.com

    I remember them 64′s dawg. The video that was missing was the DJ Pooh shit. I want the record he sampled for that to flip. I fux with Mickeys tho.

  • newyawka631

    Kid,i still drink Colt 45 40′s….I was in Florida son,and deez niggaz are officially lame.They don’t have 40′s only da 32oz.U niggaz can’t hang.I don’t wanna hear no “we don’t fuckz wit dat”….I wish it was still 1995

  • mazemayhim

    Niggas 4got bout dat commercial with MC Eiht tho smh MC Eiht>Wu>Biggie>Rakim Allah.

  • el pooh

    I remember back in the early 90 cube and DJ Pooh came up with a whole tape of St Tdes raps like about 10 songs or so. I had it back then but long lost it. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

  • http://whomag.net William Hernandez

    The Wu Tang was my favorite in my opinion. Then Da Lench Mob St. Ides commercial and to end it probably the Biggie commercial. They all added a different flavor to the commercials the rappers who participated in them.